What is this lovely planet we exist on? A great many things, but just looking at Earth we see water and land coming together in a dominating visual sense. This week, our cosmic skies and vibes are also dominated by water and land since both “Water” and “Earth” signs rule the energy of the week.

MONDAY: The Virgo Moon on a Monday is ideal for everyone headed back to work since Virgo helps us handle the mundane and the necessary details. This Earth sign completes the Sun’s placement in a fellow Earth sign (Capricorn), and together they provide us with a grounded feeling. As Venus shifts into the dreamy and sensitive Water sign of Pisces, a kind word or deed for another is greatly appreciated today. Don’t get so busy with the mundane you overlook kindness.

TUESDAY: Today our thinking shifts from the mundane to the more abstract. Mars – the planet of action – is in the Fire sign Sagittarius and has us considering travel, higher education, and adventure. “What if?” is a natural occurring question on this day. Brave thinking and responses can happen at this time since Mars sextiles our Moon in the dramatic Fire sign Leo. Be sure to recognize the difference between brave and crazy though, and run any wild new ideas past a trusted source.

EARTH ENERGY: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

WATER ENERGY: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

WEDNESDAY: The cosmos asks you to go back to basics and make sure all your bases are covered. When it comes to the hierarchy of needs where are you set and where are you lacking? We still have supportive energy from Venus at this time, and the Moon is in Libra and focused on communication and partnership. However, this Moon is opposite Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) in Aries so this isn’t an ideal time for emotionally charged conversations since hurt feelings are likely to result. Cultivating new relationships works out better than repairing existing ones today.

THURSDAY: Mental Shift Alert – Mercury (“The Messenger”) has moved into the Aquarius constellation and as the ruler of our inner thought processes and external communication we can expect shifts in these areas. In Aquarius, Mercury is more of a “hive” mentality rather than focused on the individual. This placement also brings forth innovative and altruistic future thinking. Meanwhile, the Moon is in “The Partnership” constellation of Libra and squaring Pluto and Saturn; creating tension between thinking and doing, and the physical and spiritual realms. This is a great day to mediate and reflect in order to tap into the love and insight available with these celestial energies. People who do not take the time to stop and reflect will feel more frazzled and fall into Libra’s indecisiveness. Libra is often represented with the justice scales, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself weighing options today.

Capri Zodiac Libra Scales via WorthPoint

FRIDAY: It is often suspected those who say “No Drama!” are the people who instigate drama the most. This is a fair suspicion to have on this day, because some people will be set on instigating and exposing others. The Moon is in the Scorpio constellation and when she’s here she likes to dive into the darkness and investigate. Her findings could reveal true injustice and abuse or they could offer the spark to launch an unwarranted attack. It’s important to consider sources and their motivations today. Ask “is this being exposed to hurt or to heal?” Do your best to stay in your own lane and keep your criticisms to yourself – any attacks are likely to backfire on you.

SATURDAY: Unexpected messages and communication regarding material resources are likely today with Mercury (“The Messenger”) forming a sextile to Uranus (“The Unexpected”) in Taurus and its focus on the material. Luck and dreams are activated today, and it’s easier to be inspired and get in touch with our feelings thanks to the water energy now activated.

FIRE ENERGY: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

AIR ENERGY: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

SUNDAY: Trust your gut today and don’t succumb to peer pressure. If it sounds like a bad idea, it is a bad idea. Today is a day to have healthy boundaries and work with your own feelings. It’s easy to actively listen today, so you’ll be able to read through other’s lines – and your own.

**This is a general weekly horoscope for all people / signs and it doesn’t even come close to touching on how unique you are. For highly personalized astrology, check out the list of services on this site. Also, if you want to keep reading this blog you can sign up at the bottom of the HOME PAGE and get an email each time a new blog is posted. Have a great week!

On Friday, January 10, 2020, the Moon is in the Cancer constellation and will pass through Earth’s outer shadow. Only a portion of the Moon will turn dark, making this a penumbral lunar eclipse. People feel the impact of a Full Moon, and deeply feel a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse because eclipses jolt us, initiate endings and beginnings, illuminate situations, and act as catalysts to major events and changes in our lives. It is important to note the Moon is in the Cancer constellation because this is where the Moon feels most “at home.” Think of the Cancer constellation as “Mother,” and know she is also called the “High Priestess” and the “Moon Goddess.” This celestial occurrence we will experience on Friday is outshines a typical Full Moon in its ability to give us a heightened sense and range of emotions. This is a Feminine, Water, and Moody Moon.

The Moon energy isn’t all we will experience, because this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse closely opposes Mercury, Ceres, Pluto, and Saturn. This results in a feeling of great pressure and tension, and each celestial body is asking us different questions: “Are you ready to confront the wound?” “Are you ready to grow up?” “Do you choose love or fear?” “What do you truly need and value?” “Where are you being excessive in your life?”

Many will experience synchronicity and/or have a lesson click into place on January 10 and up to 14 days after the eclipse.

Images taken from USS Boxer (LHD 4) showing the moon during a full lunar eclipse.

This specific eclipse challenges us to act with integrity and align ourselves better with our basic needs and our true values. We are being called to examine how we work with others, who and what we value, and how we want and need to be nurtured. As the Moon wanes on January 11, it will bring in compassionate energy and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) is also bringing supportive energy. It’s a time for kindness. However, there is a conflicting angle with Mars (the Planet of War, Territory, and Aggression) in Sagittarius so we must not act with blind idealism, ego, and without consideration for the full and immediate consequences. It is imperative you say what you mean and mean what you say at this time, but more important you think before you speak because the energies are ripe to say something unnecessarily aggressive and impulsive and deeply hurt another. With the North Node at seven degrees (the relationship degree), there will be a six month theme on relationships – cultivating loving and genuine relationships with others, but also with ourselves.

The January 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse represents a paradigm shift.

While the personal energies are overall supportive, this configuration crosses right over the central United States, and the country is actually a Cancer (born July 4) so a Full Moon in the Cancer constellation also brings a greater impact to this area. There is also the Saturn and Pluto conjunction on Saturday (there will be a separate post about this) and these slow moving planets moving closely together has a strong energetic and material global impact, but the eclipse will have an unusually strong impact on the United States specifically.

It is hard to tell how this will play out and what a person can attribute exclusively to this eclipse, because so many other energies and celestial bodies are also at play here. The MC crossing of the country suggests a focus on food supply and crops. But, with the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces (both water signs) we have a continued focus on water (supply of water, contamination of water, floods, etc.). Mars in Sagittarius and its nearby proximity to all the other celestial action brings the potential for impulsive, aggressive, and militant moves. Uranus in Taurus continues to bring us earthquakes, volcanoes, and unexpected weather. With Uranus being stationary direct the “Wildcard” and “Expect the Unexpected” this celestial body is amplified and there’s no telling what Uranus has up his sleeve and how this might tie into our examination of material resources and food supply since these are both Taurus themes.

It’s important we collectively love our “Mother Country”at this time and not indulge in political drama or focus on anger and fear, but instead focus on the now and near future with peace as the only possible outcome. For quite awhile the broken, dark, and deceitful people and systems have been exposed and they will continue to come to light. As compelling as the news is right now, it’s far more important we focus on our basic needs, we cultivate loving relationships, and we don’t fall into the power plays, quick temper temptations, and the simulatenous impulsive and uncomfortable energies so many of us will experience during this time.

Cultivate quiet in your life and provide yourself with at least 10 minutes a day of meditation. Meditation can be sitting on a bench at a dog park and watching the puppies play, taking a walk, yoga, bike riding, painting, and many other things. Give yourself time to sit in quiet and engage in something that only asks you to be fully present for 10 minutes without electronics or distraction. These 10 minutes will be very beneficial for your mental health during this hectic cosmic times.

Each person will experience the eclipse uniquely, but the overall theme can be found through astrological houses. It is best to reference your Ascendant (Rising Sign) for this since the eclipse is most likely to impact this area of your life (find your Rising Sign here), but Sun and Moon signs also apply:

ARIES: 10th House with a focus on career, but there’s also a letting go of something in your life.

TAURUS: 9th House with a focus on belief, integrity, and morals. There’s also a focus on relationships with others; specifically on how you communicate with others in the various relationships in your life.

GEMINI: 8th House with a focus on getting your financial life in order and deeply examining how you use your shared resources.

CANCER: 7th House with a focus on partnerships and relationships. The theme of this eclipse has to do with loving and genuine relationships, and you are specifically being asked to focus on this area and what is working and what isn’t.

LEO: 6th House with a focus on health habits (what is working and what isn’t) and service – how you are of service to others and your community.

VIRGO: 5th House with a focus on love, creativity, and recreation. This is a time when you find a new passion project, bring more passion into your relationships, and find new health routines and activities.

LIBRA: 4th House with a focus on home and family, and this focus will be emphasized since Cancer rules the 4th house and the Moon is at home in Cancer. You are also being challenged to avoid avoiding conflict.

SCORPIO: 3rd House withe a focus on communication, siblings, higher learning.

SAGITTARIUS: 2nd House with a focus on security and material value and resources. Like all of us, you’re being asked to focus on your basic needs, to create stronger foundations in your life and material world, and examine any areas where you are being excessive.

CAPRICORN: 1st House with a focus on your need to address control issues, where you need to let go, and how you need to transform in your life. This focuses on your foundations in life, and your overall status and identity.

AQUARIUS: 12th House with a focus on what is hidden, the subconscious, and what is also on the horizon.

PISCES: 11th House with a focus on your outward identity and persona, but also the causes and groups you are passionate about and friends and associations you have in your life.

There is so much activity in the cosmos this week three separate blogs will be shared. Besides this weekly cosmos report, there will be a separate post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (with effects lasting six months for us) and the big Saturn and Pluto conjunction (with effects lasting for years and creating a major global impact). So stay tuned, but first check out how the celestial bodies will impact you personally throughout the week.

This week asks you to make a choice to: 1. work with what you have to improve your life, or 2. ignore your responsibilities and difficult tasks and conversations that are needed and hide, or 3. resist making necessary changes and throw a toddler-style tantrum about it all. It’s your week, your choice, and your Free Will and Karma.

MONDAY: Today, if you can imagine it you can manifest it. Mars trine Chiron brings a healing energy to the day and the Moon is in Taurus at the start of the day bringing a calm energy overall. There’s potential in the air!

TUESDAY: The rebellious and unexpected Uranus is making moves that bring restraints and reality roadblocks. Focus on your responsibilities, and respond rather than react to any craziness that comes your way. For so many people, Uranus energy is too much so don’t be surprised if you see others behaving strangely and question if there’s a Full Moon. (P.S. The answer is a “sort of” since there is a Full Moon this week and the lunacy of this lunar event is already felt).

WEDNESDAY: Prepare for a shift. The Moon is moving from Gemini to Cancer and Mercury is conjunct the Capricorn sun with a lot of Mars energy nearby. What does this all mean? To start, we shift from ideas and communications to wanting to be nurturing homebodies. The Mercury and Mars influence challenges us to be cool and don’t loose our tempers. Yes, we want to be all cozy and home but it doesn’t give us a right to snappy with others or for them to bring their attitude our way. Again, respond rather than react. Save your energy ’cause the BIG cosmic energy is still a few days away here.

*This is a general report for everyone. If you need or want more personalized and specific guidance, please check out our list of services. There are sessions focused on Moon (emotions), Venus (relationships), Vocation (money, career) and Transits (what’s happening now and what’s coming up for you).

THURSDAY: With the Cancer Moon, the ideal way to spend this day is to go to the market and get some wonderful food and then go back home, put on your favorite record or podcast, pour yourself a glass of wine, and cook a wonderful meal for yourself and your loved ones. If you have to actually work and function, this can’t be a big production but perhaps you can squeeze in some comfort food and chill times at home today and honor the energy of this day. This will also help you prepare for the highly energetic weekend ahead.

FRIDAY: Here’s the BIG cosmic energy. There’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and this is big enough on its own, but we also have Mars bringing up themes of war, territory, and aggression. With the Planet of War in Sagittarius, Mars is all about blind idealism here and not thinking about the full and immediate consequences. Today it is vital to look before you leap and to take some time to really think things through. With Uranus in a stationary direct position and the Sun opposite Mercury this is a “Wild Card” day and many of us will experience conflicting thoughts and actions. Take the time to really think things through and don’t believe anything at first glance. The biggest impact of this celestial event will be on a collective level, but it’s not a fun Full Moon on a personal level and many will find a continuation of a theme going back to the Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago.


SATURDAY: Mercury is known as “The Messenger” but also known as “The Trickster.” Don’t be surprised if the U.S. President sends out important and impassioned tweets out early today or if other major government announcements occur. Information will be coming to light over the next 24 hours so this is a day to keep an eye on the news headlines. Today is the big Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and this is the biggest astrological event of 2019-2020 so stay tuned for an entire post on this occurrence.

SUNDAY: PLOT TWIST! The Virgo Moon trines Uranus and this Moon also trines Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and the Sun over the next few days bringing us more shifts and plot twists. This is an intense day on a collective and personal level, so it is highly recommended you treat yourself and others with “kid gloves” and avoid using fighting words.

What a wonderful way to end and begin than with a Pisces Moon closing out 2019 and an Aries Moon ushering us into 2020. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and Aries is the beginning, so we’re perfectly aligned with the zodiac as we transition.

MONDAY: The Pisces Moon gives us inspiration and ideas for areas where we need to work and build (a serious focus for us all thanks to the major party of celestial bodies happening in the Capricorn constellation). With Mercury in Capricorn we’re all about work – what’s working, what’s not, what we need to finish working on, what we need to start working on in 2020. The beautiful part of this day is the Pisces Moon bringing intuition and rebirth energies while Uranus in Taurus provides us with creative thinking, innovation, and inspiration. Today is a great day to tackle all the questions and plans you need to focus on in regards to “work.”

TUESDAY: The Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune (its ruler) and sextiles the Sun in Capricorn making this a great day to check in with yourself (where you been? where are you going?), and to make resolutions. Even if you’re highly skeptical of New Year’s Resolutions the energies in the cosmos right now are there to help people find a problem area, find a solution, and actually tackle it. This is the time to rebuild, overcome, heal, and get back to what you truly value. (The only caveat here is a Pisces Moon on New Year’s Eve may be extra difficult for those struggle with addiction and escapism. Celebrate in a healthy manner and surround yourself with positive people).

WEDNESDAY: An Aries Moon ushers in powerful new beginnings as we kick off 2020. Aries is known as the Pioneer of the zodiac so this is a great moon to begin a completely new and innovative project. The focus is on the future and Alice (“Alice in Wonderland”) describes this energy perfectly:

“I could tell you my adventures—beginning from this morning,” said Alice a little timidly; “but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

THURSDAY: Mercury is conjunct Jupiter making this an exciting social day for many. Venus is on the Mars/Uranus midpoint though, and this is the “accident axis” so drive defensively, look before you leap, and in matters of love be mindful to not get too caught up in the moment (it’s not as big as it seems). Enjoy the day, but with caution.

FRIDAY: Mars moves out of his undercover work in the Scorpio constellation and enters into the fiery Sagittarius constellation. Mars enjoys being in this area of the sky and brings a masculine drive to push forward any Pisces feminine intuitive energy we just experienced. We can see clearly, and now Mars is helping us move into action! (Leos will be especially relieved by this shift and Geminis will feel the energy big time).

SATURDAY: Why not spend some time outdoors with all of this amazing earthy energy in the cosmos? Most celestial bodies are in Earth signs now and the Moon in Taurus (where the moon is exalted and at home) is inspired by Uranus (also in Taurus) as well as the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. If it’s too cold to go outside, spend some time with plants indoors. Meanwhile, Venus – the planet of love – is feeling altruistic, open, and adventurous in Aquarius making this a great time for creative and peaceful conversations.

SUNDAY: This isn’t the day to play in the dirt or socialize – it’s the day to get shit done. There’s a lot of energy here to tackle the harder tasks we’ve all being putting off and to really take on the day and such tasks with optimism and good vibes. This is the time for action and using the Aries pioneering energy and the Taurus material energy to create something tangible and lasting.

Out in the cosmos – towards the end of November 2019 and into the beginning of December – Jupiter was orbiting in the constellation of Sagittarius while crossing the Galactic Center. This occurrence brought in what is known as “Christ-like” energy. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, and higher thinking. Sagittarius is a known adventurer attracted to travel, philosophy, higher education, and anything foreign. Christ has been historically represented as a higher thinker who traveled, enjoyed discussing theology and philosophy with others, and reached out to the foreign, exotic, and overlooked. There are similarities here, but “Christ-like energy” refers more towards our personal potential to transcend, awake, and move beyond. It also goes beyond religion since even those without a personal connection to Christ will experience awakenings on the level for which they are prepared. The crossing of the Galactic Center does not go unnoticed. 

As we continue to ride out the energy of the Jupiter Galactic Center crossing, there is another connection to Christ and “Christ-like energy” coming into play. Instead of a New Moon on Christmas 2019, we are blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 25 – a day known as Christmas to many and recognized as Christ’s birthday. It’s also worth noting Jupiter is nearby when this occurs and expands the energies and impact of this Solar Eclipse – “The Christmas Eclipse.”

An eclipse – in general terms – represents an introduction, synchronicity, an initiation or new beginning, a shift in thinking and habits, and turning points in our lives. 

This Christmas Solar Eclipse does not go unnoticed. Like the Jupiter Galactic Crossing, it stands out and stands alone while closing doors of past ways of thinking and living and opening new doorways of thought, solutions, morals, dreams, and values. It pushes us to start something new, to act and expand upon our dreams and revelations, to stay in our own lane, and to truly examine any codependent and toxic relationships currently in our lives. It’s not about the past here; it is time to liberate ourselves from self-deception and fear.

While Jupiter is nearby and expanding the energy of The Christmas Eclipse, the South Node is also at play in this cosmic occurrence. The South Node represents what is behind us, our past karma, and where we’ve been in life. The South Node is rewarding our good deeds but it can also trigger our past karma, making this a Christmas where it truly matters whether you’ve been “naughty or nice.”

On a collective level, the themes of The Christmas Eclipse are based on its placement in the 10th House and in the Capricorn constellation. Collectively, we’ll begin to examine our image, reputation, and social standing deeper. Some will experience a time of reinvention and revelation.

Other themes include our moral compass, control issues (of all sorts), liars and deceivers being exposed, and the collective being presented with a time ripe for growth and healing after a year of scandals, half-truths, and lies.  

It is possible to experience a major event on the day of the eclipse, but many find the eclipse’s impact unfolds at a different pace for them. Major events or turning points will occur two weeks after, four weeks after, and even up to eight weeks after the eclipse.

The Christmas Eclipse will continue to impact us in 2020 since it is followed up with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (January 10, 2020, 20 degrees Cancer) and with the North Node at play. The Christmas Eclipse is with the South Node (where we’ve been), but the January Eclipse is with the North Node (where we’re headed). There will be another blog about this, but in the meantime use The Christmas Eclipse to let go of control issues, to release and reinvent yourself, to go beyond your current reality, and expand upon revelations as Jupiter and the Sun urge you to do so. This is a time when you don’t just say you’re going to do something or change something – this is a time when you actually do it.

The major caveat for this eclipse is this: 
With so many celestial bodies in one constellation it can feel like we’re listening to multiple conversations in our own head – in our inner dialogue – all at once. No thanks! The remedy is to take time for stillness and silence during this winter of long dark nights. Turn off and tune out the external noise and give yourself a moment of stillness to think about the bigger picture in your own life and on this planet we’re all hanging out on. Take advantage of the revelations and messages you can receive at this time. There’s beautiful energy in the cosmos and in the air we’re breathing in, so take a deep breath and enjoy The Christmas Eclipse and the doorways it opens for you in 2020 and beyond.