Many are excited about the lunar energies tonight. “IT’S A TOTAL ECLIPSE.” Actually, the total eclipse part is debatable due to the degree and lunar nodes. Like so many “facts” and “truths” in 2020, it’s very much “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “reality” is deeply dependent on which echo chamber you’ve chosen and curated for yourself.

2020 has offered us a buffet of half-truths, lies of omission, total lies, and adventures in collective mind control. Even in Astrology false or half-truth information is shared in popular memes, and astrologers have contributed to certain echo chambers with incredibly biased information which is a projection of their own belief system and desired outcomes.

Here’s the thing – The cosmos does not care about personal beliefs or wishes. what “you want to happen” The cosmos does not need your consent.

The cosmos tells it straight and offers us a history spanning back to ancient civilizations, but what is Truth and Fact when some don’t like it? What is history when the victor writes it and some don’t agree with parts of it? Isn’t 2020 filled with examples of people trying to erase history and cancel people they don’t agree with?

What The Stars Say has told it straight in 2020. We told it straight about 2020 in 2019, and we inspire to share subsequent years. Stick around and you’ll find we tell it straight and won’t go on about this debatable eclipse, but instead prepare new content about the December solar eclipse. We’ll be bringing receipts on this one. The “2020 END GAME” Facebook event was cancelled, but hit subscribe now because we’ll be offering a “2020 END GAME” T-R-I-L-O-G-Y right here on this site this week. (Talk about a 2020 clap back – cancel 1 and come back with 3).

As for the Moon tonight – 100% real – What The Stars Say suggests you let go of what no longer serves you and mark this time as closure. Since the lunar energy is in the Gemini constellation, don’t be surprised if you have communication – with yourself and with others – on a deeply healing level. We are all the walking wounded guiding each other home – this expression rings true more than ever. This Lunar energy we are graced with tonight is about healing communication. Use this energy wisely, and consider viewing it as wrapping the past up with a bow as you prepare for new beginnings. Be sure to subscribe because What The Stars Say will focus on these exciting new beginnings in the next Eclipse blog.

Each New Moon presents us with the possibility of new beginnings. Farmers and gardeners have long known a New Moon is the best time to plant seeds, and when this lunar beginning occurs in the Taurus constellation it is a particularly auspicious time for planting since Taurus represents Earth’s land and soil. Besides planting actual seeds, it’s a wonderful time to plan new beginnings. Utilize the lunar power available to you at this time to plant new seeds of higher thinking and new ways to love and honor yourself and Earth more. Reflect and write down the “new garden” you want to grow and write it out as if it already exists.

Each New Moon represents a new lunar cycle lasting about 29 days. How can you use this time to enhance your life on Earth while Earth is so quiet and still? We are being challenged to confront ourselves in our confinement, and each New Moon both challenges and supports us in creating a new beginning while providing us with the time / new cycle to create such enhancements and beginnings.

This New Moon ask you to give thanks to Earth, to the land you inhabit, the soil that provides you with essential nutrients, and the beauty and enjoyment nature provide. Give thanks, and then ask for something new so you can use this lunar cycle to plant the seeds while knowing your “new garden” will turn out better than you can even imagine.