FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (MAY 25-26, 2021) – Don’t overthink this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, because it is a lunar event after all and the moon wants us to feel rather than think. This Moon has tension with both the Sun and the lunar nodes suggesting a conflict between our inner feelings and callings to a new path, and our current expression and past. We’re being challenged at this time to examine the past while moving forward at the same time, so don’t be surprised by any internal debate or dialogue you might have at this time. Instead, let this all unfold over the next few days with detached observation. What do you feel like doing? What changes do you feel like making? How can you better “follow your bliss” and rediscover the joy in living?

Chart of the Moment / Image by Astrodienst

What’s interesting about the current celestial positioning is how the Gemini and Sagittarius constellations (see image above) are holding all of the Luminaries and the two nodes – symbolic of our past and future. Last year, the nodes shifted from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius (where they will remain until January 2022) resulting in many of us shifting gears, re-examining our path, and carving out a different future for ourselves. A Lunar Eclipse typically represents a personal ending and the added energy of the nodes with both Luminaries (Sun and Moon) suggests a turning point where we are ready to take the first step or the next step needed to better embark on our new path in life.

If you have a clear vision of this new path then you’re already on your way. But, if you don’t have a clear vision or remain foggy on where you need to go next, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy can help you sort this out over the next six months. The trick is to let go of negative self-talk, over analyzing, and fear of obstacles or failures. Instead, feel it out for a few days and embrace the spirit of adventure, optimism, and bravery Sagittarius so wonderfully embodies.

Chiron continues to bring personal exploration and healing while in the Aries constellation and it’s worth noting that during this eclipse Chiron is at 11 degrees – a master number. How can you better master your health over the next six months? How can you examine and heal from the past while building a future over the next six months? Don’t be surprised if you need to feel this out as well.