There is so much for us to catch up on and so much more end of year content to still come, but right now the most important message from the stars comes from two powerful specific stars, the current cosmic alignment, the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn today, and the recent new moon. The LIGHT has won and the love frequency has overpowered the lower and chaotic frequency. Please remember, one of the first cosmic questions What The Stars Say posed to you was, “Do you choose chaos or love?” Now, as we near the end of a year filled with trials and tribulations and prepare to carve out a new world and cosmic era it is clear: LOVE has won.

This doesn’t mean all struggles are over, and for the next few months we will continue to find our footing but if you have answered “LOVE” and truly embodied it in 2020 you can already feel this energetic shift. It’s real. The enlightening energy that came to Earth during the February 26, 2017, eclipse has returned and washes over us now. This happened in the Pisces constellation and we have a Pisces First Quarter Moon tonight (powerful energy repeat!). The “Christ Conscious” energy that returned to Earth with the 2019 Christmas eclipse is also with us (power repeat!) and stronger than ever as we witness the “Star of Bethlehem” tonight. Powerful stars are removing the poison from the Scorpion’s sting this week (“Not today, Satan. Not today.”). And, if all this wasn’t BIG enough we also have Jupiter near the Galactic center (a promised conscious shift) and Jupiter is merging with Saturn in a conjunction as they enter into the Aquarius constellation and launch a new beginning for us all. It’s BIG. BIG.

What this means for you personally depends on where you’re at in life and if you’re more tuned in with the love frequency or the chaos and fear frequency. Are you fixed or flexible? Are you thriving or just surviving? This year has been a spiritual test – we all know this – and how we move forward depends on how well we’ve scored. Did we clean up our own messes or just project our frustration and judgment on others? Did we learn what we truly value and how to live more sustainably and in tune with Earth? Have we managed our bodies, our physical and mental health? Was our house made of straw, or hay, or bricks? How well did we self govern? How dependent are we on the government? How do we view authority, influencers, experts, media, and those with differing viewpoints and beliefs? This is a cosmic test. 2020 is spiritual warfare, and depending on where you’re at what comes next will either make or break you. This energy we have above us right now can dramatically change life below. The next 100 days will be like nothing humans have experienced before.

Many have chosen chaos and they don’t even realize it. They have mistaken pure darkness for light and acted as “useful idiots” while calling others “useful idiots” for the other side. The August 2017 eclipse literally split the USA in half – going from Portland, Oregon, to the spot in South Carolina where the first shots of the USA Civil War blasted out. In August 2020 when a white man shot another white man in Portland over different political ideologies it was clear to What The Stars Say this eclipse was successfully used by practitioners of the dark arts to divide the nation. We are now in Civil War 2.0 and the keyboard is the weapon of choice and the real enemy isn’t dare mentioned because the goal is to divide and conquer. In some ways, this has been a success. But, the astrological year of 2020 isn’t over until early March and from now until then, the real enemy – the “Big Bad Wolf” – is still to be revealed. At this time, we will feel more united. At least those of us who still hold mental capacity and continue to choose love over chaos.

To clarify, solar energy brings data and information to light and Eclipses mark endings and beginnings. Many will not like or accept information that comes to light over the next 100 days and the events that will unfold. Others will begin to feel more connected, curious, magical, brave, and enlightened. From the beginning, What The Stars Say has called 2020 a “Shit Show” and a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” and the cosmic occurrences tonight truly embody the adventurous and free will spirit. The student will receive the teacher they’re prepared for, so to speak.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction itself encourages us to grow thru existing structures and systems while simultaneously breaking barriers. The more fear based and controlled you are, the more restrictive you will feel. The more fearless you are the more free and empowered you will feel. Fated events. Higher Thinking, Spirituality and Justice merging with reality, time, karma, and our material world. As Saturn shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius we collectively shift with it and move from “Me” to “Us” and from “I work” to “I know.” The rules have changed and now we have to navigate the Traditional – its roots and its ruins – while creating a new modern era, a new world…

Right after we are filled with the solar luminary energy we go into “the longest night.” Keep this phrase in mind on Wednesday when Mars uses the most of his final time in Aries and forms a square to Pluto. Nothing worth achieving comes easy, and this is when the behind the scenes power plays and the dark, dirty secrets come into the light. This may just be the 2020 moment when the curtain is pulled back and the tiny man ruling the kingdom of Oz is revealed. This is when What The Stars Say again reminds you to stay calm, act and speak with compassion, and choose love over chaos. This isn’t over yet, but it’s a great time to grab your popcorn because the “Shit Show” is about to get real interesting…

Happy Solstice and congratulations on making it this far! You are a magically complex and amazing cosmic being. Let the light shine on you during this dark season and know you are Love.

Many are excited about the lunar energies tonight. “IT’S A TOTAL ECLIPSE.” Actually, the total eclipse part is debatable due to the degree and lunar nodes. Like so many “facts” and “truths” in 2020, it’s very much “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “reality” is deeply dependent on which echo chamber you’ve chosen and curated for yourself.

2020 has offered us a buffet of half-truths, lies of omission, total lies, and adventures in collective mind control. Even in Astrology false or half-truth information is shared in popular memes, and astrologers have contributed to certain echo chambers with incredibly biased information which is a projection of their own belief system and desired outcomes.

Here’s the thing – The cosmos does not care about personal beliefs or wishes. what “you want to happen” The cosmos does not need your consent.

The cosmos tells it straight and offers us a history spanning back to ancient civilizations, but what is Truth and Fact when some don’t like it? What is history when the victor writes it and some don’t agree with parts of it? Isn’t 2020 filled with examples of people trying to erase history and cancel people they don’t agree with?

What The Stars Say has told it straight in 2020. We told it straight about 2020 in 2019, and we inspire to share subsequent years. Stick around and you’ll find we tell it straight and won’t go on about this debatable eclipse, but instead prepare new content about the December solar eclipse. We’ll be bringing receipts on this one. The “2020 END GAME” Facebook event was cancelled, but hit subscribe now because we’ll be offering a “2020 END GAME” T-R-I-L-O-G-Y right here on this site this week. (Talk about a 2020 clap back – cancel 1 and come back with 3).

As for the Moon tonight – 100% real – What The Stars Say suggests you let go of what no longer serves you and mark this time as closure. Since the lunar energy is in the Gemini constellation, don’t be surprised if you have communication – with yourself and with others – on a deeply healing level. We are all the walking wounded guiding each other home – this expression rings true more than ever. This Lunar energy we are graced with tonight is about healing communication. Use this energy wisely, and consider viewing it as wrapping the past up with a bow as you prepare for new beginnings. Be sure to subscribe because What The Stars Say will focus on these exciting new beginnings in the next Eclipse blog.