As What The Stars Say mentioned in the Weekly Forecast, Mars has moved into Taurus alongside Uranus resulting in a “Long-Time Coming” anger. This week, many U.S. citizens made it clear they had a “Long-Time Coming” anger towards wealth inequality, the elite, and Wall Street itself. A Reddit group known as Wall Street Bets managed a short squeeze of Game Stop stock and played Wall Street at their own game. These financial renegades have bankrupted one hedge fund already and caused a frenzy in the financial markets. Let’s break down the astrology here and give you more of a heads up on what is happening on a cosmic level:

When Saturn and Pluto conjuncted in early 2020 it set is up for a cosmic imprint repeat of astrological transits bringing forth a history of currency changes, the creation of the Federal Reserve and IRS, and periods of economic upheaval (including Great Depression in US). The energies from this cosmic event remain with us until 2022. In 2020, over 50 percent of all US households experienced economic devastation, so we’re off to a big start and have years of financial rearranging ahead of us. The authoritarian push of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, will leave many at the political whim of the few and suggest difficult times. It’s worth noting, however, even the most power civilizations have historically crumbled when the worker’s revolt. Many workers aren’t working, so they have plenty of time to revolt. They also have time to learn the stock market and make financial moves against the “top down authority” so many have a “Long-Time Coming” anger towards.

The markets have been getting more quirky since Uranus moved into Taurus back in 2018. Mars is going to hang out in the Taurus constellation for awhile, but Uranus will be there until 2025. What does this placement mean for us? Historically, Uranus (the disruptor, the rebel, the wild card) in Taurus (Earth, land, money and material resources) shows disruption in food production and in finances. Uranus also rules the Internet and here we are with headlines about online financial disruption.

Astrology in action.

During the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that brought us the Great Depression there were over 100 different currencies in play in the US. Now, cryptocurrency is all the buzz, bartering is more accepted, Robinhood traders are more influential than anticipated, and groups are forming to beat the Big Boys at their own game. The astrology at this time definitely suggests a diverse portfolio, because with Uranus being such a wild card it’s anyone’s guess who will come out ahead in the end. In true “Mess with the Bull and get the horns” fashion, Wall Street has used their influence to silence and shut down those who beat them at their own game. Yet, looking at the astrology it seems a safe bet to declare this just one more round rather than a defeat. The elite still haven’t figured out their attempts to silence only makes the opposition louder. Back when Mars was in Aries, the anger was like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. With Mars in Uranus, it’s the anger of a Bull with a horn in the Matador’s body. Wall Street might claim the Bull as its symbol, but in the end Uranus in Taurus wants to DESTROY all who put profit before people and the environment. That said, betting on Wall Street’s long-term karma isn’t a safe bet. Cosmic forces far more powerful than a Reddit group will ensure the broken and corrupted loose in the end.

Uranus in Taurus has already influenced so many of us to question our values and our resources. With Mars nearby this is a great time for ACTION and to use the electrical Uranus energy to better realign with your values and how you’re going to navigate in a new cosmic era that promises radical and futuristic change. We’ve got a host of celestials in Aquarius right now, so if your heart and intentions are true you can use this energy to be a radical disruptor in your own life. Tonight’s Full Moon is a great time to let go and prune out the old, because Uranus in Taurus has a more high tech -yet more localized and simple – future in store for us.

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On Thursday, January 28, 2021, we experience a Full Moon in the Leo constellation, and as this luminary moves into Leo an interesting shift occurs. For the past week our luminaries (Sun and Moon) have been working together to shift us collectively from darkness to light. A Leo Moon always represents a time when we are at our peak power to shine a light on ourselves and on others. The luminaries are utilizing this same energy, and they are also moving into perfect alignment with Earth – the Sun and Moon are lined up and we’re in the middle unable to ignore the darkness on one side, the lightness on the other, and the big beam of light switched on by the Moon’s entrance into the Leo constellation. Venus and Pluto are in ideal positions to bring up themes of darkness, and Black Moon Lilith is heavily involved and ready to trigger all of us in order to get us to confront the darkness we typically avoid. This is likely to occur on personal and collective levels. As mentioned in the Weekly Forecast, we’re in Black Lilith’s dark zone facing Saturn (Lord of Karma) and the Luminaries (both darkness and light), so be prepared for hard truths and karmic reckoning. It is likely the disclosures and darkness will be revealed over the next 29 days (lunar cycle), but full understanding might not occur until after Mercury leaves its retrograde cycle on Feb. 12. Again, there is temptation to feel triggered to react without full understanding and it might take weeks to gain a full understanding. Don’t rush in and don’t rush to conclusions now or during the next month.

The Weekly Forecast also explored the “tug-of-war” energy so common throughout this week, and the Wolf Moon stays on target here. This Moon is involved in a T-Square with five other celestials (Uranus, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn) resulting in a “Frog in Boiling Water” feeling or just an internal sense of pressure and unsettled energy wanting to burst out of us. We also have the Full Moon squaring Mars (aggression) and interacting with Jupiter in a way that only expands one’s aggression and rash impulses. This is paired with the “triggering” we’re going to experience from Black Moon Lilith, and the possibility of actual tremors, earthquakes, and volcanic eruption (mainly due to the volcanic energy within us and Uranus and Mars’ position suggesting unexpected, violent, disruptions are possible). Work out this energy in the healthiest way possible over the next month – don’t let it manifest as chaotic and dramatic disruptions in your life (especially if you have strong Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius in your natal chart).

People born under Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus (Sun, Moon, or Rising) are likely to experience this on a personal level the most. Taurus is likely to feel a tug-of-war between work and home, Scorpio is likely to have light shined on their professional ambitions, and Aquarius will have a light shined on their relationship. Like all of us, we might not appreciate the glaring light of Truth we are shown but we all must confront the Truth and the light nonetheless. It’s a hard lesson to confront darkness, but the confrontation is what helps us heal and move on.

As this Full Moon comes in and sets the tone for the next month, it’s important to check and double check yourself on love and safety. This Full Moon merges with the Hygeia asteroid and brings themes of health and hygiene so over the next month we’re more likely to see an increase in illness, health fears, and death. This occurs with an increase in risk taking – people socializing more, people feeling more impulsive and feeling invincible when they’re clearly not (thanks to the Full Moon interacting with Mars and Jupiter – expanding our rash actions and aggression). Mars interacting with Black Moon Lilith furthers the desire to take risks, explore taboos, act more promiscuous and throw caution (and condoms) to the wind. See where this going? “Would you like covid or chlamydia?” Say no to both, and don’t be tempted to ignore your own safety and others. The last time we had an aspect lowering health and safety (including not washing hands) there was indeed a spike in health issues following the short-lived transit. Don’t let the Universe trick your health or your heart at this time.

Venus in a conjuct with Pluto makes the next few weeks a less than ideal time to start dating someone (it won’t last and it will be a mess), but also a difficult time for someone who is struggling with a stalker or any type of love-obsession situation. Crazy jealousy, possessiveness, dangerous people, stalkers, and addicts come out of the dark to play when Venus and Pluto are merged like this – and the darkness is brought to light here like the common theme of this Full Moon. You could meet or develop feelings or a magnetic attraction for someone at this time and it feels so intense and karmic (“They’re my TWIN FLAME!!”) but there is a deception, darkness, and an illusion behind it all. Even within healthy and established relationships there will be temptation to throw a guilt trip or two, play the marytyr for a day, or feel jealousy and mistrust more than normal. The only positive outcome here is you exposing your shadow side to another and feeling accepted regardless, or your partner shows their dark side and you love and accept them regardless.

There are over 25 different aspects occurring during this Full Moon, meaning every single one of us is getting a lot of tense and aggressive energy thrown our way. The good news is you are aware of the energy and will now know to watch for the “triggers,” and to keep it extra safe and sanitary over the next month.

As we enter into this lunar cycle – the last lunar cycle in this lunar year since Lunar New Year is on Feb. 12 – so many of us will begin to feel weight lighting. The heavy transits and aspects concerning Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter begin to lift and dissipate. More good news? So many of us are having the more challenging and difficult transitions end and by the time spring arrives we’ll feel lighter and less restricted. As we end major astrological cycles and our lunar nodes have shifted elements (and inspired so many to change or re-align their path in life) this Full Moon – like all full moons – is an opportunity for us to release what no longer serves us. Let go as needed at this time, and be willing to confront the darkness in both yourself and others in order to have a better future in the light.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C.

FINAL THOUGHT: The January Full Moon has been historically referred to as the “Wolf Moon.” It’s a myth wolves actually howl at the Moon directly, and the naming of this annual lunar event relates more to the common cries of wolves during late January when food is scarce and wolf pups are hungry or actually starving. As we experience this Wolf Moon in 2021, we have a quarter of the children in this country experiencing hunger or actually starving. As What The Stars Say pointed out in the Weekly Forecast, a theme likely to arise from this lunar event and during the next lunar cycle (apx. 29 days) is concern for other’s children. The wolf story is shared not to depress you, but to align you with the lunar energies at play during this time and the recent shifts of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius and the ushering into a new era. In this new era, we must collectively continue to examine the broken systems that have been pointed out to us since the Saturn and Pluto conjuncted around this time last year. Many broken systems became glaringly obvious in the face of challenge and upheaval. Uranus in Taurus (2018-2025) furthers the confrontation of broken systems and pushes us to tackle issues in food production specifically. Food prices have risen for the past seven months straight (an early indicator of hyperinflation), but it’s not just rising costs we’re dealing with; availability and inequality issues are also of concern. Some citizens stockpile. Some citizens starve. May the howls of the hungry be heard at this time, and may we all pause to listen during this Full Moon and recognize how our new era will never be successful if a quarter of our children are starving.

Howling Wolf in Wilderness. Mountain Landscape with Falling Snow, Moon and the Howling Alpha Wolf Illustration.

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