Although the stars have not been silent, What the Stars Say has been. This is not from lack of care or insight, but because what all you amazing cosmic beings need more than anything at this time is less content and more contemplation.

The next 6-8 weeks will be the most challenging time of the 2021 calendar year.

Although the 2020 calendar year has ended, its astrological year has not. It will continue until Aries season in the early Spring. The “Shit Show” of the 2020 astrological year is far from over, and we would be naive to believe it’s not going to go out without a bang. A big bang.

January 6, 8, 17, and 20 are all What The Stars Say “Watch Out” dates suggesting turning points, major events and/or discoveries, and fantastic days to lay real low and think carefully before you speak or act.

Every single one of us is best served during this time to turn off and tune out the outside world, and to shift to an internal focus on what we truly value and want to preserve, and also what we want to create moving forward in this new calendar year.

Our cosmic theme at this time is mixing the functioning old with the much-needed new as the planets themselves mix the Traditional and Modern. Saturn is now in a constellation it rules – Aquarius-but is in tension with Uranus (the traditional ruler of Aquarius). The modern ruler verses the traditional ruler. Sound familiar? This time is about the tension between old and new, but there’s another layer on top; the part where we re-imagine and re-create our lives. As we say “Goodbye” to one calendar year and prepare to say “Hello” to a new astrological year, the most important cosmic question for us all is what world are we going to re-imagine and how are we going to make it real?

It’s clear many on the outside have ideas about your future. They’re filled with strong ideas and opinions on what the “new normal” and your near future will be like. Little do they know, the cosmic MVP in 2021 will be Uranus and this bad boy is a rebel who prefers to walk backwards and think for himself. There is no such thing as the “new normal” and your future is unwritten.

So, how will you re-imagine your world?

Turn them off – turn us all off!! – and re-imagine your world for awhile. Then join me during the New Moon on January 12 and we’ll talk about how to begin manifesting your re-imagination -your future moving forward into a new cosmic year.

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There is so much for us to catch up on and so much more end of year content to still come, but right now the most important message from the stars comes from two powerful specific stars, the current cosmic alignment, the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn today, and the recent new moon. The LIGHT has won and the love frequency has overpowered the lower and chaotic frequency. Please remember, one of the first cosmic questions What The Stars Say posed to you was, “Do you choose chaos or love?” Now, as we near the end of a year filled with trials and tribulations and prepare to carve out a new world and cosmic era it is clear: LOVE has won.

This doesn’t mean all struggles are over, and for the next few months we will continue to find our footing but if you have answered “LOVE” and truly embodied it in 2020 you can already feel this energetic shift. It’s real. The enlightening energy that came to Earth during the February 26, 2017, eclipse has returned and washes over us now. This happened in the Pisces constellation and we have a Pisces First Quarter Moon tonight (powerful energy repeat!). The “Christ Conscious” energy that returned to Earth with the 2019 Christmas eclipse is also with us (power repeat!) and stronger than ever as we witness the “Star of Bethlehem” tonight. Powerful stars are removing the poison from the Scorpion’s sting this week (“Not today, Satan. Not today.”). And, if all this wasn’t BIG enough we also have Jupiter near the Galactic center (a promised conscious shift) and Jupiter is merging with Saturn in a conjunction as they enter into the Aquarius constellation and launch a new beginning for us all. It’s BIG. BIG.

What this means for you personally depends on where you’re at in life and if you’re more tuned in with the love frequency or the chaos and fear frequency. Are you fixed or flexible? Are you thriving or just surviving? This year has been a spiritual test – we all know this – and how we move forward depends on how well we’ve scored. Did we clean up our own messes or just project our frustration and judgment on others? Did we learn what we truly value and how to live more sustainably and in tune with Earth? Have we managed our bodies, our physical and mental health? Was our house made of straw, or hay, or bricks? How well did we self govern? How dependent are we on the government? How do we view authority, influencers, experts, media, and those with differing viewpoints and beliefs? This is a cosmic test. 2020 is spiritual warfare, and depending on where you’re at what comes next will either make or break you. This energy we have above us right now can dramatically change life below. The next 100 days will be like nothing humans have experienced before.

Many have chosen chaos and they don’t even realize it. They have mistaken pure darkness for light and acted as “useful idiots” while calling others “useful idiots” for the other side. The August 2017 eclipse literally split the USA in half – going from Portland, Oregon, to the spot in South Carolina where the first shots of the USA Civil War blasted out. In August 2020 when a white man shot another white man in Portland over different political ideologies it was clear to What The Stars Say this eclipse was successfully used by practitioners of the dark arts to divide the nation. We are now in Civil War 2.0 and the keyboard is the weapon of choice and the real enemy isn’t dare mentioned because the goal is to divide and conquer. In some ways, this has been a success. But, the astrological year of 2020 isn’t over until early March and from now until then, the real enemy – the “Big Bad Wolf” – is still to be revealed. At this time, we will feel more united. At least those of us who still hold mental capacity and continue to choose love over chaos.

To clarify, solar energy brings data and information to light and Eclipses mark endings and beginnings. Many will not like or accept information that comes to light over the next 100 days and the events that will unfold. Others will begin to feel more connected, curious, magical, brave, and enlightened. From the beginning, What The Stars Say has called 2020 a “Shit Show” and a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” and the cosmic occurrences tonight truly embody the adventurous and free will spirit. The student will receive the teacher they’re prepared for, so to speak.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction itself encourages us to grow thru existing structures and systems while simultaneously breaking barriers. The more fear based and controlled you are, the more restrictive you will feel. The more fearless you are the more free and empowered you will feel. Fated events. Higher Thinking, Spirituality and Justice merging with reality, time, karma, and our material world. As Saturn shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius we collectively shift with it and move from “Me” to “Us” and from “I work” to “I know.” The rules have changed and now we have to navigate the Traditional – its roots and its ruins – while creating a new modern era, a new world…

Right after we are filled with the solar luminary energy we go into “the longest night.” Keep this phrase in mind on Wednesday when Mars uses the most of his final time in Aries and forms a square to Pluto. Nothing worth achieving comes easy, and this is when the behind the scenes power plays and the dark, dirty secrets come into the light. This may just be the 2020 moment when the curtain is pulled back and the tiny man ruling the kingdom of Oz is revealed. This is when What The Stars Say again reminds you to stay calm, act and speak with compassion, and choose love over chaos. This isn’t over yet, but it’s a great time to grab your popcorn because the “Shit Show” is about to get real interesting…

Happy Solstice and congratulations on making it this far! You are a magically complex and amazing cosmic being. Let the light shine on you during this dark season and know you are Love.

FEAR isn’t necessary when you understand the cosmic timeline, yet fear is all around us right now – right on time, right on schedule. Is it a coincidence the “second wave” has come up under the same planetary placements as the “first wave?” Of course not, since Jupiter expands what its near and being near Pluto expands the PLUTOCRATS push for power and top down control and authority. When these conjunctions happen the energy emits over the following weeks and in 2020 we feel the push for control, the call for lock downs and for further restrictions. It’s happened throughout 2020 like clockwork. Consider this:

On Jan. 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto conjuncted at 22 degrees Capricorn and this IMPACT will stay with us until 2023 – with a focus on DESTROYING broken systems, corruption, false idols/influencers/authorities. It is a true karmic reckoning. The three times this year Jupiter and Pluto have conjuncted (April 4, June 30, and Nov. 12) the energy has built up and continued over the following weeks and it hits on that exact 22 degrees Capricorn angle – a further expansion on the broken systems, corruption, and false “leaders.”

Since 2012 Neptune has been in the Pisces constellation and will remain until 2025. This placement varies for the individual depending on their natal placement is, but also depending on their personal spirituality. Neptune in Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, and deeply spiritual. But, there’s always another side and this same transit brings with it a downward spiral into addictions, lies, deception, and believe in complete illusions. Neptune in Pisces collectively is like the entire nation has been put under mind control – and this isn’t hard to identify in other’s if you’ve managed to maintain your independent thinking skills and don’t have a strong emotional or political charge and bias. Oh wait, most people don’t have these abilities anymore…so, now what? Well, the tiny man behind the magic curtain will appear and they’ll be forced to confront the lackluster “Wizard of Oz.” More to come as Neptune moves direct Nov. 28, 2020

Is your FEAR based on their FEAR? If you’re stuck in fear yet again, you are letting the PLUTOCRATS win and they’re so desperate for a win right now because they know their time is up. Consider if your fear is based solely on their fears. Consider moving from fear to LOVE.

Also, consider extending this LOVE to all of your neighbors and yourself. Later this week, Neptune will leave its retrograde in Pisces. It won’t be easy for so many when the cosmic mirror is directed back at them and they’re forced to confront not only their fears but the lies and illusions they believe in and cling to. More to come on this, but as What The Stars Say has previously shared this time – middle to the end of November – is a challenging and groundbreaking time. Choose your adventure and frequency wisely.

Another interesting week as we wind down 2020. This week, “The Shit Hits the Fan,” the transits ask us to get weird and original, and the weekend presents some challenging energy and passions…

MONDAY, NOV. 16 & TUESDAY, NOV. 17 – The energy of the Sunday New Moon lingers as the Moon lingers in the Scorpio constellation. This New Moon is about planting seeds for next Spring in our lives and manifesting long-term gains and goals. Mercury is nearby and as we awake and re-direct (from the planet of thought, communications, and messages backwards motion in Scorpio and Libra) we’re still examining our relationships, our Justice system, and uncovering secretive and deceptive actions. Venus is hovering above Mercury and visible on the eastern horizon right before sunrise, and it’s always beneficial to us when the planet of love, money, and creativity is visible to the human eye. However, Venus is in tension with both Pluto and the star Athena – this is an exploration of impermanence (death – mortality and immortality) so it’s not all that coincidental virus numbers are peaking at this time. What The Stars Say also pointed out recently (“The Shit Hits the Fan Today“) the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction would also bring the virus into the forefront again as well as power plays (thanks to Jupiter expanding Pluto’s Plutocratic energy).

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 18 THURSDAY, NOV. 19 – The Moon has moved into the Sagittarius constellation and floats above Jupiter and Saturn in the Capricorn constellation (with both planets visible for a few hours each night). With the North Lunar Node’s move into Sagittarius, perhaps this Moon is whispering to Jupiter and Capricorn about the future as both planets prepare to move into 0 degrees in the futuristic Aquarius constellation. Are you feeling an emotional pull towards your future today as well? Jupiter and Pluto’s merging in the sky continues and expands on issues of authority, top down control, and the pandemic issue overall. With the Sun’s sextile to Saturn you’ll likely feel more ambitious, focused, and able to complete difficult tasks – making this an excellent time to tackle any responsibilities and obligations you’ve been procrastinating on.


FRIDAY, NOV. 20 – Today is a day to think before you speak and be aware of your internal restless energies and impatience. The Moon squares both Mercury and Uranus so unexpected and disruptive communications are more likely. As the day progresses we’ll have more of a filter between our thoughts and speech, but in the morning we must be extra careful because we won’t have the same level of emotional detachment. This same Uranian energy can also bring forth creative problem solving, exciting and unexpected ideas and plans, and a general enthusiasm – as long as no one tells you what to do or think.

SATURDAY, NOV. 21 – Venus moves into Scorpio and awakens the Lover in us all. Yet, Scorpio is still examining the dark side since Mercury was in a retrograde motion in this area and the Sun in Sagittarius asks us to do some higher thinking and contemplate the impermanence of life (yet again – just like all the planets in Capricorn are asking us). What is the meaning of life? Is our life enough of an adventure? What’s the point and higher purpose of all of this? With the Moon in Pisces (a water sign) and Venus also in a water sign it’s likely to be an emotional charged time, so hopefully your emotions can go into positivism and passion – otherwise, don’t be surprised to find yourself binging on crime and occult documentaries at home alone with a highly suspicious and emotional charged viewpoint of the world. Perhaps being alone isn’t so bad considering a “Half-Moon” in Pisces can result in discomfort around others, public fights, and family problems.

SUNDAY, NOV. 22 – Remember the rebellious and disruptive Uranian energy mentioned earlier in this week? Well, it’s back as the Pisces Moon forms as sextile to Uranus in Taurus and gives us a boost in ambition. This energy wants us to find new methods, solutions, and to be determined in our goals while expressing ourselves in the most original way. Get weird today, and be happy doing so.

Weekly Astrology by What The Stars Say

What the Stars Say is pleased to present a deep dive into one of the most prominent astrological stories in the “Shit Show” known as 2020. The transit of Uranus in Taurus began in 2018, but now in summer of 2020 its influence is making itself quite clear as it disrupts the economy, weather, food production, supply chains, and sets off on a mission of Karmic Reckoning in many industries (tech, fashion, food/ag, finance, etc.). Enjoy the deep dive and may it result in you being more prepared and a better co-creator with astrology as this transit continues throughout the next six years.

Venus moves into Mars’ house on Friday, February 7, until March 4, 2020. In the Mars-ruled Aries constellation the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Creativity finds itself in a space where altruism meets aggression.

After existing in the daydream wonderland that is Venus in Pisces – where she is exalted and welcomed – we’re jolted into fiery and courageous energy. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac -the baby- and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” While Aries is known as a “selfish sign,” it’s important to remember Aries is also known as a courageous pioneer – the Ram who isn’t afraid to knock heads or tackle difficult terrain. There’s a lonely and isolating aspect to such bravery, and a balancing act between pushing forward and not leaving others behind.

Aries, like its ruling planet Mars, is known for action. With Venus in the Aries constellation there’s a good chance your love life will move into focus, and inaction will become action.

If a relationship isn’t serving you or is filled with toxicity and dead ends, this cosmic placement can provide you with the courage and bravery to head out on your own.

If you are typically shy and have a hard time putting yourself out there, you will find Venus in Aries to be a chance to get out of your lonely comfort zone and tackle difficult terrain.

If you struggle with selfish behavior, this placement will magnify the Ego, the Baby, and the Ram. Aries is as well-known for its admirable qualities as it is for its undesirable qualities, including; aggression, immaturity, selfishness, and expecting the world to “owe it a living.” Aries is the baby, so people who already struggle with the undesirable qualities will only amplify their baby behaviors if they are not mindful. All of us should be mindful of ego energies in matters of love, creativity, art, and beauty during this time (Feb. 7 – March 4, 2020).

Venus desires altruism and Mars excels in aggression. While Venus is in Aries, Mars is in sister Fire sign Sagittarius. Mars (our action, passion and drive) is looking out at the horizon and focused on what’s ahead of us instead of in front of us. Action comes in fiery spurts, and it’s harder than usual to get real traction. This can result in passionate but short-lived love affairs, a tension and friction (between “self and others”) in committed relationships, or a frustration between the lack of alignment between feelings and actions.

At the same time Venus is in Aries, Mercury moves through it’s shadow phase, and into retrograde before going direct on March 10, 2020. During this cosmic occurrence (“Mercury Retrograde”), we experience a far greater chance of miscommunication, technical issues, travel delays, and about 60% of us experience foggy thinking and find it more difficult to make decisions. When Mercury – the Planet of Communication, Media, Technology – changes its orbit and slows its speed we feel the effects due to speed and proximity (Earth is next door neighbors with Mercury, and Mercury is the fastest moving planet with a unique orbit).

Aries is known for being blunt and having a quick temper. This energy doesn’t mix well at a time already ripe with miscommunications and misunderstandings. Direct communication is effective, but not when it comes with egotistical and aggressive energy. We all need to be mindful of this energy at play. Not only is Mercury in Retrograde, but it’s happening in the Pisces constellation. This is Water energy meeting Fire energy, and this combination will influence both our relationships and communications. The sensitive and introverted Pisces is meeting insensitive extroverted Aries. It’s important to think before we speak, listen deeply before we react, and realize we are each coming at each other in highly unique ways. We cannot charge in and start knocking heads with strangers and loved ones like the Aries Ram.

The highly positive aspects of this influence will come to those who need help taking action. Aries is both brave and playful, so this is a time we can experience a renewed sense of innocence, awe, and action.

The “Wallflowers” will finally find the courage to ask someone to dance.

The introverted creatives will find the drive and bravery needed to create art. Venus rules art and creativity, and Mars rules action so this is a wonderful time to review and work on artistic creations you want to share with the world. The time for the real action should be after the end of the retrograde cycle (March 10). Now is a time to take the steps and have the bravery needed to create and prepare to put it out into the world. Much like nature keeping busy under the surface throughout winter and blooming out in spring.

The couples who are struggling with a lackluster love life will find an increase in libido, playfulness, and passion.

The one guarantee we all have from these transits is “Action in Love.” Enjoy and play nice!

Happy Lunar New Year! The new lunar / astrology year began on Saturday, January 25, and this ending and beginning theme continues in the cosmic forecast for this week.

The New Moon in Aquarius (Friday, January 24) has mobilized us and encouraged BIG DREAMS and a more universal love and compassionate way of living. Both the Lunar New Year and New Moon have brought in fantastic energy, but this week we’re tested on the implementation.

MONDAY: Venus is exalted in the Pisces constellation where the Planet of Love, Art, and Beauty feels quite dreamy and romantic. However, Venus is so close to Neptune it’s easy to be deceived, to think everyone wants the same thing as you, and to be naive. Watch for rose-colored glasses, and if you’re extending love to someone lacking emotional maturity don’t be surprised if they make a mess of it all. With Mars adding to the tension between Venus and Neptune, many will experience difficulties between thinking loving thoughts and acting upon those thoughts. For romantics, it is advised to just watch a romantic comedy rather than expecting life to be a romantic comedy.

TUESDAY: Mars in Sagittarius is fired up and ready for action and adventure, but it squares Neptune in Pisces and this creates a battle between fantasy and reality. The Moon and Venus are also in Pisces and on Neptune’s side, and this results in a tug of war between being loving and being aggressive, and living in a daydream and living in reality. Keep in mind there are many planets in Capricorn still urging us to be practical above all else, and love and daydreams so often aren’t practical. This is Earth energy and Water energy creating mud. Don’t be easily frustrated with yourself and others as you all swim through this mud today.

Both the New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius produce “Bohemian Rhapsody” vibes and encourage us to think about the collective rather than the individual.

WEDNESDAY: Fires comes in to the mud puddle today with Mars in fiery Sagittarius and the Moon shifting into the fiery Aries constellation. Aries is the baby (first sign) of the zodiac, and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” This baby encounters triggers and sensitive points as the Aries moon passes both Lilith and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). Emotional battles and wounds are likely if you let the baby’s inherent selfishness and ego win. Put baby in the corner, put on your big kid pants, and lead with love and kindness today. We already have enough wounds, and this too shall pass.

THURSDAY: The Aries baby moon wants fit it all into one day; the morning snuggle, the hyperactive playdate, the new discovery, the fight over a toy, the breakdown and tantrum, then the afternoon nap. Yes, it’s only afternoon and baby has put you through the ringer. Pace yourself today, and use the action energy for practical and productive tasks because if you do this Jupiter will grant you luck. It’s a great day to send a new creation out into the world. Don’t be a baby today; be a child prodigy instead.

FRIDAY: It’s often said in brainstorming there aren’t any bad ideas. Today is a perfect day to brainstorm and let your mind really stretch without judgement or fear of bad ideas. The Sun (data, light, information) and Mercury (our thought processes) are both ‘wilding out’ in quirky and futuristic Aquarius. There’s electrical magic in the air and it’s yours to think up and grab hold of, so give yourself time to brainstorm today and accept the cosmic invitation to get weird without judgement.

SATURDAY: Venus makes contact with Pluto and Saturn, and suddenly possibilities feel achievable and real. The Moon in Taurus asks us to confirm, to measure, and to crystallize our visions and all the new thoughts and ideas we’ve been daydreaming about while Venus is in Pisces. Take time to take stock today. Taurus is practical, material, Earth energy with a focus on home. Venus is love, beauty, and art. Where do your possibilities lie in these two areas? It’s a great night to go out and meet someone new and trustworthy.

SUNDAY: The tug of war between daydreams and reality continue, but with Venus in a sextile to a Taurus Moon there’s a major focus on love and home today. It’s a great day to make your home beautiful, and enjoy time at home with loved ones. ***Bonus points if you can hang out with animals – it’s a great day to talk the dog on a walk or take a nap with a cat.

Out in the cosmos – towards the end of November 2019 and into the beginning of December – Jupiter was orbiting in the constellation of Sagittarius while crossing the Galactic Center. This occurrence brought in what is known as “Christ-like” energy. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, and higher thinking. Sagittarius is a known adventurer attracted to travel, philosophy, higher education, and anything foreign. Christ has been historically represented as a higher thinker who traveled, enjoyed discussing theology and philosophy with others, and reached out to the foreign, exotic, and overlooked. There are similarities here, but “Christ-like energy” refers more towards our personal potential to transcend, awake, and move beyond. It also goes beyond religion since even those without a personal connection to Christ will experience awakenings on the level for which they are prepared. The crossing of the Galactic Center does not go unnoticed. 

As we continue to ride out the energy of the Jupiter Galactic Center crossing, there is another connection to Christ and “Christ-like energy” coming into play. Instead of a New Moon on Christmas 2019, we are blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 25 – a day known as Christmas to many and recognized as Christ’s birthday. It’s also worth noting Jupiter is nearby when this occurs and expands the energies and impact of this Solar Eclipse – “The Christmas Eclipse.”

An eclipse – in general terms – represents an introduction, synchronicity, an initiation or new beginning, a shift in thinking and habits, and turning points in our lives. 

This Christmas Solar Eclipse does not go unnoticed. Like the Jupiter Galactic Crossing, it stands out and stands alone while closing doors of past ways of thinking and living and opening new doorways of thought, solutions, morals, dreams, and values. It pushes us to start something new, to act and expand upon our dreams and revelations, to stay in our own lane, and to truly examine any codependent and toxic relationships currently in our lives. It’s not about the past here; it is time to liberate ourselves from self-deception and fear.

While Jupiter is nearby and expanding the energy of The Christmas Eclipse, the South Node is also at play in this cosmic occurrence. The South Node represents what is behind us, our past karma, and where we’ve been in life. The South Node is rewarding our good deeds but it can also trigger our past karma, making this a Christmas where it truly matters whether you’ve been “naughty or nice.”

On a collective level, the themes of The Christmas Eclipse are based on its placement in the 10th House and in the Capricorn constellation. Collectively, we’ll begin to examine our image, reputation, and social standing deeper. Some will experience a time of reinvention and revelation.

Other themes include our moral compass, control issues (of all sorts), liars and deceivers being exposed, and the collective being presented with a time ripe for growth and healing after a year of scandals, half-truths, and lies.  

It is possible to experience a major event on the day of the eclipse, but many find the eclipse’s impact unfolds at a different pace for them. Major events or turning points will occur two weeks after, four weeks after, and even up to eight weeks after the eclipse.

The Christmas Eclipse will continue to impact us in 2020 since it is followed up with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (January 10, 2020, 20 degrees Cancer) and with the North Node at play. The Christmas Eclipse is with the South Node (where we’ve been), but the January Eclipse is with the North Node (where we’re headed). There will be another blog about this, but in the meantime use The Christmas Eclipse to let go of control issues, to release and reinvent yourself, to go beyond your current reality, and expand upon revelations as Jupiter and the Sun urge you to do so. This is a time when you don’t just say you’re going to do something or change something – this is a time when you actually do it.

The major caveat for this eclipse is this: 
With so many celestial bodies in one constellation it can feel like we’re listening to multiple conversations in our own head – in our inner dialogue – all at once. No thanks! The remedy is to take time for stillness and silence during this winter of long dark nights. Turn off and tune out the external noise and give yourself a moment of stillness to think about the bigger picture in your own life and on this planet we’re all hanging out on. Take advantage of the revelations and messages you can receive at this time. There’s beautiful energy in the cosmos and in the air we’re breathing in, so take a deep breath and enjoy The Christmas Eclipse and the doorways it opens for you in 2020 and beyond.