The regular weekly forecast was delayed, but we hope to be back full-force next week with even more content. This week we send you loving vibes as you swim through the emotional (“watery”) energy. You are challenged by Mars to get out of your comfort zone and challenged by Mercury to put yourself out there- even though you may just want to hide out, be alone, and lick your wounds. The cosmos wants to remind about unexpected surprises, and how surprising yourself may just be the best surprise of all.

Double Rainbow, Autumn Equinox 2019

This weekend’s Pisces Moon put many of us in a dreamy head space and brought forth some of the areas we need to re-examine during the 2020 Retrograde Season. The retrograde cycles of Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter will continue to heavily influence us over the next six weeks. The cosmos is asking us to re-flect, re-consider, re-negotiate, re-juvinate, and re-align during these re-trogrades. Even though we’ve put put on “pause” already, we are being challenged both individually and collectively to re-turn to the table and consider what we might have overlooked, what we still need to overcome, how we can better heal ourselves, and to deal with the “elephants in the room” refusing to be swept under the rug.

2020, believe it or not, is a year filled with possibility and ripe with the potentially for re-birth and re-invention. The Retrograde Season that just kicked off last week is reminding us we still have more work to do and messes to clean up before we can re-emerge and be whole. On a collective level, we are still struggling for answers to serious questions and wondering how to re-build our communities and economies. On a personal level, we are still struggling with the confrontation of ourselves, our relationships, our life path, and the darkness that exists within ourselves and others. This week is a taste of the collective and personal confrontations we are being presented with over the next six weeks / during Retrograde Season. Although nothing is impossible this year, we’re being asked to “pause” in a variety of ways so we can personally and collectively heal and build something more equitable and lasting. The elephants in the room must be confronted, and if you don’t choose to pull up the rug yourself you might find the rug swept out from under you. It’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” year, and the cosmos is encouraging you to swim with the tide rather than against it and to truly take the time and re-flect as needed. It’s a complete contradiction to the current situation and natural urge to move forward, but with so many celestial in backwards motion we just don’t have the cosmic support to power forward. The cosmos wants us to go back and re-view the details, consider what we are missing, confront the darkness on both a global and highly personal scale. It’s a waiting game, and we’re being asked to sit in the dark and finish up unfinished business so when the light overpowers the dark on Summer Solstice we can emerge into full light and build a life for ourselves that will truly last and offer far more balance and freedom while also re-aligning us with our path.

We have to go backwards along with the four celestial in our solar system currently “moving backwards” in order to truly move forward.

MONDAY, MAY 18: The Aries Moon urges us to move out of the daydream and into action, but action isn’t always possible during the Retrograde Season. The key to the beginning of the week is to pace yourself and to fight yourself rather than fighting with others.

TUESDAY, MAY 19: Mercury moves into the Gemini constellation and meets up with Venus at the same 21 degree relationship angle Venus held when she went into retrograde last week. Pay attention to all of your personal relationships today and where your internal dialogue and external conversations go. There’s a strong chance the topics and theme arising today are connected to what the planet of love and money wants you to focus on and overcome while she is in retrograde motion (until June 25). Mars (our action planet) favors acts of kindness and healing today.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 20: Welcome to GEMINI SEASON! The Twins have an amazing 2020 kick-off party planned with the Sun moving into Gemini and meeting up with Venus, Mercury, and a lunar node already in the twin constellation. In this “Choose Your Own Adventure” year, we can either choose the lower expression of this Gemini energy and act in duplicitous and shallow ways, or choose the higher expression and seek deeper connections while embracing the duality in ourselves and in others. Will we share gossip or will we share helpful and resource information? Will we be the “good twin” or the “evil twin?”

THURSDAY, MAY 21: The Moon in the earthy Taurus constellation and brings us some much-needed grounding as the Gemini Season party has lifted us all up in the air. Mercury’s conjunction to Venus today allows our head and heart to merge and be on the same page, and Mercury’s square to Neptune has us investigating any deceit or illusions we might be clinging to.

FRIDAY, MAY 22: The Moon feels left out of the Gemini Season kick-off party and is in a Void of Course (VOC) in the early morning before joining the Gemini party around 8:30 a.m. U.S. central time. This NEW MOON IN GEMINI is the late arriving guest to the party and forms a conjunction with the Gemini Sun before trining Jupiter and expanding the Gemini party and good vibes well into the night. The Sun is also in a harmonious position with Saturn giving us a realistic outer expression and the ability to build new systems, projects, and habits that last.

SATURDAY, MAY 23: The Moon offers us healing vibes with its sextile to Chiron while Mars’ alignment to Uranus encourages us to take a chance, make a step forward, and be adventurous and social.

SUNDAY, MAY 24: Have you decided which Gemini adventure you will choose? Today, take stock of the “good” and “evil” twins in yourself and in the people around you. Are you seeing yourself, others, and personal situations for what and who they really are? It’s easy to be deeply attracted to the fantasy and the illusion right now, and it’s also easy to overlook common sense due to a strong stirring and desire to connect with others at this time. Step aside and take stock today and make sure you understand all the players and the game.

“Be kind, rewind!” is the message from the cosmos this week as three planets join Pluto in retrograde motion and the emotional intensity of last week’s Super Full Moon in Scorpio continues to influence us.

MONDAY, MAY 11: Saturn – already in the Aquarius constellation – moves into retrograde as Mercury squares Mars; suggesting restrictions on both thinking and acting. In the Capricorn constellation, the Moon merges with Pluto and causes us to dwell on deep and dark matters while its fellow luminary – the Sun – sextiles Uranus and brings unexpected and possibly disruptive information to the table.

TUESDAY, MAY 12: “The Messenger” planet Mercury is in the Gemini constellation and forming a trine to Saturn as its moved into retrograde in Aquarius. This is a lot of Air energy and our thought process are connecting up with the future systems and realities possible when Saturn moves into its final Aquarian position on the Winter Solstice. Pay attention to your thoughts and any messages that come your way today, because there’s a good chance you’re receiving data related to where you need to go next and/or about something important you’re overlooking and need to review.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13: Venus comes to a complete standstill in Gemini as the planet of love and money moves into Retrograde. Find out what this retrograde means to you in “Venus Loves You In 2020.” This retrograde takes place on the relationship degree (21 degrees) so today marks the beginning of many weeks where you will be asked to re-examine all of your relationships – friends, lovers, business, family, and (perhaps most importantly) your relationship with yourself. Mars also moves into Pisces and in this position we face a conflict with freedom. This is, sadly, an ironic conflict at this time considering we are dealing with issues related to human rights and justice, as well as dealing with personal freedoms at risk throughout the globe since the “solution” presented involves tracking every moment (the opposite of “freedom”), and millions are sheltering in place and questioning how and when they will move freely in their daily lives.

THURSDAY, MAY 14: While the 2020 Retrograde Season is asking you to love yourself, Mars’ entrance into Pisces is asking you to confront freedom (or lack thereof) and also to to confront yourself. This confrontation is supported by last weeks’ Super Full Moon in Scorpio where we are provided with the courage to confront the dark side of ourselves and others, as well as all of the skeletons in the closet. This lunar energy will last for weeks, and Mars in Pisces supports the same theme and emotional confrontation. Many will feel like burning the old down so they can re-emerge like a Phoenix – but this, of course, requires sorting through what to burn and what to keep. Challenge yourself to sort through your emotional closets, and know the cosmos is supporting you and providing the mental health needed to confront it all.

FRIDAY, MAY 15: The Sun trines Pluto and wants to shine a light on what is dark, what needs destroyed, and any deceit needing exposed. Mercury trines Chiron providing a wonderful time for emotional conversations and healing. This is a solid day to work things out with someone you’ve been having difficulty with. Jupiter moves into Retrograde in Capricorn providing a chance for many to expand their thinking, skills, and deepen their spirituality over the next few months.

SATURDAY, MAY 16: The Sun joins Mars and Neptune in Pisces while Venus is forming a square to Neptune that will last for the next week. While all of this Pisces energy can help us explore the depths of our subconscious and continue to sort through the skeletons in the closet, it is placement that is also conducive to escapism, addiction, and wanting to live in fantasy rather than reality. Strive for realism and responsibility today, but allow yourself some time to daydream and dig deep. Pay attention to your dreams tonight.

SUNDAY, MAY 17: The Sun moves into a harmonious position to Saturn while the “Lord of Karma” and “Father of Time” is in the quirky Aquarius constellation in a retrograde motion. This trine position lasts until Monday, and suggests more downloads/insight/data coming in as to how you can better align on your path and re-oriented yourself moving forward.


Venus has been a blessing during the tumultuous cosmic year of 2020 and provided us with collective comfort as we confront major paradigm shifts. Although this is a general examination of Venus and does not take into account one’s personal natal placements and current transits, collectively, it’s clear Venus has been in the right place at the right time in early 2020. Here’s a run-down of her year so far:

As 2020 began, Venus was providing some much-needed love in the Capricorn constellation as a stellium of planets created what we’ve referred to as the “Least Fun Party Ever.” At this party, Jupiter was expanding others power and energy but had his own diminished and was treated like a rebellious child who just got grounded and cut off from his trust fund. Pluto was there to start a fight and demand redemption while Saturn was silently judging everyone and ready to fight Pluto. Venus, however, stayed at the party just long enough to say hello and leave before the fight began.

Venus escaped Capricorn on January 9, 2020, and went to hide out in the Aquarius constellation where she could bring us “collective love vibes” as we confronted the “Shit Show” – aka the fight that broke out at the party between Saturn and Pluto leaving us all in a global health and economic crisis. As the crisis unfolded, Venus went to Pisces to provide us support as we faced endings and impermanence – the end of lives, the risks many lives were in, and the end of life as we know it. Venus is exalted in Pisces, so even though we had a major cosmic battle happening, the planet of love was doing her best to send loving and supportive cosmic waves our way.

As we had to leap into action and response in early to mid-March, Venus went over to the fast acting and brave Aries constellation. At the end of March 2020 as many were sheltering-in-place, she entered into Taurus where Venus truly feels at home. During this time she reminded us of the joy that can be felt at home and in nature. Many people have found a walk in nature deeply beneficial to their mental and emotional health. Venus at home in Taurus resulted in Mother Earth getting a much needed break from everyday and industrial pollution, and in many first time gardeners. As Taurus also rules money, Venus in Taurus provided us with much needed financial support during this time (and she’ll have our back again when she enters the 2nd House in early 2021 and helps the United States in economic recovery).

Venus provided us with a blessed and rare alignment when she crossed the Pleiades on April 3, 2020. This crossing provided us with even more galactic support and grounding.

This early 2020 Venus recap is essential, because we need you to understand VENUS HAS BEEN THERE FOR YOU IN EARLY 2020. Give a planet some praise, alright? Give gratitude first, and then get ready to co-create with astrology because Venus is about to introduce her own Paradigm Shift into 2020.

On April 3, 2020, when Venus crossed the Pleiades she was on her way to the Gemini constellation. Let’s view this as Venus going home in Taurus to recharge after helping Earth and its beings all year. It wasn’t a complete break since she was still sending us “self-love vibes” and urging us to take care of ourselves during this difficult time.

Did you notice how Venus went through six different constellations in the first four months of 2020? She was rushing through, but as she enters Gemini she knows she’ll be in this one constellation for four long months. Why? Because she has to experience a retrograde cycle. Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on May 13, 2020, and then she stations direct on June 25, 2020, and continues to reside in Gemini until August 8, 2020. Essentially, she went home before making a long and strange trip.

Let’s explore this trip in the Twin Constellation of Gemini by examining the ways Venus is – yet again – showing us the ideal support needed in 2020.

  • Venus in Gemini favors skills and trades and gives us over a year’s span of time to learn and professionally grow at an accelerated rate. At a time when the job market is shifting, this is an incredibly blessing. Although Rahu in Sagittarius weakens traditional educational institutions, Venus in Gemini is all about practical and highly employable skills. This placement also favors working with hands so anyone in a skilled trade or hand-made goods will be blessed by Venus at this time.
  • Venus in Gemini supports rapid training as well! If you have to change jobs or industries, or want to expand and learn new skills this is an excellent time. Gemini is Mercurial so our thinking, learning, and thought process can be accelerated when it comes to Venus themes like finances/material resources, art, creativity, beauty, and nature.
  • Venus and Rahu in Gemini is rooting for local businesses! For the next year and a half, these two are putting the focus on local groups and businesses while detaching from large scale productions and organizations.
  • Venus in Gemini will help us overcome our fear of touch and awaken our need for curiosity, touch, and deep connections. We must be mindful of Gemini ruling arms and hands, and be not slack on washing our hands. This placement puts work with hands in favor, but neglects hand sanitizing. “Wash Your Hands!”
  • Venus in Gemini offers us an opportunity for higher expression and the ability to see ourselves as part of the whole. This influence makes it far easier for us to confront our shadow side and merge our own duality, as well as making it easier for us to see the duality in others. It will be easier to see other’s viewpoints, and this is critical during a time when some many forces are trying to divide us. Venus in Gemini encourages us to unite against opposing forces and merge with each other.
  • Venus in Gemini rules transportation on wheels (cars, planes, etc.), so short road trips are in and this is a blessing because at the same time changes with the Lunar Nodes and the Sagittarius constellation (plus, just current events in general) are going to put a serious damper on long-distance travel. Venus rescues us again by encouraging us to hit the road and explore locations closer to home we’ve never had a chance to see, to visit friends nearby, and use trips for connections and mental stimulation.
  • Venus in Gemini is all about being chatty, communicating, teaching and learning. Whether it’s IRL (in real life) or online, this transit will have us all connecting and reaching out far more.

This all sounds good and it is, but we also have some challenges and wild cards still out there.

Venus image by

Venus in Gemini rules air, lungs, and breathing. The retrograde cycle (May 13-June 25, 2020) could either accelerate the spread of a virus or slow it down. This is still a wild card.

The other wild card is will Venus in Gemini retrograde support the daily personal travel and transportation industry or will her retrograde grind it to a halt?

With Rahu joining Venus in Gemini there’s also the possibility of detachment from institutions (academia again) and organized religion. This time is about small groups, and it’s hyper-local and community driven. It will be interesting to see how this shift plays out on more outside, large -scale institutions and globalization in general.

Venus is about Love, Money, Desires, Art, Security, and Relationships. When the planet of love goes into retrograde, how will this affect us both personally and collectively? She’s had our back for so long, but what happens when she’s moving backwards?

It turns out, Mercury (ruler of Gemini )has Venus’ back during this time and slides into a supportive position right as she goes retrograde. However, on a personal level this might not feel like a supportive position to us during May as Venus and Mercury are both in Gemini and creating squares to Neptune. This results in us being tempted to give in to the illusion and fantasy, rather than the reality in our material and relationship realms.

There are many wild cards here since each person is in a unique position with how Venus is interacting with their natal / birth chart and the personal transits they’re experiencing at this time. Yet, collectively, there’s energy here for Venus in Gemini retrograde that can either deepen or destroy existing relationships. We can expect to hear about many new relationships and many divorces at the end of this retrograde cycle. But, what is also a wild card is how one chooses to handle the Venus frequency. Will you use this transit and retrograde to merge more with your loved one (Venus in Gemini at highest frequency), or will you choose the lower frequency and act in a duplicitous way and seek a connection outside of your partnership? Keep in mind Gemini is the Twins and Venus in Gemini is often voted “Most Likely to Cheat.”

Both Mercury and Venus retrogrades are notorious for causing people to reach out to former lovers (just to “check in” or full-on attempts to rekindle romance). Be wary of those with such strong desires they’re capable of destroying marriages and families. Be wary of your own unchecked desires, and know that you can communicate about uncharted sexual territory at this time. It’s a wonderful time to mix things up and deepen existing relationships, but it’s also a time many will choose the lower frequency and look elsewhere in their need to mix things up.

On the personal relationship and passion front we must also confront the awakening of desires, increased sexuality, and need for touch and connection inherent in a Venus in Gemini retrograde cycle.

This transit is helpful for wallflowers hesitant to put themselves out there and it’s also all about online hookups. Gemini loves digital communication. This is great news for all singles focused on online dating at this time.

Kesenya made a great video for AstroLada breaking down the Venus Retrograde for all 12 signs (Time Stamps in caption so you can easily skip ahead to your sign:

Venus In All Signs begins 50:59. Gemini 51:15, Taurus 52:10, Aries 53:11, Pisces 54:02, Aquarius 55:32, Capricorn 56:29, Sagittarius 57:41 Scorpio 59:28, Libra 1:01:42, Virgo 1:03:16, Leo 1:04:08, Cancer 1:05:31,


Venus remains in Gemini after the retrograde cycle, remaining in the shadows before she goes direct. The Planet of Love and Money is expected to predict the economic future by how quickly she becomes visible in June. Venus is expected to go visible on June 10, but the longer her visibility is delayed the harder hit for financial markets.

Venus remains in the Gemini constellation until she moves into Cancer on August 7, 2020.

Other cosmic transits and aspects (especially Mars in Aries) suggest a difficult summer for the United States, as well as many endings and beginnings throughout the globe as we experience a shift in lunar nodes, solar and lunar eclipses, and begin to emerge from Retrograde Season. From this viewpoint, Venus moving into Cancer suggests a nurturing presence at a time when it is deeply needed. As emotions are processed on multiple levels, Venus is in the emotional water of Cancer (which is also the Sun Sign of the United States using July 4 as the country’s birthday).

After we get our emotions out, we move into the spotlight with Venus in Leo (September 6, 2020) causing us to shine a light on ourselves and others and appreciate family, creativity, and children. With this placement, we need to check our ego and pride since Leo can roar when neglected or wounded, but Venus in a Fire sign will give us a much needed boost either way.

On October 2, 2020, Venus moves into Virgo and puts a focus on work, service, and health. Later in the month, (October 28, 2020) Venus moves into Libra and our focus shifts to relationships and creating harmony and balance in our relationships and environment.

In November, Venus asks us to examine the darker side and it’s likely this will connect with the eclipse near Venus’ entrance into Scorpio on November 21, 2020. Venus’ placement in the water sign of Scorpio allows us to explore the shadow side without fear, to play detective as needed, and to feel on a deep and passionate level. It is likely Venus will yet again provide us with much needed support during our darkest nights this fall.

Venus ends the year by going in the adventurous Fire sign Sagittarius on December 1, 2020. Here, Venus wants to mentally and physically expand. The Lunar North Node is also in Sagittarius at this time, so this is about reinvention, higher thinking (and subjective thinking), realigning with our true path, and being ready to leap into a new year that is truly new.

The next two weeks are going to be rolled together in this astrology forecast since the days and transits blend together and one cosmic shift forms the plot line of a play you will be directing and acting in for the next 19 years.

It was not an accident What The Stars Say did not publish a forecast last week, but instead a deliberate move to allow you full freedom to take in the information presented between April 22-27 as the Sun merges with Uranus and brings new, unexpected, and possibly disruptive and unwanted information. The data presented by the Sun will be absorbed and transmuted over the next month, but the initial wave is here.

Uranus – the seventh planet – has the nickname “The Bulls-eye Planet” due to the appearance given by its vertical rings. However, the information we’re receiving at this time might not seem on target at all and the facts might not add up. We must keep in mind the merging of the Sun and Uranus isn’t complete yet and more information is yet to be revealed.

“Sunrise,” Roy Lichtenstein

Early this week (Monday/Tuesday), we will be presented with more information and many will question whether the facts add up. Around April 30, 2020, we will be presenting with WOW’ing information – a trend that will continue throughout the “WOW-ing ’20s.”

This new information is coming as Pluto is in retrograde and four planets are moving into a shadow phase before their respective retrograde cycles. What The Stars Say will share more on these retrograde cycles as they begin, but in the meantime these shifts tell us we must use our clear thinking now and be objective, analytical, and open-minded with the information presented over the next two weeks.

Because there are many layers to the astrological story playing out at this time, this forecast mixes together days and shares a story arc as the next two weeks unfold.

MONDAY, APRIL 27: Disruptive data comes through as the Sun opposes Uranus and Mercury joins the two in the Taurus constellation. Yet, we have supportive emotional energy from the Moon as it enters Cancers and encourages us to be more nurturing. An interest to communicate in order to heal emerges and continues until mid-week.

TUESDAY, APRIL 28 & WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29: Practicality is a strong Taurus quality, but the Bull is also known for fixed and stubborn thinking as well as a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent. Don’t be a fixed thinker or a thinker who accepts being spoon-fed information. Call on the higher qualities of Mercury (representative of your own thinking process) and use this time for clear and practical planning, patient and independent and objective thinking. If you’re sitting on the fence, act on it right now. On May 5, 2020, we have Saturn (Lord of Karma, Father of Time) moving signs and 19-year emotional and destined lunar cycles shifting. If you want to move, do it now. If you want to change your career, do it now. If you want to get out of an unfulfilling and/or toxic relationship, do it now. If you want to make amends, heal, and finally let go, this is the time to Let Go.

“Cosmology,” by Roy Lichtenstein

THURSDAY, APRIL 30: The “WOW’ing ’20s” presents itself today. There’s a strong possibility a message will be received today and viewed as a miracle and divine grace. But, it could also be weird and shocking since Mercury opposes Uranus and encourages outrageous and rebellious acts. For many people, they’ll get a message but they don’t welcome it, didn’t expect it, and probably don’t like it – but, there it is. At the same time, we have a 1st Quarter Moon in Leo squaring the Taurus Sun (where Mercury and Uranus also reside) and Saturn trying to get comfortable in quirky Aquarius. This translates into a day to embark on your own into a new territory and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes by creating the best New Normal possible.

Modern Tapestry, Roy Lichtenstein

FRIDAY, MAY 1: Today represents the middle of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes and we are asked to take stock on this day and examine what we have created for ourselves during the planting and the harvest. Today, many will express the “Power to the People” and rebellious, future-thinking, and disruptive energies of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius. Take heart and embrace the struggles for civil liberties, human rights, justice, and the karmic reckoning occurring throughout the world. These struggles are an important part of the astrological story playing out at this time, and if you finding yourself demanding peace and submission at this time focus this energy within and create the peace you need inside of your Self and in your immediate environment. Today, we are also presented with an excellent time to gain a better understanding of the feminine and its influence upon our daily lives. Take stock, find peace, and ask women more questions.

SATURDAY, MAY 2: If you’ve adapted and realigned throughout the week you may find yourself full of positive energy and feel the possibility in the air. If you haven’t acted yet, the Moon entering Virgo will help you be more receptive to the data being presented to you and encourage you to work hard to catch up and get on the path.

SUNDAY, MAY 3, MONDAY, MAY 4, & TUESDAY, MAY 5: Where are you being deceived? Are the facts adding up? Are your beliefs and emotional bias preventing you from seeing clearly? Do you know where you stand on both emotional and material levels? The Sun brings illumination, expansive thinking, redemption, and new beginnings as it conjuncts Mercury (“The Messenger”). Yet its fellow luminary – the Moon – is still dealing with emotional issues related to love and money. The Moon squares both Venus (in Gemini and preparing for Retrograde) and Neptune (in the deceptive waters of Pisces). We want to expand and redeem in spiritual and material ways, but some of us will fill blocked until the Moon trines Mars on Tuesday evening and goes Void of Course (VOC) before entering Libra.


On May 5, 2020, the North and South Nodes shift in order to personally and collective realign our path. In a time where we are gorged on data and lacking meaning, we are asked to move from the muddy Earth (Capricorn) and Water (Cancer) energy and accelerate with Fire (Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini). Life is guaranteed to speed up and change at an incredibly fast pace in many arenas of life, and change is guaranteed.

A node in the telecommunications industry is a redistribution point, and this shift is redistributing in the travel, communications, health care, energy, and trades – as well as great shifts in our values, vocation, and relationships. Vocationally, this will be a welcome change for many as the current economy requires them to be flexible and learn new trades. Although long distance travel will be adversely affected by this shift, short distance road trips will be more popular than ever. Solutions in housing, healthcare, energy, and technology will be presented throughout this new cycle.

If this shift occurs in specific points of a person’s natal chart (their True Node is in Sagittarius, for example), they can expect their life to drastically change over the next 18 months and offer many positive advancements. Many will experience an ease at letting the past go, entering into new territory, and creating a new normal for themselves.

Just like this nodal shift affects us on a personal level (according to our natal / birth astrology chart), it also affects specific locations and countries differently. This will be a major shift for the United States of America. The same Lunar Nodes present in the aftermath of 911 are presenting themselves to the States again at this time, and we need to trust the fight against any further intrusion on our civil liberties and our intention to not enter new wars since the last time this occurred we entered into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and saw the chipping away of freedom with TSA and the “Patriot Act.” It is important to be objective and calm in the States at this time, because this Lunar Shift is only further emphasized by the upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipses creating a volatile year for the country filled with many endings and new beginnings. The Luminaries offer many twists and turns for us all in 2020. (Stay tuned for more)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6 & THURSDAY, MAY 7: Full Moon Fever strikes as the Moon opposes the Rebel Uranus before moving into Scorpio. At the same time, Venus is still squaring off into Neptune and trying to find the diplomacy required in relationships while the Moon was in the Libra constellation over the last view days. This can be a stormy time in relationships – even those that are otherwise sound. On Thursday morning the Taurus Sun opposes the Full Moon in Scorpio – who has time for practical matters when our emotional terrain requires some digging and detective work? The Scorpio Full Moon wants to go deep and dive into both the sensuality and the skeletons in our lives. In the evening, we’re better served to count on luck than action.

FRIDAY, MAY 8 & SATURDAY, MAY 9: Remorse and rebirth are on the minds of many today as Mercury trines Pluto and the Full Moon in Scorpio continues to impact our emotional energies and dialogue at this time. Jupiter is giving us luck in our communications, and Saturn is now stationary retrograde and giving us a moment to pause and consider where we didn’t show remorse or growth before the Lord of Karma and Father of Time went into a new constellation, and before the Moon’s Nodes shifted.

SUNDAY, MAY 10 & MONDAY, MAY 11: As Mercury squares Mars today you may find yourself either the giver or receiver of hurtful words and messages today. Carefully consider whether they truly deserve it (if you’re the giver) and if you truly deserve it (if you’re the receiver). Either way, this squaring off between Messages and Aggression presents each of use with tests and challenges, but all of them result from one’s speed of thought. Think carefully before you speak at this time, and intend to respond rather than react. Unchecked miscommunication will only escalate at this time, and a person could easily find themselves coming across as either hostile, unsympathetic, or worse. This is not a time for rash decisions, but it is time to protect and defend yourself as necessary.

“Water Lily,” Roy Lichtenstein

Please stay tuned for more information about the energies affecting us all at this time, and how the transits of 2020 are shaping the cosmic influence upon our lives. In the meantime, use these two weeks to tackle old business, to enhance your life and Earth, and to deeply reflect and question all information presented to you. There is change in the air and in the cosmos…

Each New Moon presents us with the possibility of new beginnings. Farmers and gardeners have long known a New Moon is the best time to plant seeds, and when this lunar beginning occurs in the Taurus constellation it is a particularly auspicious time for planting since Taurus represents Earth’s land and soil. Besides planting actual seeds, it’s a wonderful time to plan new beginnings. Utilize the lunar power available to you at this time to plant new seeds of higher thinking and new ways to love and honor yourself and Earth more. Reflect and write down the “new garden” you want to grow and write it out as if it already exists.

Each New Moon represents a new lunar cycle lasting about 29 days. How can you use this time to enhance your life on Earth while Earth is so quiet and still? We are being challenged to confront ourselves in our confinement, and each New Moon both challenges and supports us in creating a new beginning while providing us with the time / new cycle to create such enhancements and beginnings.

This New Moon ask you to give thanks to Earth, to the land you inhabit, the soil that provides you with essential nutrients, and the beauty and enjoyment nature provide. Give thanks, and then ask for something new so you can use this lunar cycle to plant the seeds while knowing your “new garden” will turn out better than you can even imagine.

MONDAY: The hardworking Capricorn Moon looms over us and reminds us to get back to work and to focus on building up the systems and structure of the New Normal. The Aries Sun continues to push us forward in pioneering this new reality, and uses the tension with Jupiter and Pluto as fuel. It’s best to be consistently focused on reality and occupied with tasks today. Be mindful of feeling rushed with a sense of restriction. Be patient with yourself and with those who project their own sense of urgency and restrictions upon you.

TUESDAY: Today you are asked to consider your personal health and healing journey, and to contemplate new beginnings. This could translate into how to better boost your immune system, be more active as you shelter in place, how to love your body more, and/or how to heal past hurt and trauma. Both healing and hurtful dialogues with others are possible today as “The Messenger” (Mercury) and “Wounded Healer” (Chiron) are in the Aries constellation. The Sun is also in Aries and forming a square to both Jupiter (Expansion) and Pluto (Destruction). What do you need to let go of in order to truly expand?

WEDNESDAY: The Moon takes us on an emotional ride as she shifts from Earth (Capricorn) to Air (Aquarius) before conjuncting with Saturn and Mars, and squaring Uranus. Fresh ideas and actions are now possible. During the day, find a way to get more active. People with their Natal Sun in Aries and Gemini really need to find more action this week in order to be mentally and physically sound. Tonight is a wonderful night for dream interpretation.

THURSDAY: Today the cosmos presents you with a mirror reflecting the past three days back to you. What do you see? What are you not seeing?

FRIDAY: The cosmic energies of this day involve Air and Fire. Aries – the Fire baby of the zodiac- hosts both the Sun and Mercury, while in harmony with an Air Moon (Aquarius) and Air Venus (Gemini). Aries is sending energy out to manifest bravery and new beginnings with consideration for both the collective and individual family unit. This energy supports brainstorming sessions, virtual happy hour team builds, and all efforts focused on creative thinking and new projects.

SATURDAY: Mars and Venus have formed a near perfect trine and help us combine love and creativity with action. Both planets are in Air signs and this enhances our need to communicate and our ability and motivation to connect with others.

SUNDAY: The Sun moves into Taurus and just like that we’ve moved from the Ram to the Bull. Happy Taurus Season! The Sun represents our outward expression and is now in Taurus where earthy delights and material comfort are key. Meanwhile, the Moon is in watery Pisces and focused on daydreams rather than practicality, so don’t be surprised if you’re in muddy waters between your head and heart as Earth meets Water in the Luminaries. The good news is our head and hearts might not feel aligned but our thoughts and actions have a boost with Mercury and Mars in sextile. Tonight, turn off programs and enjoy the Moon’s Void of Course from 6:30 p.m. until dawn and allow yourself a moment to think clearly without outside influence. Pose a question and ask for the answer to appear to you in a dream.

The April 7, 2020, Full Moon in Libra and opposite Sun in Aries illuminates polarity and crossroads. Over the next few weeks we’ll be asked to examine polarity and volatility in our lives, and asked to lean on the diplomatic energy of Libra in order to achieve peace and harmony. We’re also being asked to examine how we can create a New Normal within all of our relationships, and to use the hopeful energy of this Full Moon to discover what we really needed all along. And yeah, it’s a Pink Moon.