This week the main player is the trickster Mercury in its retrograde cycle, and although this cycle began last week it is this week we feel the full force of what happens when the planet of communications, technology, and travel is out of sorts.

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MONDAY: Who turned on the FOG MACHINE? Fingers point to Neptune who is now in sextile with the New Moon in Pisces. It’s foggy, head in the clouds, and confusing energy. We’re feel pushed on the outside when we just want to focus on what’s inside and not be rushed or managed. The New Moon in Pisces occurred over the weekend, but it’s energy is with us as the week begins and we’re being asked to examine what holds us back and to dare to dream BIG.

TUESDAY: It’s important to watch for misunderstandings in emotionally delicate conversations today. It’s best to avoid such conversations all together, but if you happen to fall into one filter your speaking. The Mercury Retrograde and Pisces influences have us in a time ripe for miscommunications and misunderstandings. The FOG MACHINE is still turned on, and it’s in your best interest to focus on your business and to mind your own business. Just worry about yourself today.

WEDNESDAY: The Moon is now in the Aries constellation and Mars is action oriented in Capricorn. It’s all forward movement, but today is a horrible day for forward movement. Lay low. There are about 3-4 days of the year where the celestial create a formation with the Mercury Retrograde that make it the worst time for missed connections, breakdowns, misunderstandings, shady deals, misleading information, and a need to read the fine print. This isn’t a day for anything new – it’s a day to review what is already in existence.

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THURSDAY: The Aries Moon forms a square to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and asks us to curb our impatience and chill out a bit. Instead of rushing take the time to pause, reflect, and read the fine print. In your personal interactions, challenge yourself to listen more than you speak and show patience to others. The Aries Moon is impatient and hot-headed, so be mindful of an urge to rush at others with your emotional needs and wants. Chill out a bit. (People born with a Cancer Sun really need to chill out since the Venus and Aries Moon combo will affect them strongly this week).

FRIDAY: The Moon shifts from the fiery Aries constellation into earthy Taurus, and feels at home as the day begins. This Moon energy makes us feel more comfortable in our own skin, and gives us a moment of emotional relaxation after a tense week. The Sun is in a harmonious placement to Mars (Planet of Action) in the hardworking Capricorn constellation, and Mercury (still in its retrograde cycle) is also in harmony with Uranus bringing unexpected thoughts and communication.

SATURDAY: Venus (Planet of Love, Art, Beauty) is at a square with Pluto and will cause some tension in relationships. Is the love your offering patient and kind? Venus is still in Aries and demanding instant gratification and attention, but if this is isn’t possible examine what is possible (and is it patient and kind?). Mercury continues to bring unexpected communications during its retrograde, making this a weekend ideal for hearing from an old friend, ex love, or distant family member.

SUNDAY: March begins! The Moon will shift from earthy Taurus to talkative and airy Gemini this afternoon, and bring us out of our inward focus and back into real communication with others. With the Moon at a square with Mercury we have to be think before we speak and be careful not to open old wounds or to cause new injuries.

Mars (the Planet of Action) has moved into the Capricorn constellation and is feeling energetic. While Mars was in Sagittarius our actions (or attempts to move forward) came in “fits and spurts” or were not met with cooperation by others. As much as we wanted action and adventure, what we actually got was half-measures, unfinished projects, and tension. Now, our actions have more momentum and we can move forward with ease.

Mars in Capricorn is in harmony with Uranus in Taurus, and together they are focused on overdue change within systems and with our collective and personal material resources and concerns. Uranus (the “Wild Card” celestial who can bring either destruction or brilliance unexpectedly) has been in the Taurus constellation for awhile now and will continue to be for the rest of 2020. This transit is known for unexpected weather, inventions and innovation regarding food production and health, and causing a serious examination of monetary systems and material resources. The placement of Mars in Capricorn gives us the chance to find solutions, create new systems, and build our nest to have security (rather than debt).

Movement might come easier, but with Mercury now in its retrograde cycle in the Pisces constellation many are experiencing a shift in their mental process and lines of thinking. The retrograde of the fastest planet and ruler of communication, thinking, and technology causes many to experience foggy thinking, a review of past experiences or relationships, mechanical and tech problems, and a period of time ripe for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Action is easier, but all forms of communication (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic) now require us to be more present and mindful while Mercury – “The Messenger” – is in a constellation known for being in a daydream rather than in reality.

Meanwhile, Venus (the Planet of Love) is in tension with Jupiter (the Planet of Luck, Higher Thinking, Expansion), and this suggests many are actively seeking happiness. What was last week if not a look at where we are lacking in our relationships? This isn’t limited to romantic love, but also includes family, personal, and professional relationships. We’ve seen the areas where we lack balance and/or emotional fulfillment. Now, we have to find solutions.

MONDAY: The daydreams of Pisces are at large today with Mercury Retrograde in the final Water sign, and Neptune in Pisces in a conflicting position with the Moon in Sagittarius. The conflict today is between action/adventure and inaction/daydreams. Today is a good day to mix it up and do something out of the ordinary. It’s also a good day to let inaction and daydream win the battle, and to relax and treat yourself. The rest of the week is all about work, so take time today to relax and daydream out the window for awhile; reality can wait.

TUESDAY: Dare yourself to reform your work life today. What changes do you want to make in this area? Perhaps you’ll challenge yourself to adjust your schedule to be more punctual, to focus on solutions rather than problems, or to refrain from negative speech and gossip moving forward. The Moon has moved into the hardworking Capricorn constellation, and its near Mars-now fully in Capricorn-and Uranus in Taurus making this an excellent time to repair what isn’t working in your professional realm and better yourself.

The Sun moves into Pisces, and brings the theme of the Greek Theater Masks – the Comedy and the Tragedy of it all. Pisces goes deep into the subconscious and dives in intuitive waters, and the Sun represents our outer expression. As we experience this Solar visit in the final zodiac sign, we are asked to bring forth what is still hidden within us and to further our outer expression. Happy Solar Return/ Birthday, Pisces!

WEDNESDAY: The advice you need to tell yourself today is “Just shut up and do your work.” There’s watery, daydreaming, escapism vibes coming from the Pisces constellation and unless you get to spend the vast majority of the day in a therapy session sorting through your feelings (real and imagined), resistance is futile. Just do your work, because through your work and efforts you will experience luck. The rest is just emotional vomit that will only lead you to greater dissatisfaction. Detach from the emotions and focus on your tasks at hand, and it will serve you and your mental health far better. The Luminaries are forming a square to Venus feeling aggressive in the action-oriented Aries, so in personal relationships you’re looking for action and likely to experience a backfire. “Just shut up and do your work.”

Pisces Rihanna with Scorpio Drake…

THURSDAY: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself liking other people and your Self far better today. Venus (Planet of Love) and Chiron (“The Wounded Healter)” are both in Aries sending off self-confident and self-healing vibes. At the same time, the Moon in Aquarius makes us love our fellow human beings far more than usual. Depending on where your personal Moon is at today (based upon your natal chart – your “Moon Sign”), the Moon forming a square to the “Wild Card” Uranus can result in unexpected emotional experiences or encounters. Uranus brings both delight and destruction, so it could play out in many ways.

FRIDAY: The “Friday Feeling” is good vibes and impatient passions. You know what you want, and you want it now. Slow down. because it’s all about the rewards of hard work rather than instant gratification. Selfishness is exposed and altruism is rewarded today.

SATURDAY: There are beautiful cosmic energies at play today. With the Pisces Sun in sextile to Uranus in Taurus, there is earthy, dreamy, feminine energy in the air. There is also a closer connection to our Ancestors today, as well as our Higher Power. Pisces represents themes of escapism and addiction, and today there is Universal support available to those who are ready to surrender and free themselves from what no longer serves them.

SUNDAY: The Luminaries unite in the Pisces constellation as a Master Number New Moon joins the Sun! This is beautiful energy and a perfect New Moon to close out a dark winter. The healing energy at play on Saturday continues today, and while Saturday was perfect for an emotional surrender today is about rising up from the ashes and using the Full Moon Energy to trust change is possible, and to make change possible.

During the February STARCAST presentation, What the Stars Say explained why the week of Valentine’s Day is a sick joke from Cosmic Cupid. Here’s a breakdown of the energies at play:

The week kicks off in the “Shadow Phase” of the forthcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle, and this phase is a time potent with miscommunication and misunderstanding. During such times, hurt feelings and arguments are more likely to result. Romantic, right?

If the cosmic energies of this week were a television show, it would be the end of Season 3 of “Sex and the City.” This part of the series is when Karma comes back to the ladies and despite their best intentions miscommunication rules romance.

But, wait! There’s more here because retrograde cycles are also known for prompting people to “revisit” the past, and this is why a Mercury Retrograde is as likely to bring your exes out of hiding as a Venus Retrograde cycle – they’re “revisiting” the relationship. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly thinking of a past relationship, or if a former lover reaches out to you just to “check in.” (This cycle lasts Feb. 10 – March 10).

Also happening during this week (and this “Shadow Phase”) is a challenging aspect between Venus (Planet of Love) and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) making this a time when old wounds may suddenly reappear and new injuries may occur. This is happening Feb. 9 until Feb 12, and while many people might need to explore old loves and old wounds to determine what still needs healed the experience won’t be welcomed with open arms.

The cosmic energies and movements at this time suggest disruptive, revealing and unexpected times, events, and themes in matters of love. While many people are more than ready for change and action, real change and lasting action aren’t possible until Sunday (Feb. 16) when Mars (Planet of Action) moves from its “fit and spurts” ability in Sagittarius into the “solid and lasting” action possible in the Capricorn constellation.

MONDAY: The Mercury Retrograde “Shadow Phase” has its fog machine turned up to high today. The Virgo Moon (focused on data, service, health and organization) is at odds with Mercury in Pisces (focused on daydreams, creativity, and the subconscious) and the Sun in Aquarius (focused on innovative, unity, and the future). If you feel out of sorts today, it’s no wonder with the dichotomy happening between our Luminaries (Moon and Sun) and our closest neighbor (Mercury).

TUESDAY: The fog clears today and we return to higher mental clarity as a lot of Earth energy comes in with the Virgo Moon forming harmonious angles to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The Void of Course Moon happening during the shift between the Virgo and Libra constellation, gives us time to separate our emotional thinking from our rational thinking. This is a wonderful day to meditate, contemplate, and get some insight before the fog machine gets turned back on. Even though the Earth energy will make you want to build something solid and take action, it’s best to wait until Mars enters the Earth energy constellation of Capricorn on Sunday as well – until then, all action lacks staying power.

WEDNESDAY: The fog machine is back on, and we’re all in the thick fog of Mercury’s “Shadow Phase.” Be especially kind and gentle towards yourself and others today, because it won’t be easy for any of us with the Moon at odds with Jupiter (Luck), Venus (Love), and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). The Libra Moon wants balance in both love and aesthetics, zero conflict, and harmony within relationships but this is extremely difficult to achieve with all of the harsh aspects at play. Libra wants to avoid conflict and confrontation, but there’s a good chance it will meet them head-on unless we are all mindful of the potentiality to hurt and be hurt today. If you are single, know that if you meet someone today you are seeing them through rose-colored glasses and projecting what and who you want to see rather than reality. This is not a day for new romance. You can work well with others today, but you won’t find it as easy to interact on an emotional level.

THURSDAY: Action is only favored today between 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. when the Moon sextiles Mars (Planet of Action). The Moon is shifting between the Libra and Scorpio constellations today and is Void of Course between approximately 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (central time) – the best time for clear, rational thinking. Otherwise, this is not a day for heavy work and many of us will not feel motivated and find our actions only come in fits and spurts (thanks to Mars in Sagittarius). At the same time, a lunar shift is asking us to weigh responsibilities and relationships. Much like the symbolic Libra scales, you are being asked to examine whether these two areas are balanced or whether the scales are tipped in one’s favor.

FRIDAY: Today is not a day for drama. There’s a lot of watery, emotional energy happening and intense vibes. The Moon is in Scorpio and Mercury is in Pisces, creating a lot of Water energy and it’s a day to daydream and explore passion. However, the energy of this day is best spent going into deep fantasy, using one’s imagination, and uncovering truths. Where are you fed up with? Where are you accepting less than you feel you deserve? What isn’t sitting right with you? This is a time to deep dive into your intuitive and subconscious powers and thinking. The Uranus opposition happening with this Moon will make many people feel worried, slightly agitated, and on edge; know what these feelings are and detach from them. Choose love and wisdom over unfounded fear.

SATURDAY: If something or someone seems too good to be true today, listen to your gut. This isn’t a day of natural, strong judgment so be careful who you trust. This day continues to provide us with intense, dark, and penetrating energies from the Scorpio Moon. Feelings may betray us today, and a deep melancholy fills the air.

SUNDAY: Mars is back in action with a move into the Capricorn constellation. We can finally act, build, and push forward. However, during a Mercury Retrograde it’s best to not push forward on something new, but instead push forward on something old. Retrogrades are best spent revisiting, revising, returning to something. What’s the project or “monkey on your back” you keep meaning to finish? Today marks a great three week cycle where you can finally knock this out and be FREE of it.

Venus moves into Mars’ house on Friday, February 7, until March 4, 2020. In the Mars-ruled Aries constellation the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Creativity finds itself in a space where altruism meets aggression.

After existing in the daydream wonderland that is Venus in Pisces – where she is exalted and welcomed – we’re jolted into fiery and courageous energy. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac -the baby- and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” While Aries is known as a “selfish sign,” it’s important to remember Aries is also known as a courageous pioneer – the Ram who isn’t afraid to knock heads or tackle difficult terrain. There’s a lonely and isolating aspect to such bravery, and a balancing act between pushing forward and not leaving others behind.

Aries, like its ruling planet Mars, is known for action. With Venus in the Aries constellation there’s a good chance your love life will move into focus, and inaction will become action.

If a relationship isn’t serving you or is filled with toxicity and dead ends, this cosmic placement can provide you with the courage and bravery to head out on your own.

If you are typically shy and have a hard time putting yourself out there, you will find Venus in Aries to be a chance to get out of your lonely comfort zone and tackle difficult terrain.

If you struggle with selfish behavior, this placement will magnify the Ego, the Baby, and the Ram. Aries is as well-known for its admirable qualities as it is for its undesirable qualities, including; aggression, immaturity, selfishness, and expecting the world to “owe it a living.” Aries is the baby, so people who already struggle with the undesirable qualities will only amplify their baby behaviors if they are not mindful. All of us should be mindful of ego energies in matters of love, creativity, art, and beauty during this time (Feb. 7 – March 4, 2020).

Venus desires altruism and Mars excels in aggression. While Venus is in Aries, Mars is in sister Fire sign Sagittarius. Mars (our action, passion and drive) is looking out at the horizon and focused on what’s ahead of us instead of in front of us. Action comes in fiery spurts, and it’s harder than usual to get real traction. This can result in passionate but short-lived love affairs, a tension and friction (between “self and others”) in committed relationships, or a frustration between the lack of alignment between feelings and actions.

At the same time Venus is in Aries, Mercury moves through it’s shadow phase, and into retrograde before going direct on March 10, 2020. During this cosmic occurrence (“Mercury Retrograde”), we experience a far greater chance of miscommunication, technical issues, travel delays, and about 60% of us experience foggy thinking and find it more difficult to make decisions. When Mercury – the Planet of Communication, Media, Technology – changes its orbit and slows its speed we feel the effects due to speed and proximity (Earth is next door neighbors with Mercury, and Mercury is the fastest moving planet with a unique orbit).

Aries is known for being blunt and having a quick temper. This energy doesn’t mix well at a time already ripe with miscommunications and misunderstandings. Direct communication is effective, but not when it comes with egotistical and aggressive energy. We all need to be mindful of this energy at play. Not only is Mercury in Retrograde, but it’s happening in the Pisces constellation. This is Water energy meeting Fire energy, and this combination will influence both our relationships and communications. The sensitive and introverted Pisces is meeting insensitive extroverted Aries. It’s important to think before we speak, listen deeply before we react, and realize we are each coming at each other in highly unique ways. We cannot charge in and start knocking heads with strangers and loved ones like the Aries Ram.

The highly positive aspects of this influence will come to those who need help taking action. Aries is both brave and playful, so this is a time we can experience a renewed sense of innocence, awe, and action.

The “Wallflowers” will finally find the courage to ask someone to dance.

The introverted creatives will find the drive and bravery needed to create art. Venus rules art and creativity, and Mars rules action so this is a wonderful time to review and work on artistic creations you want to share with the world. The time for the real action should be after the end of the retrograde cycle (March 10). Now is a time to take the steps and have the bravery needed to create and prepare to put it out into the world. Much like nature keeping busy under the surface throughout winter and blooming out in spring.

The couples who are struggling with a lackluster love life will find an increase in libido, playfulness, and passion.

The one guarantee we all have from these transits is “Action in Love.” Enjoy and play nice!

Full Moons represent completion, and the Feb. 9, 2020, Full Moon in Leo is no different but due to other cosmic energies also happening there’s a twist.

Leo, astrology, July 2017

The Leo Full Moon occurs right before Mercury goes into retrograde and causes difficulties with communication, travel, and technology. This Full Moon asks us to complete any projects, loose ends, or efforts before Mercury goes into retrograde.

With Venus (Planet of Love) and Mercury (Planet of Communications) both in Pisces we’re being called to be of service to others and tap into our higher conscious and our subconscious.

The Full Moon in Leo encourages us to shine and with Venus moving into Aries a few days before, it’s tempting and far too easy to use this Fire energy for egotistical or vain purposes. It’s a battle between Self and Others, and if you choose to shine light on others you will be rewarded but if you choose to keep the spotlight on just yourself the rewards will be short-term and limited. Learn more in this week’s Cosmic Weekly Forecast blog here.

What the Stars Say missed you on Monday, but it’s fine since Venus moving into the Pisces constellation had us all in a daydream anyways. Here’s the breakdown of the rest of the week:

The Sun is now in Aquarius and the Moon is shifting from Taurus (Earth) to Gemini (Air) and squaring Mercury (Communication) as it enters Pisces (Water).

As we begin the week we need to mind the details. The energy we have coming at us at the beginning of the week is best spent creating and working on marketing and media projects. This is artistic and analytic energy thanks to the Air and Water combinations in the cosmos.

TUESDAY: Find joy and beautify in your daily routine. Venus (Love, Beauty) is in a placement in Saturn that encourages us to bring beauty within the daily systems and routines of our lives. The Gemini Moon trines an Aquarius Sun, and both planets are Mercury (thought process) ruled. It’s not about action in the moment though, as much as you thinking of future actions since the Moon is at a hard angle to Mars (the Action Planet).

WEDNESDAY: Today we are graced with a beautiful energy encouraging us to speed up our thinking, and providing us with clarity and new discoveries. It’s not a time to binge-watch series, but a time to think clearly about what interests and best serves you. There’s strong Air energy happening today, and it urges you to think far out – both literally and figuratively.

THURSDAY: The Moon feels at home in the Cancer constellation and forms a trine to Neptune and vibrates at a higher octave to Venus. It all sounds dreamy and cozy, right? It’s water energy and the muse does not want to be rushed today. This is a day to use your voice, and this can play out in two different ways. The Sun in Aquarius makes it a great day to use your voice to rally for your community, and it’s also a great day to ask for help. Perhaps you’re doing more than your share a home and you need more help. Perhaps you’re struggling with work life balance and need assistance. You may also be struggling with an addiction you don’t feel you can overcome alone. Ask for help today – from your family, your colleagues, your caregivers, your Higher Self, your Ancestors, your Higher Power…whoever you need help from. Today, voices can be heard.

FRIDAY: The energy shifts from Air and Water to Fire. The Moon enters fiery Leo and prompts us to shine and bring attention to others to help them shine as well. With Venus – the Planet of Love – moving into fiery Aries shy people will have more confidence to put themselves out there, but people who are already aggressive and obnoxious will be even more so. Either way, sparks are flying and it’s easier to express our authentic self and make connections.

SATURDAY: Today we are confronted with a “Me, Me, Me” verses “Service to Others” option. It’s a good day to manifest and get results or have a breakthrough in an effort, but it’s only going to happen if the “Service to Others” option is chosen. Moon in Leo opposes Sun in Aqua – me, me, me vs. service to others and what best serves you in the long-term. The Moon is nearly full in the Leo constellation but opposing a Sun in Aquarius creating this Me verses Them theme.

SUNDAY: The Moon is Full and opposed to the Sun and Venus in Aries is quincunx to Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). The placements result in us re-evaluating recent actions and results. Now is the time to get your affairs in order before Mercury (“The Messenger”) moves into Retrograde. As the Moon moves into the Virgo constellation we’ll be internally analyzing data, information, possibilities… This Full Moon is filled with possibilities, but keep in mind Full Moons are about completions rather than new beginnings. Deal with what is in front of you and what you want to put behind you instead of what lies ahead.

Happy Lunar New Year! The new lunar / astrology year began on Saturday, January 25, and this ending and beginning theme continues in the cosmic forecast for this week.

The New Moon in Aquarius (Friday, January 24) has mobilized us and encouraged BIG DREAMS and a more universal love and compassionate way of living. Both the Lunar New Year and New Moon have brought in fantastic energy, but this week we’re tested on the implementation.

MONDAY: Venus is exalted in the Pisces constellation where the Planet of Love, Art, and Beauty feels quite dreamy and romantic. However, Venus is so close to Neptune it’s easy to be deceived, to think everyone wants the same thing as you, and to be naive. Watch for rose-colored glasses, and if you’re extending love to someone lacking emotional maturity don’t be surprised if they make a mess of it all. With Mars adding to the tension between Venus and Neptune, many will experience difficulties between thinking loving thoughts and acting upon those thoughts. For romantics, it is advised to just watch a romantic comedy rather than expecting life to be a romantic comedy.

TUESDAY: Mars in Sagittarius is fired up and ready for action and adventure, but it squares Neptune in Pisces and this creates a battle between fantasy and reality. The Moon and Venus are also in Pisces and on Neptune’s side, and this results in a tug of war between being loving and being aggressive, and living in a daydream and living in reality. Keep in mind there are many planets in Capricorn still urging us to be practical above all else, and love and daydreams so often aren’t practical. This is Earth energy and Water energy creating mud. Don’t be easily frustrated with yourself and others as you all swim through this mud today.

Both the New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius produce “Bohemian Rhapsody” vibes and encourage us to think about the collective rather than the individual.

WEDNESDAY: Fires comes in to the mud puddle today with Mars in fiery Sagittarius and the Moon shifting into the fiery Aries constellation. Aries is the baby (first sign) of the zodiac, and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” This baby encounters triggers and sensitive points as the Aries moon passes both Lilith and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). Emotional battles and wounds are likely if you let the baby’s inherent selfishness and ego win. Put baby in the corner, put on your big kid pants, and lead with love and kindness today. We already have enough wounds, and this too shall pass.

THURSDAY: The Aries baby moon wants fit it all into one day; the morning snuggle, the hyperactive playdate, the new discovery, the fight over a toy, the breakdown and tantrum, then the afternoon nap. Yes, it’s only afternoon and baby has put you through the ringer. Pace yourself today, and use the action energy for practical and productive tasks because if you do this Jupiter will grant you luck. It’s a great day to send a new creation out into the world. Don’t be a baby today; be a child prodigy instead.

FRIDAY: It’s often said in brainstorming there aren’t any bad ideas. Today is a perfect day to brainstorm and let your mind really stretch without judgement or fear of bad ideas. The Sun (data, light, information) and Mercury (our thought processes) are both ‘wilding out’ in quirky and futuristic Aquarius. There’s electrical magic in the air and it’s yours to think up and grab hold of, so give yourself time to brainstorm today and accept the cosmic invitation to get weird without judgement.

SATURDAY: Venus makes contact with Pluto and Saturn, and suddenly possibilities feel achievable and real. The Moon in Taurus asks us to confirm, to measure, and to crystallize our visions and all the new thoughts and ideas we’ve been daydreaming about while Venus is in Pisces. Take time to take stock today. Taurus is practical, material, Earth energy with a focus on home. Venus is love, beauty, and art. Where do your possibilities lie in these two areas? It’s a great night to go out and meet someone new and trustworthy.

SUNDAY: The tug of war between daydreams and reality continue, but with Venus in a sextile to a Taurus Moon there’s a major focus on love and home today. It’s a great day to make your home beautiful, and enjoy time at home with loved ones. ***Bonus points if you can hang out with animals – it’s a great day to talk the dog on a walk or take a nap with a cat.

The rebellious Aquarius Sun energy has come in and brings with it a passion for standing up for the collective needs. We’re ready to break free, but it’s seemingly impossible with the authoritative and controlling Capricorn/Saturn energy hovering over us. Father Saturn is telling us we cannot go outside and play with our friends until our chores are done, and the wild child Aquarius is asking us to all pitch in and get the work done so play time comes sooner than later. This week, play time comes on Friday when a New Moon joins the Sun in the Aquarius constellation and our inner wild child feels set free.

We enter the Lunar New Year (Saturday, Jan. 25) with a wonderful Aquarius New Moon (Friday, Jan. 24) and the uplifting collective mood it brings. On Monday, we begin to feel this lift but we also feel the push of responsibility to truly wrap up the past lunar year and shed ourselves of the task list, the responsibilities, and the final tidying up.

But, on a far greater scale, the movements and placements of the celestial bodies are also asking us to tidy up something else. After confronting us with broken systems, corrupt people, victimization, and our limited thinking, we are now asked to shift from victims to survivors, from the voiceless to the collective voice saying, “Enough. Never Again.”

The Sunday paper at What the Stars Say HQ, Jan. 19, 2020

A separate blog later this week on the New Moon in Aquarius will provide greater context on the collective shift from “victim” to “survivor” and from “divided” to “united,” but for now take a moment to examine where you need to shift in order to be a survivor and to further unite with your loved ones and community.

We’ve had heavy, oppressive energy circling around us for months and many of us experienced a dark night of the soul. Now-this week-it’s about taking a final look and determining what else is needed so we can truly let go and align more with our heart, our values, and with the world outside our door.

MONDAY: With the Sun’s arrival in the Aquarius constellation we feel a lightening of the heavy Capricorn/Saturn energies. The Moon is comfortable in Sagittarius and providing us with higher thinking on an emotional level, and Mars strengthens our overall optimism. The Moon does form some harsh aspects to Venus and Mars; causing a push-pull feeling in relationships. Lighten up, lean in, and lead with your heart today. We’re all in this together.

TUESDAY: Tension is building and a collective struggle for justice reaches a peak as the Sun in Aquarius moves into a tight spot with Uranus. This joining could create some serious futuristic innovations and discoveries, but it’s more likely unexpected revolt and rebellion will result since Mars (the planet of war, action, aggression) is in a tense spot with Venus (the planet of love, art, and beauty). On a personal level, we should (again) aim to lead with our hearts rather than our heads since we’ll also feel the tension and tug-of-war energies within our daily activities and interactions.

WEDNESDAY: Ugh. This is it – the final push of Capricorn acting like an authoritative father and making us finish our chores before we can go out to play. Do your chores, and don’t be a jerk about it. Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) forms a sextile to the Sun and helps those who help others. It’s a great day to take action and be of service to others. The energies of this day do not have the time or patience for selfish and self-serving people.

THURSDAY: We’re all thinking more abstract and quirky with the Sun in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. It’s a great day to come up with innovative solutions to material problems. Daydreaming a work solution is further supported by Venus in Pisces in a trine with Jupiter in Capricorn (luck and expansive thinking in building something up).


Love on a collective level is easier this week than intimate relationships. Venus in Pisces works well for some people, but many don’t feel comfortable with this placement. Venus is also squaring Mars (Jan. 24-28), and this makes Water Sun signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) feel the dreamy romanticism of it all, but Fire Sun signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) feel challenged-either in a steamy way or in a passive aggressive and annoyed way-and Earth Sun signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) feel awkward and uncomfortable by the overtly emotional vibes, while Air Sun signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) just want to be left alone for the most part. Air signs are the collective thinkers and this week they need to think about more than just one or two people, so give them some breathing room.

FRIDAY: What are you struggling with? Take time today to examine this struggle because the cosmos is providing you with an objective look. Don’t act quite yet, but take the struggle outside of yourself and view it as a play on a theatrical stage. What is the play’s plot and who are the actors? Examine it with detachment and come back to it on Sunday.

SATURDAY: HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Known as the “Year of the Rat” this Chinese New Year brings abundance and action! The second new Moon after Winter Solstice welcomes the Chinese New Year and brings with it similar themes predicted in Western/Mundane Astrology. There will be a separate blog on this, but in the meantime click the image above and explore what awaits you in the Lunar New Year.

SUNDAY: Today is the day to return to your struggle – your theatrical play – and review what you concluded on Friday so you can resolve the struggle. The Moon is still new and perfect for creating lasting change and resolving what we struggle with and what no longer serves us. The possibility for electrifying change is out there and waiting for you to grab it.

What is this lovely planet we exist on? A great many things, but just looking at Earth we see water and land coming together in a dominating visual sense. This week, our cosmic skies and vibes are also dominated by water and land since both “Water” and “Earth” signs rule the energy of the week.

MONDAY: The Virgo Moon on a Monday is ideal for everyone headed back to work since Virgo helps us handle the mundane and the necessary details. This Earth sign completes the Sun’s placement in a fellow Earth sign (Capricorn), and together they provide us with a grounded feeling. As Venus shifts into the dreamy and sensitive Water sign of Pisces, a kind word or deed for another is greatly appreciated today. Don’t get so busy with the mundane you overlook kindness.

TUESDAY: Today our thinking shifts from the mundane to the more abstract. Mars – the planet of action – is in the Fire sign Sagittarius and has us considering travel, higher education, and adventure. “What if?” is a natural occurring question on this day. Brave thinking and responses can happen at this time since Mars sextiles our Moon in the dramatic Fire sign Leo. Be sure to recognize the difference between brave and crazy though, and run any wild new ideas past a trusted source.

EARTH ENERGY: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

WATER ENERGY: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

WEDNESDAY: The cosmos asks you to go back to basics and make sure all your bases are covered. When it comes to the hierarchy of needs where are you set and where are you lacking? We still have supportive energy from Venus at this time, and the Moon is in Libra and focused on communication and partnership. However, this Moon is opposite Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) in Aries so this isn’t an ideal time for emotionally charged conversations since hurt feelings are likely to result. Cultivating new relationships works out better than repairing existing ones today.

THURSDAY: Mental Shift Alert – Mercury (“The Messenger”) has moved into the Aquarius constellation and as the ruler of our inner thought processes and external communication we can expect shifts in these areas. In Aquarius, Mercury is more of a “hive” mentality rather than focused on the individual. This placement also brings forth innovative and altruistic future thinking. Meanwhile, the Moon is in “The Partnership” constellation of Libra and squaring Pluto and Saturn; creating tension between thinking and doing, and the physical and spiritual realms. This is a great day to mediate and reflect in order to tap into the love and insight available with these celestial energies. People who do not take the time to stop and reflect will feel more frazzled and fall into Libra’s indecisiveness. Libra is often represented with the justice scales, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself weighing options today.

Capri Zodiac Libra Scales via WorthPoint

FRIDAY: It is often suspected those who say “No Drama!” are the people who instigate drama the most. This is a fair suspicion to have on this day, because some people will be set on instigating and exposing others. The Moon is in the Scorpio constellation and when she’s here she likes to dive into the darkness and investigate. Her findings could reveal true injustice and abuse or they could offer the spark to launch an unwarranted attack. It’s important to consider sources and their motivations today. Ask “is this being exposed to hurt or to heal?” Do your best to stay in your own lane and keep your criticisms to yourself – any attacks are likely to backfire on you.

SATURDAY: Unexpected messages and communication regarding material resources are likely today with Mercury (“The Messenger”) forming a sextile to Uranus (“The Unexpected”) in Taurus and its focus on the material. Luck and dreams are activated today, and it’s easier to be inspired and get in touch with our feelings thanks to the water energy now activated.

FIRE ENERGY: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

AIR ENERGY: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

SUNDAY: Trust your gut today and don’t succumb to peer pressure. If it sounds like a bad idea, it is a bad idea. Today is a day to have healthy boundaries and work with your own feelings. It’s easy to actively listen today, so you’ll be able to read through other’s lines – and your own.

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