FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (MAY 25-26, 2021) – Don’t overthink this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, because it is a lunar event after all and the moon wants us to feel rather than think. This Moon has tension with both the Sun and the lunar nodes suggesting a conflict between our inner feelings and callings to a new path, and our current expression and past. We’re being challenged at this time to examine the past while moving forward at the same time, so don’t be surprised by any internal debate or dialogue you might have at this time. Instead, let this all unfold over the next few days with detached observation. What do you feel like doing? What changes do you feel like making? How can you better “follow your bliss” and rediscover the joy in living?

Chart of the Moment / Image by Astrodienst

What’s interesting about the current celestial positioning is how the Gemini and Sagittarius constellations (see image above) are holding all of the Luminaries and the two nodes – symbolic of our past and future. Last year, the nodes shifted from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius (where they will remain until January 2022) resulting in many of us shifting gears, re-examining our path, and carving out a different future for ourselves. A Lunar Eclipse typically represents a personal ending and the added energy of the nodes with both Luminaries (Sun and Moon) suggests a turning point where we are ready to take the first step or the next step needed to better embark on our new path in life.

If you have a clear vision of this new path then you’re already on your way. But, if you don’t have a clear vision or remain foggy on where you need to go next, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy can help you sort this out over the next six months. The trick is to let go of negative self-talk, over analyzing, and fear of obstacles or failures. Instead, feel it out for a few days and embrace the spirit of adventure, optimism, and bravery Sagittarius so wonderfully embodies.

Chiron continues to bring personal exploration and healing while in the Aries constellation and it’s worth noting that during this eclipse Chiron is at 11 degrees – a master number. How can you better master your health over the next six months? How can you examine and heal from the past while building a future over the next six months? Don’t be surprised if you need to feel this out as well.

FEAR isn’t necessary when you understand the cosmic timeline, yet fear is all around us right now – right on time, right on schedule. Is it a coincidence the “second wave” has come up under the same planetary placements as the “first wave?” Of course not, since Jupiter expands what its near and being near Pluto expands the PLUTOCRATS push for power and top down control and authority. When these conjunctions happen the energy emits over the following weeks and in 2020 we feel the push for control, the call for lock downs and for further restrictions. It’s happened throughout 2020 like clockwork. Consider this:

On Jan. 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto conjuncted at 22 degrees Capricorn and this IMPACT will stay with us until 2023 – with a focus on DESTROYING broken systems, corruption, false idols/influencers/authorities. It is a true karmic reckoning. The three times this year Jupiter and Pluto have conjuncted (April 4, June 30, and Nov. 12) the energy has built up and continued over the following weeks and it hits on that exact 22 degrees Capricorn angle – a further expansion on the broken systems, corruption, and false “leaders.”

Since 2012 Neptune has been in the Pisces constellation and will remain until 2025. This placement varies for the individual depending on their natal placement is, but also depending on their personal spirituality. Neptune in Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, and deeply spiritual. But, there’s always another side and this same transit brings with it a downward spiral into addictions, lies, deception, and believe in complete illusions. Neptune in Pisces collectively is like the entire nation has been put under mind control – and this isn’t hard to identify in other’s if you’ve managed to maintain your independent thinking skills and don’t have a strong emotional or political charge and bias. Oh wait, most people don’t have these abilities anymore…so, now what? Well, the tiny man behind the magic curtain will appear and they’ll be forced to confront the lackluster “Wizard of Oz.” More to come as Neptune moves direct Nov. 28, 2020

Is your FEAR based on their FEAR? If you’re stuck in fear yet again, you are letting the PLUTOCRATS win and they’re so desperate for a win right now because they know their time is up. Consider if your fear is based solely on their fears. Consider moving from fear to LOVE.

Also, consider extending this LOVE to all of your neighbors and yourself. Later this week, Neptune will leave its retrograde in Pisces. It won’t be easy for so many when the cosmic mirror is directed back at them and they’re forced to confront not only their fears but the lies and illusions they believe in and cling to. More to come on this, but as What The Stars Say has previously shared this time – middle to the end of November – is a challenging and groundbreaking time. Choose your adventure and frequency wisely.

What the Stars Say is pleased to present a deep dive into one of the most prominent astrological stories in the “Shit Show” known as 2020. The transit of Uranus in Taurus began in 2018, but now in summer of 2020 its influence is making itself quite clear as it disrupts the economy, weather, food production, supply chains, and sets off on a mission of Karmic Reckoning in many industries (tech, fashion, food/ag, finance, etc.). Enjoy the deep dive and may it result in you being more prepared and a better co-creator with astrology as this transit continues throughout the next six years.

Are you ready for the whole enchilada? What The Stars Say has you covered with a ton of content covering June 25 25-July 5, the 2020 Retrograde Season (6 planets in retrograde this week!!), as well as a closer examination of how the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) are influencing the cosmic stories and themes of 2020.

As always, What The Stars Say begins with a look at where we’ve just been in order to help us seeing where we’re headed. A New Moon Solar Eclipse happened over the Summer Solstice (June 20/21) and at 0 degrees Cancer during Retrograde Season. This has us focused on self-love, our roots and home, and major life changes and new beginnings for us all over the next six months. (Click here for info for everyone / all 12 Signs). The July New Moon will be related to this Solar Eclipse, and Mars will hit on the exact eclipse point this Saturday (June 26) driving the message home and setting the stage. Check out the two new videos exploring the full energies of this week and a channeled message on the importance of the Outer Planets in our 2020 cosmic story. Then, check out the written information below giving you exact dates and movements of all the celestial bodies at this time. This information pertains to now until the end of the 2020, so feel free to bookmark this page and return to it as the year unfolds.

But first, gratitude! Thank you to all the new audience members and co-creators as well as our supporters and students we have found and connected with over the past year! What The Stars Say is grateful for your presence and participation. Feel free to send a private message about a personal session in July – spots are available!

The motto of the Outer Planets is “Adapt or Die.” In 2020, this motto is felt deeply on a global level. With 6 planets in Retrograde – including Outer Planets Jupiter, Saturn, and soon Neptune, we are asked to review how we have adapted and to collectively question whether we will adapt, how we will adapt, and if we will learn to live together or die alone.

So many cosmic influences and occurrences this year are posing the hardest and heaviest questions. We must address these questions while also questioning everything presented to us at this time (due to Neptune in Pisces and the series of conjunctions from Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter). It’s exhausting and change can be difficult. As you review the past while working towards your future during this Retrograde Season, know changes can be POSITIVE. Focus on adapting in a way that focuses on what you WANT to remain. Put in the hard work required of this Retrograde Season – focus on cleaning up your own messes instead of the messes in other people’s messes.

Venus stationary direct June 25 and leaves retrograde zone June 29. This week she brings clarity and opens our heart chakra while urging us to return to our actions and emotions in April 2020. Venus also wants us to look at the deception, glamour spells, and illusions presented to us while she danced with Neptune in the sky from the Gemini constellation. Gemini rules media (traditional, new, social, etc.) and technology, so many will question what is “news” if what is presented to them is “Truth.”

Neptune entered its retrograde zone back in March but did not move stationary retrograde until June 22 where Neptune will stay until November 2020 and doesn’t leave the retrograde zone completely until March 2021. Neptune in Pisces has strengthened deception acts, resulted in a glamour spell being put over the collective, and urged us all to examine our personal and collective darkness and wounds. The trinity of eclipses (June 5, June 20/21, July 4/5) activate Neptune and Pisces. Illusions are presented to us while the Solar Eclipse confronts us with the Truth in our emotions.

Jupiter in retrograde zone until Dec. 6, and Jupiter remains in the Capricorn constellation until December 19 but the real action happens when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on December 21, 20202.

Mercury is in retrograde June 22-July 12, and then leaves the retrograde zone completely on July 26.

The North and South Nodes are also dealing with their own cycles ending and beginning, as well as retrogrades. How this translates for us, is many people (with Gemini or Sagittarius Nodal placement within their individual birth chart) is a change of paths for many unfolding over the next 18 months. Collectively, the Nodes suggest international and long-term travel will be greatly impacted and short road trips are more practical. This Nodal shift coupled with the other cosmic influences occurring June 25-July 5, 2020) have the ability to result in a serious lock-down, impede state-to-state travel, and cause serious restrictions when it comes to international travel over the next six months. Gemini rules all transportation on wheels, so think airplanes, cars, and the shipping/logistic industries.

Mars moves into Aries – We’ve been confronting “authority” since the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in early 2020, and with Mars going home to Aries for seven long months we’ll be confronting “authority” on multiple levels, as well as examining our own passions and viewpoints on freedom. With Mars in sextile to Saturn, we’ll feel empowered this weekend called upon to know our selves, act in our integrity, and take on responsibility in order to gain great self-respect.

Uranus entered the retrograde zone in late April 2020 and will move stationary retrograde in August 2020 before moving stationary direct in mid-January 2021.

Pluto entered the retrograde zone back in January, went stationary retrograde in April 2020, and will not move direct until early October.

Saturn moved into stationary retrograde May 10 and will not move stationary direct until September 28. When Saturn moved into Capricorn we all experienced the authority and restriction Saturn brings in Capricorn – a constellation it rules. Saturn is dancing between Capricorn and Aquarius throughout 2020 until it finally moves into Aquarius – a constellation it traditionally rules (Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius). During Saturn’s retrograde cycle this summer we are asked to go back and “do over” events and themes from March.

What the Stars Say recently gave a live talk on the biggest cosmic event of 2019 – 2020. To understand the importance and reach of this event, it must be understood within its time and also with consideration to the other celestial events and energies occurring.

To begin, know astrology is working on a lunar year rather than a solar year. This means it’s still the same lunar year as it was in 2019 and will continue to be until the January 25, 2020, Lunar New Year. The January 12, 2020, conjunction of the slow moving planets Saturn and Pluto is the biggest astrology event of this lunar year and its impact and aftermath will continue until December 2020.

During the live talk this conjunction was described as the equivalent of someone dropping a C4 Bomb during a New Year’s Eve party and leaving the rest of the guests to deal with the explosion and its consequences. The talk was titled “Welcome to the Shit Show” because this conjunction is the C4 Bomb going off and all of us at the party dealing with the consequences for the rest of the new year.

The effects aren’t exclusive to the day of the actual conjunction, but will instead unfold over the next few years.

It’s a big deal when slow moving planets form angles (like a conjunction) because they’re slow moving planets so the impact is stronger and more unique to us. Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all.

Saturn conjuncts Pluto about every 34 years, but Saturn hasn’t been conjunct to Pluto in the Capricorn constellation in over 500 years. It’s hard to compare this event to events 500 years ago, because daily life and technology has changed so much. It’s difficult for any astrologer to say how this will relate to events 500 years ago, but it’s easy for astrologers to look at what has happened during the past 34 years and 34 years past that; the historically themes are solid here.

Going off the approximately 34 +/- year cycles, we can see how technology has made great leaps during Saturn and Pluto conjunctions. The first big innovation that led to the Internet came to light during such a conjunction, along with the first microprocessor, and Microsoft Word. It’s a safe bet innovative and game changing technology will come forth.

During conjunctions specific countries present themselves in the 34 +/- years theme, including China, United States, India, and Pakistan. India has new leadership and Pakistan is bringing in a “new era” during this conjunction, which is interesting considering the countries gaining independence during previous conjunctions. United States and China are both dealing with major issues yet again, and this particular conjunction’s astrocartography crosses over Washington, DC, specifically. It’s already been a busy week in DC, so it will be interesting to see how the themes of top down authority and control issues play out during this conjunction. A headline just last week focused on the U.S. President being reminded he’s “not a Dictator” and citizens of Hong Kong protest against China’s authority.

This conjunction is bad news for top down authority, and wonderful news for the people standing up against those who are out of control and prohibiting human rights and freedoms. It’s wonderful energy to dismantle and rebuild broken systems, and there is little tolerance here for Dictators, Bad Actors, Crooks, Cons, Abusers, and companies who put profit over people and the environment.

It’s also safe to bet there will be a concentration on finances and currency since Saturn Pluto conjunctions have brought about the formation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Federal Reserve. At this time it is predicted this conjunction will result in a focus on waste, material resources, and bring about a major recession.

Capricorn represents the builder, and this conjunction is happening in Capricorn’s house so it’s important to take this into consideration. Capricorn represents authority, control, systems and is focused on achievement, social status, persistence, and always being full. However, what is full must be emptied and this conjunction wants to empty broken systems, and it wants to challenge authority and address control issues on both a global and personal level.

Financial systems are at great risk here, because they’re not built on solid foundations. In the live talk the Big Bad Wolf analogy was shared, and only the Pig who built his house out of bricks will survive and thrive during 2020. What isn’t solid will be destroyed and we will collectively examine waste, excess, materialism, resources, food supply, financial security, and challenge authority and control issues (control on both a collective and personal level).

Another theme present in the 34 +/- year cycles is nuclear since time and, again, the topic and events have occurred in this area be it nuclear weapons, threats of nuclear war, and the use of nuclear energy. Here we are going into this conjunction and North Korea teased of a nuclear “Christmas Gift” to the United States and the crux of the Iran conflict involves nuclear power and a nuclear treaty. At this time, it seems the collective mood in the United States is one of absolutely zero interest in war and so the tension went away and “leaders” got the hint. Let’s continue into 2020 with a “peace is the only option and outcome” mood and remove this tension and theme.

Besides the timing and themes, we must also look at what else is happening at this time. Uranus in Taurus is a MAJOR player at this time and brings a focus on land/Earth, resources, currency, and weather – it changes the landscape literally and the day Uranus moved into Taurus was the day of the Kilauea eruptions on the Big Island in Hawaii. The planet of “Expect the Unexpected” is in the Taurus “Earth” constellation bringing unexpected changes on Earth – volcanic activity, strange and sudden weather changes, earthquakes, and floods.

With a party of celestial bodies in Capricorn (known as a Stellium since more than 3 planets are in the same constellation), the Capricorn themes have to be taken into consideration but we can’t forget Jupiter is hanging out here and Jupiter expands everything happening nearby. Jupiter wants to expand and Capricorn wants to restrict, so there’s tension to this energy and the impact of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction is also intensified as well making this a very powerful C4 Bomb.

The flood theme is reinforced with Neptune in Pisces. This placement brings a focus on water but also deception. During this Neptune in Pisces transit the Flint Water Crisis (and deception) occurred, we’ve experienced typhoons, mudslides, and record floods (destroying crops / Earth). There are possibilities of water crises, continued floods, but Uranus can also bring unexpected innovation and invention leading us to cleaner and more sustainable water systems. The same is true for crops and land use.

Deception will be a major theme until the end of January when Jupiter and Venus become visible again. Iran is dealing with issues related to authority and deception today. The U.S. will continue to deal with various issues around these two themes as well (and during an election year).

On a collective level, we must understand that what is broken isn’t going to be fixed – it’s going to be destroyed. Instead of fearing change we must look beyond what is broken and lost and instead focus on what is truly needed moving forward. On a personal level, the impact is less severe but “pondering the impermanence” is needed. All things must change, but this isn’t about change for the sake of change. It’s bringing the darkness to light, and exposing the dark and the decay. It is so often said “it is darkest before dawn” and this Saturn Pluto conjunction is the darkest hour.

Out in the cosmos – towards the end of November 2019 and into the beginning of December – Jupiter was orbiting in the constellation of Sagittarius while crossing the Galactic Center. This occurrence brought in what is known as “Christ-like” energy. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, and higher thinking. Sagittarius is a known adventurer attracted to travel, philosophy, higher education, and anything foreign. Christ has been historically represented as a higher thinker who traveled, enjoyed discussing theology and philosophy with others, and reached out to the foreign, exotic, and overlooked. There are similarities here, but “Christ-like energy” refers more towards our personal potential to transcend, awake, and move beyond. It also goes beyond religion since even those without a personal connection to Christ will experience awakenings on the level for which they are prepared. The crossing of the Galactic Center does not go unnoticed. 

As we continue to ride out the energy of the Jupiter Galactic Center crossing, there is another connection to Christ and “Christ-like energy” coming into play. Instead of a New Moon on Christmas 2019, we are blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 25 – a day known as Christmas to many and recognized as Christ’s birthday. It’s also worth noting Jupiter is nearby when this occurs and expands the energies and impact of this Solar Eclipse – “The Christmas Eclipse.”

An eclipse – in general terms – represents an introduction, synchronicity, an initiation or new beginning, a shift in thinking and habits, and turning points in our lives. 

This Christmas Solar Eclipse does not go unnoticed. Like the Jupiter Galactic Crossing, it stands out and stands alone while closing doors of past ways of thinking and living and opening new doorways of thought, solutions, morals, dreams, and values. It pushes us to start something new, to act and expand upon our dreams and revelations, to stay in our own lane, and to truly examine any codependent and toxic relationships currently in our lives. It’s not about the past here; it is time to liberate ourselves from self-deception and fear.

While Jupiter is nearby and expanding the energy of The Christmas Eclipse, the South Node is also at play in this cosmic occurrence. The South Node represents what is behind us, our past karma, and where we’ve been in life. The South Node is rewarding our good deeds but it can also trigger our past karma, making this a Christmas where it truly matters whether you’ve been “naughty or nice.”

On a collective level, the themes of The Christmas Eclipse are based on its placement in the 10th House and in the Capricorn constellation. Collectively, we’ll begin to examine our image, reputation, and social standing deeper. Some will experience a time of reinvention and revelation.

Other themes include our moral compass, control issues (of all sorts), liars and deceivers being exposed, and the collective being presented with a time ripe for growth and healing after a year of scandals, half-truths, and lies.  

It is possible to experience a major event on the day of the eclipse, but many find the eclipse’s impact unfolds at a different pace for them. Major events or turning points will occur two weeks after, four weeks after, and even up to eight weeks after the eclipse.

The Christmas Eclipse will continue to impact us in 2020 since it is followed up with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (January 10, 2020, 20 degrees Cancer) and with the North Node at play. The Christmas Eclipse is with the South Node (where we’ve been), but the January Eclipse is with the North Node (where we’re headed). There will be another blog about this, but in the meantime use The Christmas Eclipse to let go of control issues, to release and reinvent yourself, to go beyond your current reality, and expand upon revelations as Jupiter and the Sun urge you to do so. This is a time when you don’t just say you’re going to do something or change something – this is a time when you actually do it.

The major caveat for this eclipse is this: 
With so many celestial bodies in one constellation it can feel like we’re listening to multiple conversations in our own head – in our inner dialogue – all at once. No thanks! The remedy is to take time for stillness and silence during this winter of long dark nights. Turn off and tune out the external noise and give yourself a moment of stillness to think about the bigger picture in your own life and on this planet we’re all hanging out on. Take advantage of the revelations and messages you can receive at this time. There’s beautiful energy in the cosmos and in the air we’re breathing in, so take a deep breath and enjoy The Christmas Eclipse and the doorways it opens for you in 2020 and beyond.