As What The Stars Say mentioned in the Weekly Forecast, Mars has moved into Taurus alongside Uranus resulting in a “Long-Time Coming” anger. This week, many U.S. citizens made it clear they had a “Long-Time Coming” anger towards wealth inequality, the elite, and Wall Street itself. A Reddit group known as Wall Street Bets managed a short squeeze of Game Stop stock and played Wall Street at their own game. These financial renegades have bankrupted one hedge fund already and caused a frenzy in the financial markets. Let’s break down the astrology here and give you more of a heads up on what is happening on a cosmic level:

When Saturn and Pluto conjuncted in early 2020 it set is up for a cosmic imprint repeat of astrological transits bringing forth a history of currency changes, the creation of the Federal Reserve and IRS, and periods of economic upheaval (including Great Depression in US). The energies from this cosmic event remain with us until 2022. In 2020, over 50 percent of all US households experienced economic devastation, so we’re off to a big start and have years of financial rearranging ahead of us. The authoritarian push of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, will leave many at the political whim of the few and suggest difficult times. It’s worth noting, however, even the most power civilizations have historically crumbled when the worker’s revolt. Many workers aren’t working, so they have plenty of time to revolt. They also have time to learn the stock market and make financial moves against the “top down authority” so many have a “Long-Time Coming” anger towards.

The markets have been getting more quirky since Uranus moved into Taurus back in 2018. Mars is going to hang out in the Taurus constellation for awhile, but Uranus will be there until 2025. What does this placement mean for us? Historically, Uranus (the disruptor, the rebel, the wild card) in Taurus (Earth, land, money and material resources) shows disruption in food production and in finances. Uranus also rules the Internet and here we are with headlines about online financial disruption.

Astrology in action.

During the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that brought us the Great Depression there were over 100 different currencies in play in the US. Now, cryptocurrency is all the buzz, bartering is more accepted, Robinhood traders are more influential than anticipated, and groups are forming to beat the Big Boys at their own game. The astrology at this time definitely suggests a diverse portfolio, because with Uranus being such a wild card it’s anyone’s guess who will come out ahead in the end. In true “Mess with the Bull and get the horns” fashion, Wall Street has used their influence to silence and shut down those who beat them at their own game. Yet, looking at the astrology it seems a safe bet to declare this just one more round rather than a defeat. The elite still haven’t figured out their attempts to silence only makes the opposition louder. Back when Mars was in Aries, the anger was like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. With Mars in Uranus, it’s the anger of a Bull with a horn in the Matador’s body. Wall Street might claim the Bull as its symbol, but in the end Uranus in Taurus wants to DESTROY all who put profit before people and the environment. That said, betting on Wall Street’s long-term karma isn’t a safe bet. Cosmic forces far more powerful than a Reddit group will ensure the broken and corrupted loose in the end.

Uranus in Taurus has already influenced so many of us to question our values and our resources. With Mars nearby this is a great time for ACTION and to use the electrical Uranus energy to better realign with your values and how you’re going to navigate in a new cosmic era that promises radical and futuristic change. We’ve got a host of celestials in Aquarius right now, so if your heart and intentions are true you can use this energy to be a radical disruptor in your own life. Tonight’s Full Moon is a great time to let go and prune out the old, because Uranus in Taurus has a more high tech -yet more localized and simple – future in store for us.

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