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The New Moon today occurs in the 23rd degree of Capricorn with the Sun nearby. This New Moon forms a strong conjunct in Pluto. This splits the cosmic viewpoint to “black and white” with no area for compromise in-between. We are certain and fixed in our beliefs, and this New Moon and Pluto together only AMPLIFY the extremities we are already experiencing in this nation.

My nation has gone crazy. The August 2017 Total Eclipse that literally divided our nation into two (running from where the first shot in the U.S. Civil War rang out in South Carolina to – shocker – Portland, Oregon) is in full effect. A fellow empath and lightworker described this past week like the scene from “The Fifth Element” where Leeloo discovers “war.” I couldn’t agree more.

I suggested a break from the online world, but not many listened. Now, my suggestion is to focus on CREATING your own future instead of waiting around for insane politicians to dictate your future. Go within to find your peace instead of going online to find your anger. “Chaos and Confusion” was their agenda starting back in 2015. In 2017, they went full-force on “Divide and Conquer.” The Internet is filled with echo chambers, psyops, rabbit holes, false news, half-truths, and primarily doing an amazing job at confusing and dividing us as a nation. The more you can self-govern and stay offline from this point on the more likely you are to win the U.S. Hunger Games.

Like I said in June 2020, this is spiritual warfare and the dark arts practitioners have – 3 years later – successfully divided our nation into two. Today, they will use the New Moon and Plutocratic energy to further divide and confuse you. Then, they will use the 1st Quarter Moon against you, and so on. Are you falling for this? Do you feel divided within? Are you operating out of fear-based thinking? When you cyberbully each other, the dark wins. When you judge each other and view the world from a fixed perspective and don’t allow room for differing viewpoints and voices, the dark wins. When you spend your day focused on what THEIR plan for your future is, rather than CREATING your own future, the dark wins.

The dark loves nothing more to distract you from your light, and this New Moon is an important time to distract you. Instead of hearing the call of the luminaries to think back to the last time we were at 23 degrees in Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto merged in our sky (Jan. 12, 2020), they want you to use this time watching their political theatre and marveling in the power they hold over you and the entire nation’s future. Click, marvel, scroll, marvel, fear, click, fear, click, division, fear… Instead of thinking back to how much your life has been used and destroyed all in the name of their political theatre and geopolitical agendas over the past year, you’ll focus on what they’re doing now and (gasp!) what they’ll do next. The Sun and the Moon over you today want you to use this luminary energy to reclaim your life and build something that lasts. To self-govern as much as possible, and to take all of your hurts and experiences over the past year and transform yourself and your life. Miracles can happen now, and many don’t want you to recognize what a divine and incredibly powerful cosmic being you are, nor do they want us to recognize how connected we all are here on Earth.

The call to review and integrate our experiences and to re-claim our lives is with us for the next 29 days. The Clash of the Titans – in our galaxy and throughout global politics – will continue with many twists and turns. Find yourself and find your calm within this chaos.

I hope to return to you in a more peaceful and rational time in the near future. I believe in the people of my nation and their ability to find rationality in irrational times, to choose love over chaos, and to show the reliciency and character that created a nation of such incredible freedom it is a role model to so many across Earth and in the galaxies beyond. I believe in you, and I believe in us. The Light is winning. “Don’t Panic.”

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  1. Holly – well said. It is time to rely on our own Inner Net and not be outside much – at least for getting trapped into this drama. Be Well! Tim

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