GOODBYE? HELLO? 2020 / 2021

Although the stars have not been silent, What the Stars Say has been. This is not from lack of care or insight, but because what all you amazing cosmic beings need more than anything at this time is less content and more contemplation.

The next 6-8 weeks will be the most challenging time of the 2021 calendar year.

Although the 2020 calendar year has ended, its astrological year has not. It will continue until Aries season in the early Spring. The “Shit Show” of the 2020 astrological year is far from over, and we would be naive to believe it’s not going to go out without a bang. A big bang.

January 6, 8, 17, and 20 are all What The Stars Say “Watch Out” dates suggesting turning points, major events and/or discoveries, and fantastic days to lay real low and think carefully before you speak or act.

Every single one of us is best served during this time to turn off and tune out the outside world, and to shift to an internal focus on what we truly value and want to preserve, and also what we want to create moving forward in this new calendar year.

Our cosmic theme at this time is mixing the functioning old with the much-needed new as the planets themselves mix the Traditional and Modern. Saturn is now in a constellation it rules – Aquarius-but is in tension with Uranus (the traditional ruler of Aquarius). The modern ruler verses the traditional ruler. Sound familiar? This time is about the tension between old and new, but there’s another layer on top; the part where we re-imagine and re-create our lives. As we say “Goodbye” to one calendar year and prepare to say “Hello” to a new astrological year, the most important cosmic question for us all is what world are we going to re-imagine and how are we going to make it real?

It’s clear many on the outside have ideas about your future. They’re filled with strong ideas and opinions on what the “new normal” and your near future will be like. Little do they know, the cosmic MVP in 2021 will be Uranus and this bad boy is a rebel who prefers to walk backwards and think for himself. There is no such thing as the “new normal” and your future is unwritten.

So, how will you re-imagine your world?

Turn them off – turn us all off!! – and re-imagine your world for awhile. Then join me during the New Moon on January 12 and we’ll talk about how to begin manifesting your re-imagination -your future moving forward into a new cosmic year.

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