The Shit Hits the Fan Today.

WOW. Just as What The Stars Say was preparing to blog on the energies happening in the cosmos Nov. 13-14, 2020, we received a video by astrologer Steve Judd on the subject. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we’re sharing the video here.

In less than 20 minutes, Steve breaks down ancient astrological myths and how this relates to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn throughout 2020 and how the family drama (aka the 2020 “Shit Show” What The Stars Say has been talking about all year) is affecting and influencing all of us below – here on Earth.

Check out the video, and then check out What The Stars Say notes below the video – including expansion on topics and additional information to help you navigate not just this week, but until the end of 2020 and into a new year and a new “astro era” in 2021.

NOV. 13 – Yesterday Mars went direct after being in retrograde motion in the Aries constellation since September. Mars rules Aries with themes of ACTION, PASSION, and AGGRESSION. Be prepared for geopolitical power moves, but also know if you’ve felt sluggish lately this direct movement will help you get your energy back. If you’ve felt restless, Mars was asking you to examine this restless feeling and find out what ACTION you really need to take now that the red planet is back in forward motion.

NOV. 14 – Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in the sky, and a conjunction is a “merging” of energies between two celestial bodies. As Steve explains, the two are brothers so will the brothers merge together to take on the PATRIARCHY (aka Saturn, aka Father)? Another way this conjunction can play out is like it played out when Jupiter and Pluto conjuncted in early April and again on June 30, 2020. Each time these conjunctions have happened there’s been a push of the authorities (the Plutocrats) and attempts to limit freedoms. Think Spring 2020 lock down, think early July mask mandates and additional economic and personal restrictions. What The Stars Say predicts this conjunction will manifest 10 days later and on November 24, 2020, we’ll see these same types of power plays again. Keep in mind, Jupiter represents expansion and Pluto represents authority so attempts to expand authority are likely, but another more general way to look at this is Pluto is the shit and Jupiter is the fan so don’t be surprised if shit hits the fan Thanksgiving week 2020.

BROKEN OR FIXABLE? – As Steve mentions around 10:45 Saturn rules SYSTEMS and LEADERSHIP, and in 2020 we’re all having to confront broken systems and the failure of leadership. What The Stars Say wants to point out that what isn’t destroyed in 2020 will be a topic of discussion and interest in 2021 as Saturn and Uranus clash in the sky. Uranus will save what can be fixed, but when it comes to systems that are broken beyond repair Uranus can and will completely destroy them. Uranus is also going to take on any business or corporation that continues to put profit before people and the environment. There’s another year of karmic reckoning ahead, and Uranus will not back down until the earth is more in balance (Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026).

WE’RE STILL IN RETRO-PLAY: Just because Mercury left its retrograde cycle on November 3 it doesn’t mean we are in the clear – far from it. Mercury rules thoughts and communication and one of the purposes of a Mercury retrograde is to re-examine. This current retrograde cycle took place in the Scorpio constellation and Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac who isn’t afraid to get into the deep, dark secrets and underbelly. As Mercury continues in its shadow-phase we’re still re-examining and trying to sort out facts and fiction. Do not be surprised if MAJOR SECRETS are disclosed this month and if secrets come out on both personal and collective levels. Scorpio also rules the sex organs, so more secretive acts, corruption, and sex scandals are also What The Stars Say predictions for Thanksgiving week 2020.

PAY IT FORWARD – As Steve pays it forward at the end of his video, and What The Stars Say paid it forward for Steve. Please help us keep this giving energy going and pay it forward by sharing this blog!

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