Weekly Forecast: Oct. 6-13, 2020

The next seven days will bring some of the most explosive energy of the year, with two What The Stars Say “WATCH OUT” dates included.

This week we have the Sun in Libra and Venus in Virgo, bringing a focus on justice, women and children. Venus is out of pocket for most of October so this will be a difficult month for Venus themes (love, money, art, beauty) and Libra (like so many of us) is focused on balance. How are we balancing it all? Where is our life and relationships off balance?

As Mercury in Scorpio makes us all turn into detectives and dig deeper in our own lives, its opposition to Uranus is likely to present unexpected discoveries (including archeological discoveries since we’re digging deep with Scorpio), financial misdeeds, far out space news, more sex scandals (since Scorpio rules sex organs), and tales of secret communications and misdeeds.

OCT. 6 – Strong, masculine energy floods Earth as Mars moves in to its closest point to our planet all year. With Mars at home in the Aries constellation, this is Warrior energy capable of both transforming and destroying. Since Mars is in a tense angle with Pluto, the focus is on the Individual vs. Society. The Mars energy invites us to stand up against restrictions and oppressions, and makes highly motivating anger race through our bodies. Use this energy wisely (it will be with you all week, but is strongest today). Meanwhile, the Moon shifts from Earth to Air energy today as it moves from the Taurus to Gemini constellation. This shifts us into more social and communicative emotional states. Mercury is in opposition to Scorpio so don’t be surprised if unexpected thoughts enter your mind and unexpected communications arise.

OCT. 7 – The transits of the week continue with Mars squaring off with Pluto and Mercury and Uranus in opposition. Another transit-likely to be the silver lining in our month-is Jupiter’s trine to Neptune. This transit is about expansion, imagination, dreaming BIG, altruism, and being able to find the meaning-the spirituality-of it all. If you’re mindful of being too unrealistic or gullible, this transit can be your ticket out of the more doomsday thinking and lack of meaning 2020 is so desperately trying to impose on us. Jupiter wants you to EXPAND and although the two together can result in a “big illusion” this trine can help shine a light on the personal illusions in our life and the collective illusion that is 2020. This transit between these two outer planets lasts until October 19, so get to dreaming.

OCT. 8 – The Moon enters the Cancer constellation where she is cozy and at home. This moves us emotionally from mental (Gemini/Air influence) to emotional (Cancer/Water influence) so don’t be surprised if you suddenly start feeling everything you’ve been thinking about the last few days. Let yourself feel it, and then release it back to the Moon.

Experience at AHHATulsa

OCT. 9 – The heat continues to build between Mars and Pluto. It is perhaps Pluto who is the MVP of 2020 since this “dwarfs” conjunctions to the “big boys” (Jupiter and Saturn) are what caused the entire globe to halt this year. Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct again on November 14, and Saturn and Pluto will finish the fight they started back in January near the 2020 Winter Solistice. On Earth, the events of this year might be puzzling by the stars are playing out the story just as it’s written. Pluto wants to DESTROY what is broken and corrupted, and take on all the major players. When Pluto has the planet of war (Mars) in the ring with him, how do you think that’s going to go? Shit is going down. While we might not have geopolitical control, we have personal power to prevent unnecessary war and destruction in our own homes and lives. It’s important to be conscious of your thoughts and actions at this time and to be aware of all of the strong yang/masculine energy coating through all of our veins. If you’re angry, ask whether it is righteous or self-righteous anger. Also, is your anger transforming you or depleting you? Are you creating chaos or giving and receiving love? It’s important to be deeply aware of your intentions when such explosive “trigger-happy” energies are influencing all of us. Mars is at home in the Aries constellation and this can be impatient, rash, selfish, and highly egotistical and aggressive energy. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, and pray all homes and nations do the same.

OCT. 10 – The Libra Sun squares off Jupiter in Capricorn making our ability to expand in our relationships and find wiggle room within systems more difficult than usual. Both Libra and Jupiter have justice themes, so issues of justice can come into focus at this time. Venus forms a trine to Uranus and with this we have a sensual and rebellious earthy vibe and the strong potential for unexpected and pleasant surprises in matters of the heart and through our work and service. The Moon is Wanning Crescent as it moves from “cozy Cancer” to “flashy Leo” and asks us to stop hiding and start shining.

OCT. 11- The Sun and Jupiter continue to expand and illuminate us on issues of balance/equality and justice, but there’s tension in this discussion. The Wanning Crescent Moon is still shining in firey Leo, Mars and Pluto are still having a knife fight in the street, but we’ve got Venus (love, money, creativity) in a lovely trine with Uranus (technology, astrology, far out thinking) working in our favor. Since Venus is in Virgo and out of pocket, it’s a hard time for people who expect to get by on just their looks. But, if you have a passion and a plan this is the time to jump on it. Venus in Virgo is like Martha Stewart creating a divine home or Ron Swanson salivating over a specific type of wood and what he can create with it. Venus and Uranus-as well as Jupiter’s trine to Neptune-provide us with the spark to get our way out of a rut and create a life with more meaning. The stars are asking us what we want to value and preserve. What awaits us in the new future we can create at this time? Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell tells us.

OCT. 12 – The same energies are with us today that have been with us since the start of the week. Are you able to identify the Mars/fiery aggression inside you and/or coming at you from others? Have you noticed more impatient and reckless drivers? Mercury in Scorpio forms a sextile to Venus in Virgo today, creating a deeply sensual mental perspective matched with a heart of service and purity. The Moon is still in Leo so we have many celestials asking us to give love and shine a light on those we love today.

OCT. 13 – This day is such a “WATCH OUT” day on so many different levels. What The Stars Say will share a vlog and new posts to cover all the cosmic action on this day. Stay tuned, and be sure to describe so you get an email each time there’s fresh content.

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