Full Moon & Chiron in Aries

Chiron taught many of the greats, and as the “Wounded Healer” this mythological centaur continues to teach us. As we enter the October 1, 2020, Full Moon in Aries energy, Chiron is a mere 9 degrees nearby. Aries (both the zodiac baby and pioneer) is reminding us of our most infant needs and wounds.

Prepare for projections. Prepare for resenting your greatest teachers in life. Get it out – have a good big baby cry. And then take the lesson, put on your big kids pants, and use your childish anger to TRANSFORM.

Release what no longer serves you instead of continuing to waste your energy on you no longer what care to preserve.

The baby must become the pioneer. The pioneer must look into a future and figure out how to actually create it. This Full Moon – like all full moons – represents completion. Are you completely over your temper tantrum? Do you need to get the Mars (action and aggression) energy out in a brave and pioneering way, or are you going to kick and scream until you grow tired from your tantrum and take a nap ( or worse, lash out like a big, selfish baby? Because that’s Aries energy right there even without a Full Moon, Chiron, and Mars in the Ram constellation.

Chiron teaching Achilles

What does a Ram instinctively do? Ram their horns. Climb cliffs. Which adventure do you choose? The Aries energy of this Full Moon with Mars retrograde and a Chiron conjunction means you have A LOT of energy at your disposal. Will you be the Ram that feels Wounded and charges ahead to clash at another and lock horns? Or will you be the Ram who climbs out on a cliff to see a better horizon ahead?

As so many of the astrological questions of 2020, it boils down to a simple choice: Chaos or Love?

Choose wisely and use this lunar energy to reach both a needed ending and beginning. If you need a fresh start – here it is. Happy Full Moon…

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