April 27 – May 10

The next two weeks are going to be rolled together in this astrology forecast since the days and transits blend together and one cosmic shift forms the plot line of a play you will be directing and acting in for the next 19 years.

It was not an accident What The Stars Say did not publish a forecast last week, but instead a deliberate move to allow you full freedom to take in the information presented between April 22-27 as the Sun merges with Uranus and brings new, unexpected, and possibly disruptive and unwanted information. The data presented by the Sun will be absorbed and transmuted over the next month, but the initial wave is here.

Uranus – the seventh planet – has the nickname “The Bulls-eye Planet” due to the appearance given by its vertical rings. However, the information we’re receiving at this time might not seem on target at all and the facts might not add up. We must keep in mind the merging of the Sun and Uranus isn’t complete yet and more information is yet to be revealed.

“Sunrise,” Roy Lichtenstein

Early this week (Monday/Tuesday), we will be presented with more information and many will question whether the facts add up. Around April 30, 2020, we will be presenting with WOW’ing information – a trend that will continue throughout the “WOW-ing ’20s.”

This new information is coming as Pluto is in retrograde and four planets are moving into a shadow phase before their respective retrograde cycles. What The Stars Say will share more on these retrograde cycles as they begin, but in the meantime these shifts tell us we must use our clear thinking now and be objective, analytical, and open-minded with the information presented over the next two weeks.

Because there are many layers to the astrological story playing out at this time, this forecast mixes together days and shares a story arc as the next two weeks unfold.

MONDAY, APRIL 27: Disruptive data comes through as the Sun opposes Uranus and Mercury joins the two in the Taurus constellation. Yet, we have supportive emotional energy from the Moon as it enters Cancers and encourages us to be more nurturing. An interest to communicate in order to heal emerges and continues until mid-week.

TUESDAY, APRIL 28 & WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29: Practicality is a strong Taurus quality, but the Bull is also known for fixed and stubborn thinking as well as a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent. Don’t be a fixed thinker or a thinker who accepts being spoon-fed information. Call on the higher qualities of Mercury (representative of your own thinking process) and use this time for clear and practical planning, patient and independent and objective thinking. If you’re sitting on the fence, act on it right now. On May 5, 2020, we have Saturn (Lord of Karma, Father of Time) moving signs and 19-year emotional and destined lunar cycles shifting. If you want to move, do it now. If you want to change your career, do it now. If you want to get out of an unfulfilling and/or toxic relationship, do it now. If you want to make amends, heal, and finally let go, this is the time to Let Go.

“Cosmology,” by Roy Lichtenstein

THURSDAY, APRIL 30: The “WOW’ing ’20s” presents itself today. There’s a strong possibility a message will be received today and viewed as a miracle and divine grace. But, it could also be weird and shocking since Mercury opposes Uranus and encourages outrageous and rebellious acts. For many people, they’ll get a message but they don’t welcome it, didn’t expect it, and probably don’t like it – but, there it is. At the same time, we have a 1st Quarter Moon in Leo squaring the Taurus Sun (where Mercury and Uranus also reside) and Saturn trying to get comfortable in quirky Aquarius. This translates into a day to embark on your own into a new territory and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes by creating the best New Normal possible.

Modern Tapestry, Roy Lichtenstein

FRIDAY, MAY 1: Today represents the middle of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes and we are asked to take stock on this day and examine what we have created for ourselves during the planting and the harvest. Today, many will express the “Power to the People” and rebellious, future-thinking, and disruptive energies of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius. Take heart and embrace the struggles for civil liberties, human rights, justice, and the karmic reckoning occurring throughout the world. These struggles are an important part of the astrological story playing out at this time, and if you finding yourself demanding peace and submission at this time focus this energy within and create the peace you need inside of your Self and in your immediate environment. Today, we are also presented with an excellent time to gain a better understanding of the feminine and its influence upon our daily lives. Take stock, find peace, and ask women more questions.

SATURDAY, MAY 2: If you’ve adapted and realigned throughout the week you may find yourself full of positive energy and feel the possibility in the air. If you haven’t acted yet, the Moon entering Virgo will help you be more receptive to the data being presented to you and encourage you to work hard to catch up and get on the path.

SUNDAY, MAY 3, MONDAY, MAY 4, & TUESDAY, MAY 5: Where are you being deceived? Are the facts adding up? Are your beliefs and emotional bias preventing you from seeing clearly? Do you know where you stand on both emotional and material levels? The Sun brings illumination, expansive thinking, redemption, and new beginnings as it conjuncts Mercury (“The Messenger”). Yet its fellow luminary – the Moon – is still dealing with emotional issues related to love and money. The Moon squares both Venus (in Gemini and preparing for Retrograde) and Neptune (in the deceptive waters of Pisces). We want to expand and redeem in spiritual and material ways, but some of us will fill blocked until the Moon trines Mars on Tuesday evening and goes Void of Course (VOC) before entering Libra.


On May 5, 2020, the North and South Nodes shift in order to personally and collective realign our path. In a time where we are gorged on data and lacking meaning, we are asked to move from the muddy Earth (Capricorn) and Water (Cancer) energy and accelerate with Fire (Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini). Life is guaranteed to speed up and change at an incredibly fast pace in many arenas of life, and change is guaranteed.

A node in the telecommunications industry is a redistribution point, and this shift is redistributing in the travel, communications, health care, energy, and trades – as well as great shifts in our values, vocation, and relationships. Vocationally, this will be a welcome change for many as the current economy requires them to be flexible and learn new trades. Although long distance travel will be adversely affected by this shift, short distance road trips will be more popular than ever. Solutions in housing, healthcare, energy, and technology will be presented throughout this new cycle.

If this shift occurs in specific points of a person’s natal chart (their True Node is in Sagittarius, for example), they can expect their life to drastically change over the next 18 months and offer many positive advancements. Many will experience an ease at letting the past go, entering into new territory, and creating a new normal for themselves.

Just like this nodal shift affects us on a personal level (according to our natal / birth astrology chart), it also affects specific locations and countries differently. This will be a major shift for the United States of America. The same Lunar Nodes present in the aftermath of 911 are presenting themselves to the States again at this time, and we need to trust the fight against any further intrusion on our civil liberties and our intention to not enter new wars since the last time this occurred we entered into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and saw the chipping away of freedom with TSA and the “Patriot Act.” It is important to be objective and calm in the States at this time, because this Lunar Shift is only further emphasized by the upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipses creating a volatile year for the country filled with many endings and new beginnings. The Luminaries offer many twists and turns for us all in 2020. (Stay tuned for more)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6 & THURSDAY, MAY 7: Full Moon Fever strikes as the Moon opposes the Rebel Uranus before moving into Scorpio. At the same time, Venus is still squaring off into Neptune and trying to find the diplomacy required in relationships while the Moon was in the Libra constellation over the last view days. This can be a stormy time in relationships – even those that are otherwise sound. On Thursday morning the Taurus Sun opposes the Full Moon in Scorpio – who has time for practical matters when our emotional terrain requires some digging and detective work? The Scorpio Full Moon wants to go deep and dive into both the sensuality and the skeletons in our lives. In the evening, we’re better served to count on luck than action.

FRIDAY, MAY 8 & SATURDAY, MAY 9: Remorse and rebirth are on the minds of many today as Mercury trines Pluto and the Full Moon in Scorpio continues to impact our emotional energies and dialogue at this time. Jupiter is giving us luck in our communications, and Saturn is now stationary retrograde and giving us a moment to pause and consider where we didn’t show remorse or growth before the Lord of Karma and Father of Time went into a new constellation, and before the Moon’s Nodes shifted.

SUNDAY, MAY 10 & MONDAY, MAY 11: As Mercury squares Mars today you may find yourself either the giver or receiver of hurtful words and messages today. Carefully consider whether they truly deserve it (if you’re the giver) and if you truly deserve it (if you’re the receiver). Either way, this squaring off between Messages and Aggression presents each of use with tests and challenges, but all of them result from one’s speed of thought. Think carefully before you speak at this time, and intend to respond rather than react. Unchecked miscommunication will only escalate at this time, and a person could easily find themselves coming across as either hostile, unsympathetic, or worse. This is not a time for rash decisions, but it is time to protect and defend yourself as necessary.

“Water Lily,” Roy Lichtenstein

Please stay tuned for more information about the energies affecting us all at this time, and how the transits of 2020 are shaping the cosmic influence upon our lives. In the meantime, use these two weeks to tackle old business, to enhance your life and Earth, and to deeply reflect and question all information presented to you. There is change in the air and in the cosmos…

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