Week of April 13 – 19

MONDAY: The hardworking Capricorn Moon looms over us and reminds us to get back to work and to focus on building up the systems and structure of the New Normal. The Aries Sun continues to push us forward in pioneering this new reality, and uses the tension with Jupiter and Pluto as fuel. It’s best to be consistently focused on reality and occupied with tasks today. Be mindful of feeling rushed with a sense of restriction. Be patient with yourself and with those who project their own sense of urgency and restrictions upon you.

TUESDAY: Today you are asked to consider your personal health and healing journey, and to contemplate new beginnings. This could translate into how to better boost your immune system, be more active as you shelter in place, how to love your body more, and/or how to heal past hurt and trauma. Both healing and hurtful dialogues with others are possible today as “The Messenger” (Mercury) and “Wounded Healer” (Chiron) are in the Aries constellation. The Sun is also in Aries and forming a square to both Jupiter (Expansion) and Pluto (Destruction). What do you need to let go of in order to truly expand?

WEDNESDAY: The Moon takes us on an emotional ride as she shifts from Earth (Capricorn) to Air (Aquarius) before conjuncting with Saturn and Mars, and squaring Uranus. Fresh ideas and actions are now possible. During the day, find a way to get more active. People with their Natal Sun in Aries and Gemini really need to find more action this week in order to be mentally and physically sound. Tonight is a wonderful night for dream interpretation.

THURSDAY: Today the cosmos presents you with a mirror reflecting the past three days back to you. What do you see? What are you not seeing?

FRIDAY: The cosmic energies of this day involve Air and Fire. Aries – the Fire baby of the zodiac- hosts both the Sun and Mercury, while in harmony with an Air Moon (Aquarius) and Air Venus (Gemini). Aries is sending energy out to manifest bravery and new beginnings with consideration for both the collective and individual family unit. This energy supports brainstorming sessions, virtual happy hour team builds, and all efforts focused on creative thinking and new projects.

SATURDAY: Mars and Venus have formed a near perfect trine and help us combine love and creativity with action. Both planets are in Air signs and this enhances our need to communicate and our ability and motivation to connect with others.

SUNDAY: The Sun moves into Taurus and just like that we’ve moved from the Ram to the Bull. Happy Taurus Season! The Sun represents our outward expression and is now in Taurus where earthy delights and material comfort are key. Meanwhile, the Moon is in watery Pisces and focused on daydreams rather than practicality, so don’t be surprised if you’re in muddy waters between your head and heart as Earth meets Water in the Luminaries. The good news is our head and hearts might not feel aligned but our thoughts and actions have a boost with Mercury and Mars in sextile. Tonight, turn off programs and enjoy the Moon’s Void of Course from 6:30 p.m. until dawn and allow yourself a moment to think clearly without outside influence. Pose a question and ask for the answer to appear to you in a dream.

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