Week of March 23-29

March 2020 continues its own paradigm shift by coming in like a Lamb and out like a Lion this year. The beginning of spring coincides with the ending of many cosmic cycles, and it’s a transitional few weeks ahead for the entire planet. Be sure to check out “How to Ride the Pandemic Wave” by What the Stars Say Founder Holly and get insight into the astrological cycles affecting us at this time and how to best navigate the challenges.

Stay tuned for a New Moon in Aries video, and also be sure to keep an eye out for the What the Stars Say International Astrology Day special and get over 50% off a personalized astrology reading!

Monday, March 23: On a collective level, Mars and Pluto are still bringing in destructive actions and energies. Stay calm and be objective with information and action today. Saturn, meanwhile, is chilling at 0 degrees in Aquarius and will continue to do so until March 31. This is the time-frame of the uncomfortable shift we’re experiencing as Saturn has left the Earth sign of Capricorn and moved into the Air sign of Aquarius. On a personal level today we’ll feel like staying home and daydreaming since Venus is in sextile to Neptune and Jupiter in a quintile aspect to Chiron gives us luck and the ability to expand in our personal healing journeys.

Tuesday, March 24: An energy burst for us all today courtesy of the Aries Sun and New Moon in Aries. Stay tuned for a video on how to best use this energy (by an Aries Astrologer)! Take time today to notice spring happening all around you and set your intentions for your own new beginnings as the Zodiac starts anew in the 1st sign of Aries. Happy Birthday, Aries!

Wednesday, March 25: If there’s one thing an Aries knows how to do it is how to be “EXTRA” and today is perfect example of the “EXTRA” energy an Aries can bring. The Sun is in Aries, the Moon is in Aries, and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) is also in Aries. It’s a bit much, even for an Aries. This energy is likely to make many people feel “EXTRA” action-oriented, restless, aggressive, self-centered, and possible insensitive and careless with other’s feelings and wounds. Be kind today, and use all of this amazing pioneering Aries energy towards helpful, compassionate, future-oriented, and productive projects today. Otherwise, you’ll be like an angry Ram running around butting heads with everyone you encounter.

Thursday, March 26: The Sun conjuncts Black Lilith today and shines light on the past, dark secrets, and karmic events and relationships. There are strong possibilities information will be revealed today on personal and political fronts. There’s also possibility for new information to be released on the current health and economic crisis.

Friday, March 27: The Moon and Venus are hanging out in comfy, earthy Taurus today and providing us with chill vibes on the emotional / relationships front. It’s a wonderful time to give back to Earth and plant for the spring season.

Saturday, March 28: Today is another wonderful day to get outside and garden. The Moon and Venus are together in Taurus and the Planet of Love is in a trine to the Planet of Luck. There are wonderful energies today to give us love and encourage us to show love to others. Jupiter makes a conjunct to Pluto today, and Jupiter wants to expand while Pluto wants to restrict so don’t be surprised if you find yourself indecisive today or more focused on your consumption and any limited thinking.

Sunday, March 29: Love and luck are still in the air, but the Moon and Mercury are at odds causing a discord between the head and heart. Jupiter and Pluto continue to battle between expansions and restriction. Take a walk outside today or short hike to clear your head; it’s likely you’ll feel “cabin fever” while lacking peace and harmony on mental and emotional levels. Stay grateful for all of the love in your life.

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