Week of March 9-15

What an impactful Mercury Retrograde cycle we’re all coming out of! As the “Messenger” planet moves forward and allows us to move forward. But, during this “backwards” cycle we were all challenged to re-examine something. If we accepted the challenge, as this week develops we’re now ready to make the changes necessary and re-align.

MONDAY: Mercury moves stationary direct, meaning the FOG MACHINE has been turned off and we can begin to see and think clearly again. The Super Full Moon in Virgo introduces a new lunar cycle focus on Virgo themes such as work, service, data, and health. We are urged to examine our emotional data at this time.

The personal impact of a full moon depends on the House in your natal chart the moon is in. For example, if the moon is in your 10th house the next 29 days will have more of a focus on your career and status.

TUESDAY: The Moon moves into Libra while also forming a harmonious angle to Uranus and Venus in Taurus; creating balance and beauty and making us all a bit more receptive and social. Venus Love Goddess energy is around today so it’s a great day for singles to look around and for committed couples to look at each other adoringly.

WEDNESDAY: Today, luck comes through connecting with both ourselves and others as the Libra Moon is sextile to the lucky planet Jupiter. Trust your gut today; the Moon will strengthen your intuition. Mercury in Aquarius will help you translate the future into reality. Ideas/Thoughts + Action = Success

THURSDAY: A Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus constellation with Venus and Uranus while forming a relationship to Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) in Aries. What does this mean? Haters are really gonna hate today, and any gossip shared can’t be fully trusted. Many will feel the Moon’s opposition to Uranus and want to shake things up do something different and unexpected, and rebel in their own little ways.

FRIDAY: Transformative energies are in the the air as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mars in Capricorn. At the same time, the moon is harmonious with Neptune creating an insightful time, but also a time to move from thought to action!

SATURDAY: The early morning hours creating some discordant and foggy thinking, so feel free to use this as an excuse to sleep in today. By early evening, the Moon will be in Sagittarius so it’s a wonderful evening to socialize and party (responsibly).

SUNDAY: Treat yourself and others with “kid gloves today” since the moon squares both Chiron and Neptune today. If you (or a loved one) experiences a moon shift and focuses more on the dark and depressing or feel especially sensitive, just know like all moon cycles it’s just a passing phase. Don’t take your darkness or other’s “Shadow Self” too seriously today.

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