Week of Feb. 17-23

Mars (the Planet of Action) has moved into the Capricorn constellation and is feeling energetic. While Mars was in Sagittarius our actions (or attempts to move forward) came in “fits and spurts” or were not met with cooperation by others. As much as we wanted action and adventure, what we actually got was half-measures, unfinished projects, and tension. Now, our actions have more momentum and we can move forward with ease.

Mars in Capricorn is in harmony with Uranus in Taurus, and together they are focused on overdue change within systems and with our collective and personal material resources and concerns. Uranus (the “Wild Card” celestial who can bring either destruction or brilliance unexpectedly) has been in the Taurus constellation for awhile now and will continue to be for the rest of 2020. This transit is known for unexpected weather, inventions and innovation regarding food production and health, and causing a serious examination of monetary systems and material resources. The placement of Mars in Capricorn gives us the chance to find solutions, create new systems, and build our nest to have security (rather than debt).

Movement might come easier, but with Mercury now in its retrograde cycle in the Pisces constellation many are experiencing a shift in their mental process and lines of thinking. The retrograde of the fastest planet and ruler of communication, thinking, and technology causes many to experience foggy thinking, a review of past experiences or relationships, mechanical and tech problems, and a period of time ripe for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Action is easier, but all forms of communication (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic) now require us to be more present and mindful while Mercury – “The Messenger” – is in a constellation known for being in a daydream rather than in reality.

Meanwhile, Venus (the Planet of Love) is in tension with Jupiter (the Planet of Luck, Higher Thinking, Expansion), and this suggests many are actively seeking happiness. What was last week if not a look at where we are lacking in our relationships? This isn’t limited to romantic love, but also includes family, personal, and professional relationships. We’ve seen the areas where we lack balance and/or emotional fulfillment. Now, we have to find solutions.

MONDAY: The daydreams of Pisces are at large today with Mercury Retrograde in the final Water sign, and Neptune in Pisces in a conflicting position with the Moon in Sagittarius. The conflict today is between action/adventure and inaction/daydreams. Today is a good day to mix it up and do something out of the ordinary. It’s also a good day to let inaction and daydream win the battle, and to relax and treat yourself. The rest of the week is all about work, so take time today to relax and daydream out the window for awhile; reality can wait.

TUESDAY: Dare yourself to reform your work life today. What changes do you want to make in this area? Perhaps you’ll challenge yourself to adjust your schedule to be more punctual, to focus on solutions rather than problems, or to refrain from negative speech and gossip moving forward. The Moon has moved into the hardworking Capricorn constellation, and its near Mars-now fully in Capricorn-and Uranus in Taurus making this an excellent time to repair what isn’t working in your professional realm and better yourself.

The Sun moves into Pisces, and brings the theme of the Greek Theater Masks – the Comedy and the Tragedy of it all. Pisces goes deep into the subconscious and dives in intuitive waters, and the Sun represents our outer expression. As we experience this Solar visit in the final zodiac sign, we are asked to bring forth what is still hidden within us and to further our outer expression. Happy Solar Return/ Birthday, Pisces!

WEDNESDAY: The advice you need to tell yourself today is “Just shut up and do your work.” There’s watery, daydreaming, escapism vibes coming from the Pisces constellation and unless you get to spend the vast majority of the day in a therapy session sorting through your feelings (real and imagined), resistance is futile. Just do your work, because through your work and efforts you will experience luck. The rest is just emotional vomit that will only lead you to greater dissatisfaction. Detach from the emotions and focus on your tasks at hand, and it will serve you and your mental health far better. The Luminaries are forming a square to Venus feeling aggressive in the action-oriented Aries, so in personal relationships you’re looking for action and likely to experience a backfire. “Just shut up and do your work.”

Pisces Rihanna with Scorpio Drake…

THURSDAY: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself liking other people and your Self far better today. Venus (Planet of Love) and Chiron (“The Wounded Healter)” are both in Aries sending off self-confident and self-healing vibes. At the same time, the Moon in Aquarius makes us love our fellow human beings far more than usual. Depending on where your personal Moon is at today (based upon your natal chart – your “Moon Sign”), the Moon forming a square to the “Wild Card” Uranus can result in unexpected emotional experiences or encounters. Uranus brings both delight and destruction, so it could play out in many ways.

FRIDAY: The “Friday Feeling” is good vibes and impatient passions. You know what you want, and you want it now. Slow down. because it’s all about the rewards of hard work rather than instant gratification. Selfishness is exposed and altruism is rewarded today.

SATURDAY: There are beautiful cosmic energies at play today. With the Pisces Sun in sextile to Uranus in Taurus, there is earthy, dreamy, feminine energy in the air. There is also a closer connection to our Ancestors today, as well as our Higher Power. Pisces represents themes of escapism and addiction, and today there is Universal support available to those who are ready to surrender and free themselves from what no longer serves them.

SUNDAY: The Luminaries unite in the Pisces constellation as a Master Number New Moon joins the Sun! This is beautiful energy and a perfect New Moon to close out a dark winter. The healing energy at play on Saturday continues today, and while Saturday was perfect for an emotional surrender today is about rising up from the ashes and using the Full Moon Energy to trust change is possible, and to make change possible.

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