Week of Feb. 10-16

During the February STARCAST presentation, What the Stars Say explained why the week of Valentine’s Day is a sick joke from Cosmic Cupid. Here’s a breakdown of the energies at play:

The week kicks off in the “Shadow Phase” of the forthcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle, and this phase is a time potent with miscommunication and misunderstanding. During such times, hurt feelings and arguments are more likely to result. Romantic, right?

If the cosmic energies of this week were a television show, it would be the end of Season 3 of “Sex and the City.” This part of the series is when Karma comes back to the ladies and despite their best intentions miscommunication rules romance.

But, wait! There’s more here because retrograde cycles are also known for prompting people to “revisit” the past, and this is why a Mercury Retrograde is as likely to bring your exes out of hiding as a Venus Retrograde cycle – they’re “revisiting” the relationship. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly thinking of a past relationship, or if a former lover reaches out to you just to “check in.” (This cycle lasts Feb. 10 – March 10).

Also happening during this week (and this “Shadow Phase”) is a challenging aspect between Venus (Planet of Love) and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) making this a time when old wounds may suddenly reappear and new injuries may occur. This is happening Feb. 9 until Feb 12, and while many people might need to explore old loves and old wounds to determine what still needs healed the experience won’t be welcomed with open arms.

The cosmic energies and movements at this time suggest disruptive, revealing and unexpected times, events, and themes in matters of love. While many people are more than ready for change and action, real change and lasting action aren’t possible until Sunday (Feb. 16) when Mars (Planet of Action) moves from its “fit and spurts” ability in Sagittarius into the “solid and lasting” action possible in the Capricorn constellation.

MONDAY: The Mercury Retrograde “Shadow Phase” has its fog machine turned up to high today. The Virgo Moon (focused on data, service, health and organization) is at odds with Mercury in Pisces (focused on daydreams, creativity, and the subconscious) and the Sun in Aquarius (focused on innovative, unity, and the future). If you feel out of sorts today, it’s no wonder with the dichotomy happening between our Luminaries (Moon and Sun) and our closest neighbor (Mercury).

TUESDAY: The fog clears today and we return to higher mental clarity as a lot of Earth energy comes in with the Virgo Moon forming harmonious angles to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The Void of Course Moon happening during the shift between the Virgo and Libra constellation, gives us time to separate our emotional thinking from our rational thinking. This is a wonderful day to meditate, contemplate, and get some insight before the fog machine gets turned back on. Even though the Earth energy will make you want to build something solid and take action, it’s best to wait until Mars enters the Earth energy constellation of Capricorn on Sunday as well – until then, all action lacks staying power.

WEDNESDAY: The fog machine is back on, and we’re all in the thick fog of Mercury’s “Shadow Phase.” Be especially kind and gentle towards yourself and others today, because it won’t be easy for any of us with the Moon at odds with Jupiter (Luck), Venus (Love), and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). The Libra Moon wants balance in both love and aesthetics, zero conflict, and harmony within relationships but this is extremely difficult to achieve with all of the harsh aspects at play. Libra wants to avoid conflict and confrontation, but there’s a good chance it will meet them head-on unless we are all mindful of the potentiality to hurt and be hurt today. If you are single, know that if you meet someone today you are seeing them through rose-colored glasses and projecting what and who you want to see rather than reality. This is not a day for new romance. You can work well with others today, but you won’t find it as easy to interact on an emotional level.

THURSDAY: Action is only favored today between 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. when the Moon sextiles Mars (Planet of Action). The Moon is shifting between the Libra and Scorpio constellations today and is Void of Course between approximately 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (central time) – the best time for clear, rational thinking. Otherwise, this is not a day for heavy work and many of us will not feel motivated and find our actions only come in fits and spurts (thanks to Mars in Sagittarius). At the same time, a lunar shift is asking us to weigh responsibilities and relationships. Much like the symbolic Libra scales, you are being asked to examine whether these two areas are balanced or whether the scales are tipped in one’s favor.

FRIDAY: Today is not a day for drama. There’s a lot of watery, emotional energy happening and intense vibes. The Moon is in Scorpio and Mercury is in Pisces, creating a lot of Water energy and it’s a day to daydream and explore passion. However, the energy of this day is best spent going into deep fantasy, using one’s imagination, and uncovering truths. Where are you fed up with? Where are you accepting less than you feel you deserve? What isn’t sitting right with you? This is a time to deep dive into your intuitive and subconscious powers and thinking. The Uranus opposition happening with this Moon will make many people feel worried, slightly agitated, and on edge; know what these feelings are and detach from them. Choose love and wisdom over unfounded fear.

SATURDAY: If something or someone seems too good to be true today, listen to your gut. This isn’t a day of natural, strong judgment so be careful who you trust. This day continues to provide us with intense, dark, and penetrating energies from the Scorpio Moon. Feelings may betray us today, and a deep melancholy fills the air.

SUNDAY: Mars is back in action with a move into the Capricorn constellation. We can finally act, build, and push forward. However, during a Mercury Retrograde it’s best to not push forward on something new, but instead push forward on something old. Retrogrades are best spent revisiting, revising, returning to something. What’s the project or “monkey on your back” you keep meaning to finish? Today marks a great three week cycle where you can finally knock this out and be FREE of it.

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