Venus in Aries Feb. 7-March 4

Venus moves into Mars’ house on Friday, February 7, until March 4, 2020. In the Mars-ruled Aries constellation the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Creativity finds itself in a space where altruism meets aggression.

After existing in the daydream wonderland that is Venus in Pisces – where she is exalted and welcomed – we’re jolted into fiery and courageous energy. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac -the baby- and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” While Aries is known as a “selfish sign,” it’s important to remember Aries is also known as a courageous pioneer – the Ram who isn’t afraid to knock heads or tackle difficult terrain. There’s a lonely and isolating aspect to such bravery, and a balancing act between pushing forward and not leaving others behind.

Aries, like its ruling planet Mars, is known for action. With Venus in the Aries constellation there’s a good chance your love life will move into focus, and inaction will become action.

If a relationship isn’t serving you or is filled with toxicity and dead ends, this cosmic placement can provide you with the courage and bravery to head out on your own.

If you are typically shy and have a hard time putting yourself out there, you will find Venus in Aries to be a chance to get out of your lonely comfort zone and tackle difficult terrain.

If you struggle with selfish behavior, this placement will magnify the Ego, the Baby, and the Ram. Aries is as well-known for its admirable qualities as it is for its undesirable qualities, including; aggression, immaturity, selfishness, and expecting the world to “owe it a living.” Aries is the baby, so people who already struggle with the undesirable qualities will only amplify their baby behaviors if they are not mindful. All of us should be mindful of ego energies in matters of love, creativity, art, and beauty during this time (Feb. 7 – March 4, 2020).

Venus desires altruism and Mars excels in aggression. While Venus is in Aries, Mars is in sister Fire sign Sagittarius. Mars (our action, passion and drive) is looking out at the horizon and focused on what’s ahead of us instead of in front of us. Action comes in fiery spurts, and it’s harder than usual to get real traction. This can result in passionate but short-lived love affairs, a tension and friction (between “self and others”) in committed relationships, or a frustration between the lack of alignment between feelings and actions.

At the same time Venus is in Aries, Mercury moves through it’s shadow phase, and into retrograde before going direct on March 10, 2020. During this cosmic occurrence (“Mercury Retrograde”), we experience a far greater chance of miscommunication, technical issues, travel delays, and about 60% of us experience foggy thinking and find it more difficult to make decisions. When Mercury – the Planet of Communication, Media, Technology – changes its orbit and slows its speed we feel the effects due to speed and proximity (Earth is next door neighbors with Mercury, and Mercury is the fastest moving planet with a unique orbit).

Aries is known for being blunt and having a quick temper. This energy doesn’t mix well at a time already ripe with miscommunications and misunderstandings. Direct communication is effective, but not when it comes with egotistical and aggressive energy. We all need to be mindful of this energy at play. Not only is Mercury in Retrograde, but it’s happening in the Pisces constellation. This is Water energy meeting Fire energy, and this combination will influence both our relationships and communications. The sensitive and introverted Pisces is meeting insensitive extroverted Aries. It’s important to think before we speak, listen deeply before we react, and realize we are each coming at each other in highly unique ways. We cannot charge in and start knocking heads with strangers and loved ones like the Aries Ram.

The highly positive aspects of this influence will come to those who need help taking action. Aries is both brave and playful, so this is a time we can experience a renewed sense of innocence, awe, and action.

The “Wallflowers” will finally find the courage to ask someone to dance.

The introverted creatives will find the drive and bravery needed to create art. Venus rules art and creativity, and Mars rules action so this is a wonderful time to review and work on artistic creations you want to share with the world. The time for the real action should be after the end of the retrograde cycle (March 10). Now is a time to take the steps and have the bravery needed to create and prepare to put it out into the world. Much like nature keeping busy under the surface throughout winter and blooming out in spring.

The couples who are struggling with a lackluster love life will find an increase in libido, playfulness, and passion.

The one guarantee we all have from these transits is “Action in Love.” Enjoy and play nice!

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