Full Moon – Feb. 9

Full Moons represent completion, and the Feb. 9, 2020, Full Moon in Leo is no different but due to other cosmic energies also happening there’s a twist.

Leo, astrology, July 2017

The Leo Full Moon occurs right before Mercury goes into retrograde and causes difficulties with communication, travel, and technology. This Full Moon asks us to complete any projects, loose ends, or efforts before Mercury goes into retrograde.

With Venus (Planet of Love) and Mercury (Planet of Communications) both in Pisces we’re being called to be of service to others and tap into our higher conscious and our subconscious.

The Full Moon in Leo encourages us to shine and with Venus moving into Aries a few days before, it’s tempting and far too easy to use this Fire energy for egotistical or vain purposes. It’s a battle between Self and Others, and if you choose to shine light on others you will be rewarded but if you choose to keep the spotlight on just yourself the rewards will be short-term and limited. Learn more in this week’s Cosmic Weekly Forecast blog here.

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