Week of Feb. 3 – 9

What the Stars Say missed you on Monday, but it’s fine since Venus moving into the Pisces constellation had us all in a daydream anyways. Here’s the breakdown of the rest of the week:

The Sun is now in Aquarius and the Moon is shifting from Taurus (Earth) to Gemini (Air) and squaring Mercury (Communication) as it enters Pisces (Water).

As we begin the week we need to mind the details. The energy we have coming at us at the beginning of the week is best spent creating and working on marketing and media projects. This is artistic and analytic energy thanks to the Air and Water combinations in the cosmos.

TUESDAY: Find joy and beautify in your daily routine. Venus (Love, Beauty) is in a placement in Saturn that encourages us to bring beauty within the daily systems and routines of our lives. The Gemini Moon trines an Aquarius Sun, and both planets are Mercury (thought process) ruled. It’s not about action in the moment though, as much as you thinking of future actions since the Moon is at a hard angle to Mars (the Action Planet).

WEDNESDAY: Today we are graced with a beautiful energy encouraging us to speed up our thinking, and providing us with clarity and new discoveries. It’s not a time to binge-watch series, but a time to think clearly about what interests and best serves you. There’s strong Air energy happening today, and it urges you to think far out – both literally and figuratively.

THURSDAY: The Moon feels at home in the Cancer constellation and forms a trine to Neptune and vibrates at a higher octave to Venus. It all sounds dreamy and cozy, right? It’s water energy and the muse does not want to be rushed today. This is a day to use your voice, and this can play out in two different ways. The Sun in Aquarius makes it a great day to use your voice to rally for your community, and it’s also a great day to ask for help. Perhaps you’re doing more than your share a home and you need more help. Perhaps you’re struggling with work life balance and need assistance. You may also be struggling with an addiction you don’t feel you can overcome alone. Ask for help today – from your family, your colleagues, your caregivers, your Higher Self, your Ancestors, your Higher Power…whoever you need help from. Today, voices can be heard.

FRIDAY: The energy shifts from Air and Water to Fire. The Moon enters fiery Leo and prompts us to shine and bring attention to others to help them shine as well. With Venus – the Planet of Love – moving into fiery Aries shy people will have more confidence to put themselves out there, but people who are already aggressive and obnoxious will be even more so. Either way, sparks are flying and it’s easier to express our authentic self and make connections.

SATURDAY: Today we are confronted with a “Me, Me, Me” verses “Service to Others” option. It’s a good day to manifest and get results or have a breakthrough in an effort, but it’s only going to happen if the “Service to Others” option is chosen. Moon in Leo opposes Sun in Aqua – me, me, me vs. service to others and what best serves you in the long-term. The Moon is nearly full in the Leo constellation but opposing a Sun in Aquarius creating this Me verses Them theme.

SUNDAY: The Moon is Full and opposed to the Sun and Venus in Aries is quincunx to Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). The placements result in us re-evaluating recent actions and results. Now is the time to get your affairs in order before Mercury (“The Messenger”) moves into Retrograde. As the Moon moves into the Virgo constellation we’ll be internally analyzing data, information, possibilities… This Full Moon is filled with possibilities, but keep in mind Full Moons are about completions rather than new beginnings. Deal with what is in front of you and what you want to put behind you instead of what lies ahead.

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