Week of Jan. 27 – Feb. 2

Happy Lunar New Year! The new lunar / astrology year began on Saturday, January 25, and this ending and beginning theme continues in the cosmic forecast for this week.

The New Moon in Aquarius (Friday, January 24) has mobilized us and encouraged BIG DREAMS and a more universal love and compassionate way of living. Both the Lunar New Year and New Moon have brought in fantastic energy, but this week we’re tested on the implementation.

MONDAY: Venus is exalted in the Pisces constellation where the Planet of Love, Art, and Beauty feels quite dreamy and romantic. However, Venus is so close to Neptune it’s easy to be deceived, to think everyone wants the same thing as you, and to be naive. Watch for rose-colored glasses, and if you’re extending love to someone lacking emotional maturity don’t be surprised if they make a mess of it all. With Mars adding to the tension between Venus and Neptune, many will experience difficulties between thinking loving thoughts and acting upon those thoughts. For romantics, it is advised to just watch a romantic comedy rather than expecting life to be a romantic comedy.

TUESDAY: Mars in Sagittarius is fired up and ready for action and adventure, but it squares Neptune in Pisces and this creates a battle between fantasy and reality. The Moon and Venus are also in Pisces and on Neptune’s side, and this results in a tug of war between being loving and being aggressive, and living in a daydream and living in reality. Keep in mind there are many planets in Capricorn still urging us to be practical above all else, and love and daydreams so often aren’t practical. This is Earth energy and Water energy creating mud. Don’t be easily frustrated with yourself and others as you all swim through this mud today.

Both the New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius produce “Bohemian Rhapsody” vibes and encourage us to think about the collective rather than the individual.

WEDNESDAY: Fires comes in to the mud puddle today with Mars in fiery Sagittarius and the Moon shifting into the fiery Aries constellation. Aries is the baby (first sign) of the zodiac, and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” This baby encounters triggers and sensitive points as the Aries moon passes both Lilith and Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”). Emotional battles and wounds are likely if you let the baby’s inherent selfishness and ego win. Put baby in the corner, put on your big kid pants, and lead with love and kindness today. We already have enough wounds, and this too shall pass.

THURSDAY: The Aries baby moon wants fit it all into one day; the morning snuggle, the hyperactive playdate, the new discovery, the fight over a toy, the breakdown and tantrum, then the afternoon nap. Yes, it’s only afternoon and baby has put you through the ringer. Pace yourself today, and use the action energy for practical and productive tasks because if you do this Jupiter will grant you luck. It’s a great day to send a new creation out into the world. Don’t be a baby today; be a child prodigy instead.

FRIDAY: It’s often said in brainstorming there aren’t any bad ideas. Today is a perfect day to brainstorm and let your mind really stretch without judgement or fear of bad ideas. The Sun (data, light, information) and Mercury (our thought processes) are both ‘wilding out’ in quirky and futuristic Aquarius. There’s electrical magic in the air and it’s yours to think up and grab hold of, so give yourself time to brainstorm today and accept the cosmic invitation to get weird without judgement.

SATURDAY: Venus makes contact with Pluto and Saturn, and suddenly possibilities feel achievable and real. The Moon in Taurus asks us to confirm, to measure, and to crystallize our visions and all the new thoughts and ideas we’ve been daydreaming about while Venus is in Pisces. Take time to take stock today. Taurus is practical, material, Earth energy with a focus on home. Venus is love, beauty, and art. Where do your possibilities lie in these two areas? It’s a great night to go out and meet someone new and trustworthy.

SUNDAY: The tug of war between daydreams and reality continue, but with Venus in a sextile to a Taurus Moon there’s a major focus on love and home today. It’s a great day to make your home beautiful, and enjoy time at home with loved ones. ***Bonus points if you can hang out with animals – it’s a great day to talk the dog on a walk or take a nap with a cat.

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