Week of Jan. 20 – 26

The rebellious Aquarius Sun energy has come in and brings with it a passion for standing up for the collective needs. We’re ready to break free, but it’s seemingly impossible with the authoritative and controlling Capricorn/Saturn energy hovering over us. Father Saturn is telling us we cannot go outside and play with our friends until our chores are done, and the wild child Aquarius is asking us to all pitch in and get the work done so play time comes sooner than later. This week, play time comes on Friday when a New Moon joins the Sun in the Aquarius constellation and our inner wild child feels set free.

We enter the Lunar New Year (Saturday, Jan. 25) with a wonderful Aquarius New Moon (Friday, Jan. 24) and the uplifting collective mood it brings. On Monday, we begin to feel this lift but we also feel the push of responsibility to truly wrap up the past lunar year and shed ourselves of the task list, the responsibilities, and the final tidying up.

But, on a far greater scale, the movements and placements of the celestial bodies are also asking us to tidy up something else. After confronting us with broken systems, corrupt people, victimization, and our limited thinking, we are now asked to shift from victims to survivors, from the voiceless to the collective voice saying, “Enough. Never Again.”

The Sunday paper at What the Stars Say HQ, Jan. 19, 2020

A separate blog later this week on the New Moon in Aquarius will provide greater context on the collective shift from “victim” to “survivor” and from “divided” to “united,” but for now take a moment to examine where you need to shift in order to be a survivor and to further unite with your loved ones and community.

We’ve had heavy, oppressive energy circling around us for months and many of us experienced a dark night of the soul. Now-this week-it’s about taking a final look and determining what else is needed so we can truly let go and align more with our heart, our values, and with the world outside our door.

MONDAY: With the Sun’s arrival in the Aquarius constellation we feel a lightening of the heavy Capricorn/Saturn energies. The Moon is comfortable in Sagittarius and providing us with higher thinking on an emotional level, and Mars strengthens our overall optimism. The Moon does form some harsh aspects to Venus and Mars; causing a push-pull feeling in relationships. Lighten up, lean in, and lead with your heart today. We’re all in this together.

TUESDAY: Tension is building and a collective struggle for justice reaches a peak as the Sun in Aquarius moves into a tight spot with Uranus. This joining could create some serious futuristic innovations and discoveries, but it’s more likely unexpected revolt and rebellion will result since Mars (the planet of war, action, aggression) is in a tense spot with Venus (the planet of love, art, and beauty). On a personal level, we should (again) aim to lead with our hearts rather than our heads since we’ll also feel the tension and tug-of-war energies within our daily activities and interactions.

WEDNESDAY: Ugh. This is it – the final push of Capricorn acting like an authoritative father and making us finish our chores before we can go out to play. Do your chores, and don’t be a jerk about it. Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) forms a sextile to the Sun and helps those who help others. It’s a great day to take action and be of service to others. The energies of this day do not have the time or patience for selfish and self-serving people.

THURSDAY: We’re all thinking more abstract and quirky with the Sun in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. It’s a great day to come up with innovative solutions to material problems. Daydreaming a work solution is further supported by Venus in Pisces in a trine with Jupiter in Capricorn (luck and expansive thinking in building something up).


Love on a collective level is easier this week than intimate relationships. Venus in Pisces works well for some people, but many don’t feel comfortable with this placement. Venus is also squaring Mars (Jan. 24-28), and this makes Water Sun signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) feel the dreamy romanticism of it all, but Fire Sun signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) feel challenged-either in a steamy way or in a passive aggressive and annoyed way-and Earth Sun signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) feel awkward and uncomfortable by the overtly emotional vibes, while Air Sun signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) just want to be left alone for the most part. Air signs are the collective thinkers and this week they need to think about more than just one or two people, so give them some breathing room.

FRIDAY: What are you struggling with? Take time today to examine this struggle because the cosmos is providing you with an objective look. Don’t act quite yet, but take the struggle outside of yourself and view it as a play on a theatrical stage. What is the play’s plot and who are the actors? Examine it with detachment and come back to it on Sunday.

SATURDAY: HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Known as the “Year of the Rat” this Chinese New Year brings abundance and action! The second new Moon after Winter Solstice welcomes the Chinese New Year and brings with it similar themes predicted in Western/Mundane Astrology. There will be a separate blog on this, but in the meantime click the image above and explore what awaits you in the Lunar New Year.

SUNDAY: Today is the day to return to your struggle – your theatrical play – and review what you concluded on Friday so you can resolve the struggle. The Moon is still new and perfect for creating lasting change and resolving what we struggle with and what no longer serves us. The possibility for electrifying change is out there and waiting for you to grab it.

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