Saturn conjunct Pluto: “Welcome to the Shit Show”

What the Stars Say recently gave a live talk on the biggest cosmic event of 2019 – 2020. To understand the importance and reach of this event, it must be understood within its time and also with consideration to the other celestial events and energies occurring.

To begin, know astrology is working on a lunar year rather than a solar year. This means it’s still the same lunar year as it was in 2019 and will continue to be until the January 25, 2020, Lunar New Year. The January 12, 2020, conjunction of the slow moving planets Saturn and Pluto is the biggest astrology event of this lunar year and its impact and aftermath will continue until December 2020.

During the live talk this conjunction was described as the equivalent of someone dropping a C4 Bomb during a New Year’s Eve party and leaving the rest of the guests to deal with the explosion and its consequences. The talk was titled “Welcome to the Shit Show” because this conjunction is the C4 Bomb going off and all of us at the party dealing with the consequences for the rest of the new year.

The effects aren’t exclusive to the day of the actual conjunction, but will instead unfold over the next few years.

It’s a big deal when slow moving planets form angles (like a conjunction) because they’re slow moving planets so the impact is stronger and more unique to us. Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all.

Saturn conjuncts Pluto about every 34 years, but Saturn hasn’t been conjunct to Pluto in the Capricorn constellation in over 500 years. It’s hard to compare this event to events 500 years ago, because daily life and technology has changed so much. It’s difficult for any astrologer to say how this will relate to events 500 years ago, but it’s easy for astrologers to look at what has happened during the past 34 years and 34 years past that; the historically themes are solid here.

Going off the approximately 34 +/- year cycles, we can see how technology has made great leaps during Saturn and Pluto conjunctions. The first big innovation that led to the Internet came to light during such a conjunction, along with the first microprocessor, and Microsoft Word. It’s a safe bet innovative and game changing technology will come forth.

During conjunctions specific countries present themselves in the 34 +/- years theme, including China, United States, India, and Pakistan. India has new leadership and Pakistan is bringing in a “new era” during this conjunction, which is interesting considering the countries gaining independence during previous conjunctions. United States and China are both dealing with major issues yet again, and this particular conjunction’s astrocartography crosses over Washington, DC, specifically. It’s already been a busy week in DC, so it will be interesting to see how the themes of top down authority and control issues play out during this conjunction. A headline just last week focused on the U.S. President being reminded he’s “not a Dictator” and citizens of Hong Kong protest against China’s authority.

This conjunction is bad news for top down authority, and wonderful news for the people standing up against those who are out of control and prohibiting human rights and freedoms. It’s wonderful energy to dismantle and rebuild broken systems, and there is little tolerance here for Dictators, Bad Actors, Crooks, Cons, Abusers, and companies who put profit over people and the environment.

It’s also safe to bet there will be a concentration on finances and currency since Saturn Pluto conjunctions have brought about the formation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Federal Reserve. At this time it is predicted this conjunction will result in a focus on waste, material resources, and bring about a major recession.

Capricorn represents the builder, and this conjunction is happening in Capricorn’s house so it’s important to take this into consideration. Capricorn represents authority, control, systems and is focused on achievement, social status, persistence, and always being full. However, what is full must be emptied and this conjunction wants to empty broken systems, and it wants to challenge authority and address control issues on both a global and personal level.

Financial systems are at great risk here, because they’re not built on solid foundations. In the live talk the Big Bad Wolf analogy was shared, and only the Pig who built his house out of bricks will survive and thrive during 2020. What isn’t solid will be destroyed and we will collectively examine waste, excess, materialism, resources, food supply, financial security, and challenge authority and control issues (control on both a collective and personal level).

Another theme present in the 34 +/- year cycles is nuclear since time and, again, the topic and events have occurred in this area be it nuclear weapons, threats of nuclear war, and the use of nuclear energy. Here we are going into this conjunction and North Korea teased of a nuclear “Christmas Gift” to the United States and the crux of the Iran conflict involves nuclear power and a nuclear treaty. At this time, it seems the collective mood in the United States is one of absolutely zero interest in war and so the tension went away and “leaders” got the hint. Let’s continue into 2020 with a “peace is the only option and outcome” mood and remove this tension and theme.

Besides the timing and themes, we must also look at what else is happening at this time. Uranus in Taurus is a MAJOR player at this time and brings a focus on land/Earth, resources, currency, and weather – it changes the landscape literally and the day Uranus moved into Taurus was the day of the Kilauea eruptions on the Big Island in Hawaii. The planet of “Expect the Unexpected” is in the Taurus “Earth” constellation bringing unexpected changes on Earth – volcanic activity, strange and sudden weather changes, earthquakes, and floods.

With a party of celestial bodies in Capricorn (known as a Stellium since more than 3 planets are in the same constellation), the Capricorn themes have to be taken into consideration but we can’t forget Jupiter is hanging out here and Jupiter expands everything happening nearby. Jupiter wants to expand and Capricorn wants to restrict, so there’s tension to this energy and the impact of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction is also intensified as well making this a very powerful C4 Bomb.

The flood theme is reinforced with Neptune in Pisces. This placement brings a focus on water but also deception. During this Neptune in Pisces transit the Flint Water Crisis (and deception) occurred, we’ve experienced typhoons, mudslides, and record floods (destroying crops / Earth). There are possibilities of water crises, continued floods, but Uranus can also bring unexpected innovation and invention leading us to cleaner and more sustainable water systems. The same is true for crops and land use.

Deception will be a major theme until the end of January when Jupiter and Venus become visible again. Iran is dealing with issues related to authority and deception today. The U.S. will continue to deal with various issues around these two themes as well (and during an election year).

On a collective level, we must understand that what is broken isn’t going to be fixed – it’s going to be destroyed. Instead of fearing change we must look beyond what is broken and lost and instead focus on what is truly needed moving forward. On a personal level, the impact is less severe but “pondering the impermanence” is needed. All things must change, but this isn’t about change for the sake of change. It’s bringing the darkness to light, and exposing the dark and the decay. It is so often said “it is darkest before dawn” and this Saturn Pluto conjunction is the darkest hour.