Week of Jan. 6-12

There is so much activity in the cosmos this week three separate blogs will be shared. Besides this weekly cosmos report, there will be a separate post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (with effects lasting six months for us) and the big Saturn and Pluto conjunction (with effects lasting for years and creating a major global impact). So stay tuned, but first check out how the celestial bodies will impact you personally throughout the week.

This week asks you to make a choice to: 1. work with what you have to improve your life, or 2. ignore your responsibilities and difficult tasks and conversations that are needed and hide, or 3. resist making necessary changes and throw a toddler-style tantrum about it all. It’s your week, your choice, and your Free Will and Karma.

MONDAY: Today, if you can imagine it you can manifest it. Mars trine Chiron brings a healing energy to the day and the Moon is in Taurus at the start of the day bringing a calm energy overall. There’s potential in the air!

TUESDAY: The rebellious and unexpected Uranus is making moves that bring restraints and reality roadblocks. Focus on your responsibilities, and respond rather than react to any craziness that comes your way. For so many people, Uranus energy is too much so don’t be surprised if you see others behaving strangely and question if there’s a Full Moon. (P.S. The answer is a “sort of” since there is a Full Moon this week and the lunacy of this lunar event is already felt).

WEDNESDAY: Prepare for a shift. The Moon is moving from Gemini to Cancer and Mercury is conjunct the Capricorn sun with a lot of Mars energy nearby. What does this all mean? To start, we shift from ideas and communications to wanting to be nurturing homebodies. The Mercury and Mars influence challenges us to be cool and don’t loose our tempers. Yes, we want to be all cozy and home but it doesn’t give us a right to snappy with others or for them to bring their attitude our way. Again, respond rather than react. Save your energy ’cause the BIG cosmic energy is still a few days away here.

*This is a general report for everyone. If you need or want more personalized and specific guidance, please check out our list of services. There are sessions focused on Moon (emotions), Venus (relationships), Vocation (money, career) and Transits (what’s happening now and what’s coming up for you).

THURSDAY: With the Cancer Moon, the ideal way to spend this day is to go to the market and get some wonderful food and then go back home, put on your favorite record or podcast, pour yourself a glass of wine, and cook a wonderful meal for yourself and your loved ones. If you have to actually work and function, this can’t be a big production but perhaps you can squeeze in some comfort food and chill times at home today and honor the energy of this day. This will also help you prepare for the highly energetic weekend ahead.

FRIDAY: Here’s the BIG cosmic energy. There’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and this is big enough on its own, but we also have Mars bringing up themes of war, territory, and aggression. With the Planet of War in Sagittarius, Mars is all about blind idealism here and not thinking about the full and immediate consequences. Today it is vital to look before you leap and to take some time to really think things through. With Uranus in a stationary direct position and the Sun opposite Mercury this is a “Wild Card” day and many of us will experience conflicting thoughts and actions. Take the time to really think things through and don’t believe anything at first glance. The biggest impact of this celestial event will be on a collective level, but it’s not a fun Full Moon on a personal level and many will find a continuation of a theme going back to the Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago.


SATURDAY: Mercury is known as “The Messenger” but also known as “The Trickster.” Don’t be surprised if the U.S. President sends out important and impassioned tweets out early today or if other major government announcements occur. Information will be coming to light over the next 24 hours so this is a day to keep an eye on the news headlines. Today is the big Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and this is the biggest astrological event of 2019-2020 so stay tuned for an entire post on this occurrence.

SUNDAY: PLOT TWIST! The Virgo Moon trines Uranus and this Moon also trines Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and the Sun over the next few days bringing us more shifts and plot twists. This is an intense day on a collective and personal level, so it is highly recommended you treat yourself and others with “kid gloves” and avoid using fighting words.

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