Cosmic Vibes: Aim Well & Dream Big

The original title of this post was: “Cosmo Report: October 1 until December 1” – that’s a long weekly cosmic report, right? Jokes aside, What the Stars Say had hoped to focus on hosting Monday Moon Musings this fall and take a break from the weekly Cosmo Reports, but it’s clear from the number of people who have reached out the insight is needed and appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support. Now, let’s catch up real quick!

October was filled with strong cosmic energies and influences, and it all kicked off on the third day when Mercury entered Scorpio and intensified as a Scorpio Stellium formed. What this means is there was a party happening in the constellation of Scorpio with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and more all in same space and creating penetrating energy that had our skeletons in the closet coming out dancing around the same time of a powerful New Moon (Oct. 27), a Mercury Retrograde (Oct.31st), and Día de Muertos – the “Day of the Dead” when the veil to the other side is thin and our ancestors are closer than ever to us. October was a truly Goth month.

The shadow period leading up to the Mercury Retrograde was incredibly and unusually strong. Communication – both our internal thought process and our verbal and written communications with others – started going bonkers around October 10 and the days between the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde kick-off were difficult for many people. The people who seemed the most unaffected (and helped stabilize us all – thank you!) were those born with their Sun in Scorpio and those born during a Mercury Retrograde. But, for the rest of us we rewound in our thinking process and communication and got in touch with Scorpio. What does this mean? Well, consider what Scorpio represents- our inner detective, mystic, psychologist, and spy. Scorpio energy is not afraid of the dark.

As What the Stars Say shared at the Mercury Retrograde talk in Tulsa, this transit also had a connection to sexual scandals (Scorpio rules the human sex organs), and to water (more rain, flooding, water accidents – spills on electronics, for example) with it coinciding with Neptune in the water sign of Pisces.

We felt a push forward, a drive thanks to the many planets (Jupiter and Saturn, for example) moving direct, but we also felt a pull back with Uranus in Taurus (the unexpected meets material resources). Depending on personal placement – many felt a tug of war and others felt more determined than ever to push through.

photo by The New York Times

November has felt like an entire year to many of us. So many skeletons have come out of the closet. The amount of new sex scandals is insane. People we thought were good are bad, and people we thought were bad or good. We’re not quite sure though, because there’s still some foggy thinking and although Mercury left its “retrograde” on November 20, this energy will continue until December 10. If you think you know, wait and see what you really know on December 10.

It’s such an important “wait and see” time because the Scorpio energy hasn’t finished its detective work, and the Mercury Retrograde energy isn’t done exposing dark secrets and misinformation.

Yesterday (November 23), Mars was exactly opposite Uranus and in astrology this suggests earthquakes and/or volcanic activity. Today (November 24), there was a 6.1 earthquake in Thailand, 6.4 in Alaska, 4.7 in China, 3.6 in Oklahoma, and 3.3 in California (per Google search results around 1 p.m. CST). This energy continues into Monday, and the activity beneath the surface of the Earth is indicative of what many people are feeling inside. They want to shake things up, or someone else is shaking things up and they’re not happy about it. It’s volcanic energy and many people are experiencing this strong Mars energy so it’s beneficial for everyone to A.) take a seat, and B.) stay calm and be the reasonable and prepared one as many are likely to be irritable, impatient, impulsive and aggressive. This can come out on the road (getting cut off by someone, road rage) and at work (the office suddenly feels like a passive aggressive playground) or in your personal relationships (quick to jump to defense, taking everything that’s coming at you like a personal attack).

“What is going on?” is a question What the Stars Say has been asked by so many people over the past few weeks, and it’s hard to give them a direct or simple answer because there’s so much going on.

Is it the current energies in Scorpio, or perhaps those between Mars (action, passion, leadership, aggression) and Mercury (thought processes, communication, technology, “The Messenger”) with Uranus (the unexpected, the innovator, the disrupted)? Is it the powerful Moons? Or is it, a one in seven year occurrence when Jupiter (in Sagittarius) crosses our galactic center?

It’s this energy you’re asking us about if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, if your mind is expanding rapidly and moving very quickly. (Insomnia and bad dreams will start to clear up in early December).

It’s this energy you’re feeling if you’re looking at foreign travel, higher education, and deeply contemplating the morality and point of it all. Jupiter is all about expansion and Sagittarius is all about adventure. This isn’t just about having fun though, it’s called “Christ Energy” because it holds the power of enlightenment and illumination.

Even with the chaotic, dark, aggressive, and confusing energy at play right now, we have a beautiful conjunction between Venus (planet of love, art, and beauty) and Jupiter (planet of luck, higher thinking, and expansion). There are a lot of people thinking deeply about what they value, who and what they surround themselves with, and wanting a more compassionate outcome and future for us all. Tap into this energy.

The other beautiful energy at work is the celestial bodies moving us from the dark room doing the “shadow work” and confronting skeletons in the closet to a place where we’re now ready to stop visiting the past and to truly let it go

The beauty of a New Moon is the opportunity of creating a new beginning, and as any decent farmer knows a New Moon is when you plant the seeds.

The November 26 New Moon in Sagittarius gives us not just a chance to plant seeds and create new beginnings, but to also find a new aim. It isn’t too late to change directions. It isn’t too late to path out a future more aligned with who you truly are and what you truly value. This New Moon is about using the present to create the future, and to set your aim like the Sagittarius Centaur.

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