Week of Sept. 23-29, 2019


MON: Oh Monday…this is the hardest day of the week with the Moon opposite both Saturn and Pluto. Go with the flow rather than pushing and expecting everything and everyone to conform to your agenda (it’s a futile effort anyway).

TUES/WED:/THURS: Peace is possible! Focus on how to achieve peace in your personal realm – at work, within your community and personal relationships, and most importantly within yourself.

FRI: Treat others and yourself with kid gloves since the Sun is in Opposition to Pluto it’s easy to reopen wounds or touch sensitive spots.

SAT/SUN: The concept of wounding from Friday still applies but with the new moon in Libra it’s more about promoting peace than inflicting wounds (whether intentional or not). At this same time, the connection with this new Moon with Uranus in Taurus has us mobilizing people so there’s good energy available for gatherings and activism.

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