Week of Sept. 9 – 15, 2019


MON- The Moon in Aquarius shares a collaborative energy and its trine to Chiron in Aries suggests good deeds and personal healing. Not bad for a Monday, right?

TUES- This is a transformative time but it can also be too easy to slip into an overly self critical viewpoint. Stop trying and start being.

WED- Jupiter in Sagittarius wants you to expand, party, and spend. But, the Virgo Stellium and Uranus in Taurus wants you to save for winter, align with your values, and be of more service to make others. Maybe do your volunteer work before the party…

THURS/FRI/SAT/SUN- It’s all about the Full Moon in Pisces mixed with Neptune in Pisces. This is serious energy lasting days. You can use this energy to create beautiful art and seek insight and reprieve…or you can use it indulging in your worst habits and delusions -because the energy supports both and to extremes. Your art & insight will be brilliant or you’ll get wasted quick & act in ways you likely later regret. Your choice.

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