Week of Sept. 2-8, 2019

COSMO REPORT: Are you feeling Virgo Season? If not, just wait until mid-week when there is a Super Stellium in the Virgo constellation after Mercury – the planet of Communication – joins the Sun, Mars and Venus. This makes for a great week to learn something new and further your studies.

MON – Stay put and stay focused on what’s already in front of you.

TUES – Moon in Scorpio takes our emotions to a deeper and more skeptical level. Mercury (thought) and Mars (action) align creating less discord and questioning than usual. We are clear in our focus and practical (except when it comes to actual emotions).*

WED – Make sure you don’t put on your rose colored glasses today and don’t end up getting stuck in a lie. Today you may discover your perception of a person or a situation is based on a lie. Get promises in writing, and even if you get it in writing still take it all with skepticism. Try to detach from the disillusionment and depression that can roll in with the watery energy here (Moon in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces).

THURS – Many will feel restless today and want to hide away somewhere safe to lick their wounds, so to speak. Others will choose to latch on to the optimistic and future thinking energy on this day. While the rest of us will feel pulled between wanting to hide and needing to take on the world. Choose your adventure accordingly.

FRI – Today you can create transformation on a physical level. Use all this Virgo energy to transform your spaces, your body, your health. Even tidying up on area will make you feel accomplished so find time to declutter your desk or actually do the 20 minute abs routine you’ve been wanting to try – small steps. You’re going to want to be on the GO but it’s going to feel like the cosmo has slammed the brakes and very anticlimactic. Don’t reach for the stars; small steps will still get things done and result in less frustration.

SAT / SUN – Capricorn brings in a reality check; perhaps asking you to take off the rose colored glasses or re-examine where your time and energy is going. If you need to smooth things over with someone this weekend isn’t the best time for delicate discussions. Focus on yourself and keep your criticism to yourself – this is not the time to criticize others.

*If this watery energy makes you feel like you’re being pushed to a breaking point choose meditation over mood swings, choose asking for help over lashing out at others because you feel overwhelmed. Support – whether it’s your guides, angels, coworkers, friends or partners – is available. Ask for guidance and support. 💕

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