Week of Sept. 16 – 22, 2019

COSMO REPORT: More to come, but just to get the next few days in perspective as we come out of the Full Moon energy…

MON – Didn’t criticize yourself today. Make yourself go one day with an inner dialogue focused on self compassion rather than self criticism.

TUES – Beauty will be restorative today so wear your most beautiful jewelry or watch, take a few minutes and scan beautiful works of art (instead of scanning depressing headlines), and use any free time to create beauty in your own life. With Libra energy trining a Taurus Moon the beauty of nature and act of gardening will be far more refreshing.

WED – Remember the Taurus Moon Energy we had recently and how “double manifestation power “ was mentioned? Well, we’ve got Saturn going direct and a Taurus Moon. NOW is the time for the manifestation- NOW is the time to take your ideas and dreams and turn them into tangible reality.

Stay tuned for more on this week, Saturn going direct, and an exciting astrology class announcement!

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